5 Makers Of Thrilling Rides And Attractions

For centuries, developers have built ever-more advanced and elaborate amusements to satisfy the unique human desire to be thrilled. Today, companies utilize state-of-the-art design, spectacular concepts, and immersive technologies to give customers all the excitement they seek. In no particular order, here are some groups creating scintillating parks, attractions, and rides of all types.

Showing up at #1 is Chance Rides, a family-owned company that manufactures amusement park rides, trains, trams, and roller coasters. Its clients include theme parks such as Six Flags, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, as well as various zoos, aquariums, and stand-alone attraction venues. The company operates on a nearly 20-acre site in Wichita, Kansas.

Chance Rides specializes in custom roller coasters for all types of riders, offering everything from the family-friendly Big Dipper to the Hypercoaster, which reaches speeds of up to 95 miles per hour. Other rides include beloved classics such as carousels, Ferris wheels, and the Yo-Yo. Additionally, the company offers "people movers" in the form of trams, trolleys, and its famed C.P. Huntington train.

For #2 we get ProSlide, an innovator in water park rides. It was founded in 1986 by professional ski racer Rick Hunter, who sought to translate the smooth turns, steep grades, and big drops of skiing into his water-based rides and attractions. Today, ProSlide has over 4,000 installations worldwide, and has won numerous awards from major industry bodies.

Among the company's creations are water coasters, funnels, wave walls, bowls, and saucers. True to its name, it also makes a wide array of slides, from looping racers to serpentine and high-speed body slides. For kids, families, and others who prefer more laid-back water fun, the company designs aquatic play areas, lazy rivers, and variable-size wave pools.

Coming in at #3 is WhiteWater, which was established in 1980 to create places where families can unite and make joyful lasting memories. Based in British Columbia, it has developed thousands of projects around the world for theme parks, cruise ships, indoor and outdoor water parks, and hotels and resorts. The company provides comprehensive service solutions, from planning and design to manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

WhiteWater's portfolio includes a variety of slides spanning all ages and thrill levels. Suitable for everyone are water rides such as log flumes, spinning rapids, and river rafting, all of which can be enjoyed in one's street clothes. There are also stationary surf simulators and wave pools, plus a range of multilevel play structures filled with interactive features.

For #4 we find Triotech. A creator of multi-sensory, interactive media-based attractions, this company's projects blend dynamic games with immersive ride systems. The company utilizes technology such as motion seats, hand gesturing sensors, and virtual reality, often producing projects in partnership with major studios and brands. Spanning the world, Triotech's rides and attractions can be found at resorts, amusement parks, and family entertainment centers.

Offerings from Triotech include the XD Dark Ride, which features group play, real-time 3D graphics, and an individual scoring system. The Flying Theater uses seat motion synced with the screen, while coin-op simulators take advantage of technology such as 4K resolution and VR. Major IP projects, meanwhile, include a "Ghostbusters" ride at Heide Park Resort and a "Walking Dead" attraction in Bali.

Finally, arriving at #5 is Jora Vision. This Dutch company has over 30 years of experience in the creation of immersive, story-driven experiences, environments, and attractions around the globe. It works across a wide array of expertise areas, including museums, zoos, theme parks, hotels, restaurants, and water parks. The group has been honored with multiple Thea Awards, which recognize excellence in the themed entertainment industry.

Jora Vision provides a full range of services, from designing and master-planning to construction. Whether in theme parks or stand-alone destinations, it creates rides and attractions such as roller coasters, playgrounds, escape rooms, mini-golf courses, and multimedia shows and exhibits. Among the clients it's worked with are Parks & Resorts Scandinavia, Merlin Entertainments, and Disneyland Paris.