6 Reliable Purveyors Of Specialty Sports Gear

Some sports like running require nothing more than one's body, but more complex team activities often call for specialized equipment. Athletes wishing to improve their game or officials enforcing the rules, whether for baseball, volleyball, or tennis, often turn to unique retailers with the most advanced gear. Here, in no particular order, are several shops with supplies to help you excel on the field.

The #1 entry is Pocket Radar. Based in Santa Rosa, California, the company designs, engineers, and manufactures speed tracking technology for a variety of sports such as baseball, softball, and tennis. For volleyball players, the radar gun allows athletes to track and improve their serving and hitting MPH.

Pocket Radar is also useful for concerned citizens interested in neighborhood safety. The device allows one to discreetly measure the acceleration and deceleration of cars, bikes, and other vehicles. The company sells tripod mounts and other accessories to pair with the tool.

Coming in at #2, we have Ump Attire, an online shop selling uniforms for referees, umpires, and other sporting officials. The company is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and is the exclusive apparel supplier to Minor League Baseball Umpires and the MiLB Training Academy.

In addition to clothing, Ump Attire sells accessories for officials, such as flip coins, watches and timers, bags for gear and travel, and more. For rookie umpires, the company offers starter kits, including a chest protector, shin guards, face mask, and a ball bag. Those associated with specific conferences or high schools can buy hats and shirts emblazoned with the appropriate logo.

For #3, we present Hyperwear, based in Austin, Texas. It designs and manufactures fitness training tools. The company's weighted vests are made with odor-resistant, wicking CORDURA fabric and have open side panels for ventilation. One can purchase 3-pound booster weights if the garments are not heavy enough on their own.

For those who worry about the damage that metal weights can cause, Hyperwear sells sandbells as well as soft barbells and kettlebells, all made with neoprene. The company also offers a spin on traditional battle ropes that don't require an anchor point. There are training videos on Hyperwear's website.

Next up, at #4, we have GAMMA Sports, located on the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded by Dr. Harry Ferrari and first sold tennis strings. Now, the company sells a variety of equipment for tennis as well as for pickleball.

GAMMA has a range of pickleball paddles to choose from, sold in many different colors and sizes so kids can enjoy the game, too. The Atomic 2.0 model has a textured fiberglass surface, meant to provide a more accurate placement when taking shots.

The #5 entry is TruGolf, which specializes in golf simulation software and hardware. It is located in Centerville, Utah. The company's portable units feature a matte-box design, a lightweight aluminum frame, and come with a travel bag for mobile convenience.

The TruGolf system can be transformed into a complete Sports Simulator with the MultiSport Package. At-home athletes can play simulated sessions of soccer, hockey, and more. There is also a party pack add-on, so users can enjoy competing in Zombie Dodgeball and Bowl-O-Rama.

Last but not least, we have #6, Unisport. It is a retailer of soccer cleats, shirts, and other equipment. Based in Copenhagen, Unisport has a second flagship store in Paris. Fans of soccer can purchase replica jerseys of their favorite teams, like those in Sweden and Spain.

Unisport sells a wide range of sporting items, including balls, shin pads, and training cones. The company sponsors professional and amateur soccer clubs; teams can customize their gear with a wide range of color and style options.