5 Great Organizations Helping People With Their Health

Whether you're suffering from a chronic illness, want nutrition advice, or need general medical attention, finding a trustworthy health provider is not easy, especially for marginalized or lower-income individuals. This list, presented in no particular order, highlights some organizations working hard to keep everyone healthy.

At #1, we have Pathways. Located in New Zealand, it is a national provider of community-based mental health, addiction, and wellbeing services. Its mobile support initiative assists people in their home or another location of their choice with things like job training, women's health services, and more.

"At the organisation I work for (Pathways), mental health is our priority but total wellbeing is our goal [...] People aren't compartmentalised, your mental health affects your social health."

Pathways' peer-led services provide places where people can take time out when struggling with life at home, often offering an alternative to a hospital admission. The company's staff provides support during the day and night, helping with meals, wellness plans, and other activities.

Coming in at #2 is The Banyan, an NGO in Chennai, India that works to provide access to mental health services for persons living in poverty and homelessness. The organization aims to create sustainable models of wellness that address the interconnected elements of mental health. This includes emergency and acute medical, psychiatric, psychological, and social care offered through its street-based operations as well as community-based outpatient care.

For those who cannot return to their home, The Banyan provides exit pathways from institutionalized spaces by offering a range of supportive, inclusive living options. These range from cottage style supported living accommodations to a model of care served through a more independent, homelike environment.

The #3 entry is the Judson Center, a nonprofit human service agency that provides care in southeastern Michigan to support children, adults, and families impacted by abuse and neglect, autism, developmental disabilities, and physical and mental health challenges.

Guided by the belief that every child deserves a safe, permanent, and loving family where they can grow up to be happy and productive members of their communities, the Judson Center provides services pertaining to family preservation, foster care, and adoption. It has locations in Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, Royal Oak, and Warren.

For #4, we present MetroHealth, a healthcare provider with several locations throughout Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The organization provides vaccinations, acupuncture, pediatrics, vocational therapy, and more.

MetroHealth has a range of community outreach and engagement efforts that include service projects, education sessions, health screenings, and investing in wellness-related programs and events meant to provide positive health outcomes.

Rounding out our list at #5 is Revere Health, which has dozens of locations offering medical care across Utah. It has many specialties, including family care, and offers services in disciplines such as internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, and geriatrics.

The Revere Health Wellness Institute is home to an exercise facility complete with staff available to both patients and community members. It also has a registered dietitian, physician, and health education specialist on staff to help patients improve general wellness and manage chronic conditions.