5 Dedicated Groups Concerned About The Environment

As globalization advances and humans continue to emit massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, the impact on the climate can no longer be ignored. People around the world need to act now, before it's too late. In no particular order, here are several groups that are doing their part to care for the environment.

First up, at #1, we have Antarctica New Zealand, a government agency responsible for carrying out New Zealand's activities in Antarctica, supporting world-leading science and environmental protection. The group has made a strong commitment to minimizing their environmental footprint, which includes managing energy demands, measuring carbon emissions, and working towards reducing both.

One of the objectives of the organization is to prevent taking or harmfully interfering with native fauna and flora through its activities. It prohibits several materials that threaten the environment, and minimizes the generation of waste by removing unnecessary packaging from goods before they are brought into the field.

At #2, is Green City Force. This organization views young adults from frontline communities as an essential force for driving the emergence of sustainable and resilient cities. It enables them to transform their own lives, lead community transition, and promote the values of a new regenerative and inclusive economy.

Green City Force responds to climate resilience and community cohesion through environmental stewardship, building green infrastructure and urban farming, and resident education. The group has a holistic approach to sustainability and takes pride in training its participants in a range of areas, from composting techniques and energy efficiency to behavior change outreach.

In the #3 spot, we have the International Military Council on Climate and Security. This is a group of senior military leaders, security experts, and institutions from across the globe, dedicated to anticipating, analyzing, and addressing the security risks of a changing climate.

The participants of the council include experts from both government and non-government sectors. The organization publishes an annual World Climate and Security Report, providing its assessment and recommendations for addressing the key security risks of climate change.

Coming in at #4 is U-Konserve. Since its inception, this company has been creating solutions to help people adopt zero-waste living. Its initial mission to protect the planet has grown into a lifestyle of reusing more, wasting less, and raising awareness about the growing movement to reduce single-use plastic.

The company believes that small changes and consistent, daily actions can have a huge impact on the global movement to help the planet. Through its Waste-Free Challenge, it donates 20 to 30 percent of sales back to schools that help promote waste-free lunch packing.

Finally, at #5, is Republicen. This organization stands for those who believe in the power of American free enterprise and innovation to solve climate change. It encourages, emboldens, and applauds conservative climate leadership.

Partnering with universities, student organizations, nonprofits, and businesses, the group connects with local conservatives to show how their ideas can tackle the climate threat. It has a presence at conferences, social events, and workshops around the country, and hosts gatherings for local members to meet up and network.