5 Producers Of Unique Fashion Accessories

More than just mere material, the clothing and accessories we wear often communicate a lot about our style, values, and priorities. From eco-friendly mittens to military-inspired eyewear, here, in no particular order, is a selection of brands creating noteworthy fashion pieces.

Coming in at #1, we have isABelt. Founded in 2007 by Leslie Wilkins-Gaudio, this company creates stylish yet practical accessories. Launched with the goal of empowering women, its main design is flat and sleek, eliminating the bulge associated with more traditional belts.

This accessory comes in wide and thin sizes, with options made from both plastic and fabric. While most items are geared toward adult women, the company also creates belts for juniors, often featuring fun designs. Other offerings include stylish bags and versatile jewelry accessories.

In the #2 spot is Jill Milan. Established in 2010, this brand features luxury handbags made by Italian artisans. It places a strong emphasis on animal welfare and sustainability, producing cruelty- and sweatshop-free goods. It also supports a number of nonprofits, including Global Green, Dress for Success, and Return to Freedom.

Jill Milan makes several types of bags, from clutches and totes to business-ready portfolios. In addition, this brand designs other accessories, such as scarves, jewelry, and dog leashes and collars. Its all-vegan bags have been popular among actresses, appearing in outfits worn by Anne Hathaway and Eva Longoria.

At #3 is Randolph. Formed just outside Boston in 1973 by two immigrants, this eyewear company creates durable, long-lasting sunglasses. Since shortly after its founding, it has provided the U.S. military with American-made Aviators; it also makes frames for prescription glasses for service members.

In addition to its work with the military, Randolph makes its handcrafted sunglasses available in more traditional retail settings. It boasts a range of options for both men and women, offering a plethora of frame and lens styles. Popular designs include Aviator, Concorde, and the P3.

Coming in at #4 is Baabaazuzu. Based in Lake Leelanau, Michigan, this eco-fashion house creates one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces. Using reclaimed materials, it upcycles old clothing and fabric to make unique designs, such as sweater mittens, fingerless gloves, and cloche hats.

Born in Leelanau County Michigan and worn without boundaries, Baabaazuzu can now be found in nearly 600 retailers across North America, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

Other offerings from this brand include scarves, bags, and jackets. A pioneer of the upcycled clothing movement, Baabaazuzu has been featured in a number of publications, including Beachcombing Magazine and the Pure Michigan Winter Travel Guide.

Last but not least, at #5 is Shaun Gordon. A graduate of London College of Fashion, this designer has worked for brands including Henri Lloyd and Timberland. In 2013, he debuted his first range of ties, which drew inspiration from the personality and style of his late grandfather.

Since then, his self-named brand has grown considerably, featuring ties, pocket squares, and tie clips. Shaun Gordon makes handcrafted goods, using British and Italian fabrics to create unique designs that are made in England. The brand also offers made-to-order and bespoke services.