5 Groups Promoting Sports And Facilitating Competition

Sport is a physical activity that comes in a wide variety of forms, providing entertainment, competition, and numerous health benefits. In no particular order, here are some organizations supporting various athletic activities in the pursuit of common goals.

Starting off our list at #1, we have the International Pole Sports Federation. The IPSF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to positively promoting this acrobatic activity as an athletic sport. It is run by voluntary members of the industry from across the globe, who work to foster the development of pole throughout the world.

The IPSF supports individuals and national federations to unify the pole sports industry. By setting in place a regulated structure of competitions and coaching, the IPSF aims to make pole a globally relevant sport for its athletes, and to one day have it become recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

Up next at #2, Canadian Shooting Sports Association was created in 2000 by the union of the Ontario Smallbore Federation and the Ontario Handgun Association. The organization was created to better promote and protect the shooting sports in Canada.

The group offers programs such as Club Level Action Shooting Handgun, CSSA TARGET, and CSSA Marketplace. It also offers many training courses for all levels of firearm enthusiasts. Interested individuals can sign up for weekly commentary, special reports, and firearm-related news from across Canada and around the world.

At #3 on our list is Sports Connect, a hardworking team that has been driving the world of youth sports forward for over 17 years. The group comprises thought leaders in sports and technology, who work to connect those worlds through innovation, teamwork, and results-driven success.

Today, the group is a unified, all-in-one solution to help efficiently manage sports organizations worldwide. Its mission is to set the standard in sports technology services while connecting administrators, coaches, teams, and families with tools that help save time, reduce burnout, and grow participation.

In the #4 spot is Saskatchewan Male U18 AAA Hockey League. It provides an opportunity for hockey players to be successful on and off the ice. SMAAAHL's programs are designed to guide and develop each player's physical, academic, and social experiences so they will have immediate as well as future success.

SMAAAHL's programs are designed to guide and develop each player's physical, academic, and social experiences so they will have immediate as well as future success.

The League is comprised of twelve teams from ten communities across the province., with eligible players between 15 and 17 years old. Each player becomes a committed member of a SMAAAHL organization by signing a SMAAAHL Commitment form.

Last but not least, #5 is Oceania Athletics Association, head of the Athletics Federations in the Oceania Region. Located on the Gold Coast in Australia, the OAA works closely with its Member Federation in order to develop track and field for athletes at all levels of proficiency.

In August of 1969, delegates from Pacific countries gathered at a meeting for the first congress held for Oceania. From this congress, a committee of four members was formed to set up a draft of rules for the new association. From that year onward, the Council of Oceania Athletics Association has been elected by member federations.