5 Fantastic Food Blogs Run By Women

From cookbooks to video tutorials, there are countless resources available for home chefs who want to expand their skills or are searching for new recipes to try out. Whether you want to replicate dishes from around the world or are looking for general cooking tips, here, in no particular order, are some blogs created by talented women sharing their culinary knowledge.

First up, at #1, we have Mia Kouppa. Created by sisters Helen and Billie Bitzas, it was made as a tribute to their parents and their love for food. The siblings attempt to replicate family recipes by demystifying the vague units of measurement used by their parents in order to help readers cook delicious Greek food at home.

Realizing that others also have precious recipes and stories to share, the blog occasionally features recipes from other Greek kitchens as well as the sisters' own original creations. Living in Montreal, a city which has a vibrant European flair and a diversity of cultures, Helen and Billie have also created the Xenes Kouppes section, which features stories and flavors from around the world.

Taking the #2 spot is Butter, Sugar, Flowers. Started by Moriah VanVleet as a way to share her sweet inventions and connect with others, it is a baking blog full of dessert recipes that incorporate unexpected ingredients, such as soy sauce and grated jicama.

Aside from showcasing unusual desserts, VanVleet occasionally writes about her travels and the various bakeries and sweets she encounters along the way, and she also publishes articles on custom sweets that she has baked for events and friends. Recipes from the blog have been showcased by various media outlets, including BuzzFeed, The New York Times, and Berkeleyside.

Next up, at #3, is Life Made Sweeter. It was founded in 2013 by writer and photographer Kelly Kwok, who shares healthy and authentic Asian recipes that she grew up with. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's, Kwok started removing all grains, gluten, and sugar from her diet, and because of this lifestyle, most of the recipes on the website tend to be keto-friendly.

The blog contains a comprehensive guide to the Whole30 nutritional diet plan, with a shopping list and tips on how to meal prep. Kwok is also the author of The Asian Slow Cooker, a cookbook that features simple Asian dishes that can be made in just one pot, including recipes that have five or fewer ingredients.

At #4 is Vanilla And Bean, a vegetarian blog with a focus on whole foods, seasonal eating, from scratch baking, sweets, and cocktails. It is run by Traci York, who aims to help others ease into a vegetarian lifestyle by sharing plant-forward recipes that may also include dairy or eggs.

Aside from her various recipes, York has also written an article on how to make a sourdough bread starter from scratch, as well as guides on how to use it for making pizzas and biscuits. After going through a gluten-free trial in 2018, she has also created gluten-free versions of her sourdough recipes.

Finally, taking the #5 spot is The Tezzy Files. Created by Tehzeeb Huda, a corporate marketer based in Dubai, it documents her various interests, covering topics such as fashion, beauty, and food. The blog covers the city's ever-changing foodie scene, and contains a section dedicated to recipes ranging from simple Nutella cookies to dishes by renowned chefs and celebrities.

The blog's Chef Talk section includes interviews with prominent figures in the food industry, such as Michelin Star Chef Frederic Vardon and the Taj Group's Satish Arora. The Tezzy Files has been featured on the Huffington Post and other outlets, and Huda has also contributed content for the Ahlan Masala magazine.