5 Innovative Tech Companies That Enhance Businesses

Technological advancements have historically allowed businesses to refine processes, from the dawn of the typewriter to the rise of the Internet and beyond. Companies continuously seek strategies that enable them to computerize simple tasks, eliminate double work, and perform other actions that could save time and maximize returns. As a result, there are corporations that dedicate their entire enterprises to helping clients achieve these goals. Here, in no particular order, are groups that provide intelligent automation services to boost occupational efficiency.

First up, at #1, is Acuant, which develops tools designed to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable identity verification. The company's platform addresses fraud and theft concerns in the digital realm, aiming to secure, scale, and streamline transactions.

Acuant creates resources for multiple industries, including retail, healthcare, hospitality, automotive, and financial businesses. Its solutions leverage artificial intelligence and human-assisted machine learning to conduct identity checks and regulatory compliance. Acuant claims this allows agencies to move faster, transact with trust, and generate the best user experience possible.

Coming in at #2 is FlytBase, a California-based company that produces software for remote drone operations. Customers can utilize its proprietary applications, FlytNow and FlytWare, for emergency responses, inspections, surveillance practices, and warehouse management.

Ideal for operators and systems integrators, FlytNow streams HD videos and remotely controls payloads. Meanwhile, FlytWare performs inventory counts in distribution centers and retail stores, and can fly multiple drones at once, even in areas with no GPS signal.

The #3 company is WorkFusion. Though this software enterprise primarily helps the banking, insurance, and healthcare industries computerize critical processes and cut costs, its technology is applicable to, and customizable for, any association. Through intelligent automation solutions, WorkFusion seeks to lower costs and manual labor, improve service delivery, and elevate productivity.

The company's platform also aims to improve anti-money laundering compliance, digitize insurance protocols, standardize patient records management, and aid in the completion of administrative tasks. CEO Alex Lyashok believes technology for big data problems does not work for small data problems, and that automated machine learning is the answer.

In the #4 spot is Stuzo. This company helps everyday spend retailers understand and activate customer data in real-time. Stuzo's managed software services empower retailers to operationalize programs powered by its Open Commerce platform, and bring to market custom loyalty, commerce, and mobile storefront solutions.

Stuzo's software suite brings customer and enterprise data together in real-time, reduces expenses and wait periods, and lets consumers choose how and where they order, shop, and pay. According to Stuzo, this results in more digital visits, bigger purchases, and beneficial behavioral changes.

Finally, at #5 is DealRoom. Specializing in mergers and acquisitions, the company's goal is to enable clients to quickly close deals and easily resolve issues. DealRoom strives to change the way teams execute workflows and assists multiple sectors, including private equity, corporate development, banking, real-estate, renewable energy, oil and gas, startups, and pharmaceuticals.

Through the company's digital platform, partners can securely store, share, and regulate documents, as well as refine diligence management and communication. DealRoom states that its software bundle can help teams quickly collaborate with all parties, access deal information, and eliminate inefficiencies.