5 Dedicated Organizations Fighting For Workers' Rights

Every person has the right to work in just and favorable conditions. Implementing laws and policies that support this basic human need can help prevent improper treatment in the workplace. In no particular order, here are a few groups committed to safeguarding the welfare of workers.

Our #1 is Coworker, which provides tools and strategic support that employees can use to push for improvements in the workplace. Its team of professionals uses various resources to help people create their own organizations and solve problems within their companies.

Coworker assists individuals through its petition platform. This tool allows clients to create campaigns that are focused on advocating positive changes, such as wage increases and better benefits. Some of its accomplishments include adding an in-app tipping feature for Uber drivers and expanding Starbucks' paid parental leave package for baristas.

At #2, we have the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health. Founded in 2004, the group is committed to promoting hazard-free and healthy working conditions throughout the US. By using activism and campaigns, it aims to ensure that individuals can safely earn their living with dignity and respect.

With the organization's help, workers can assemble their own COSH network, which is usually composed of union members, safety activists, lawyers, and educators. Through this group, workers can push for the stronger enforcement of existing laws designed to protect their welfare.

Coming in at #3 is the Worker Rights Consortium, which has staff members working in the US and overseas. It operates as an independent labor rights monitor that investigates working conditions at factories around the world. Additionally, it identifies and exposes the practices of global brands and retailers that abuse their employees.

The organization helps ensure that workers of manufacturing facilities are adequately compensated and protected from harassment. One of its major achievements is the signing of the Bangladesh Accord. Together with its allies, the WRC launched an international agreement that requires factories in the South Asian country to implement better building and fire safety regulations.

Next up at #4 is the Peggy Browning Fund. It was formed in memory of Margaret A. Browning, who was a prominent labor attorney in Philadelphia. Through donations from the community, the foundation is able to support and inspire the next generation of law students to become advocates for workplace justice.

The organization is dedicated to expanding aspiring lawyers' understanding of the issues affecting the workforce. The fund pursues its goals through various projects, such as fellowship programs, conferences, and networking opportunities. These initiatives are designed to increase the participants' interest in practicing labor law.

Lastly, for #5, we have Legal Aid at Work. This nonprofit offers administrative and counseling services and support to low-income individuals. Its mission is to assist workers and their families by enforcing their rights through the appropriate channels.

Legal Aid at Work's various programs help ensure that people are properly treated at their jobs. Some of these include combating wage theft, seeking racial economic justice, and advocating gender equity. The organization also promotes equal employment opportunities for those with disabilities and conviction histories.