7 Companies Making Travelers' Lives Easier

Traveling can be immensely exciting and rewarding, but it also comes with its share of stresses. Fortunately, there are a variety of businesses working to streamline virtually every aspect of the experience, including searching for entertaining activities, finding transportation, and safeguarding passengers' possessions. The companies listed here, in no particular order, are helping to enhance the experience of travel.

Opening our list at #1 is FishingBooker, the world's largest online service for arranging angling trips, with available destinations from Denmark to Cancun. Users can search by location, type of fish, or preferred technique, with options for those who prefer a fly rod, a spear gun, or even a bow and arrow. Guests can select their charter and book their trip online, with a secure messaging tool to communicate with their captain in advance of the experience.

FishingBooker provides illustrated guides to angling in notable destinations, including information on local species and popular fishing spots. Other resources include overviews of techniques such as ice fishing or successfully landing a tarpon, as well as discussions of the history, culture, and wellness benefits of angling. The company also provides information on aquatic conservation efforts, with suggestions on what anglers can do to help.

Following up at #2 is zTrip, a transportation service combining elements of traditional taxicabs with modern ride-sharing apps. Users can request or schedule a ride through the digital platform, as well as hail a car on the street or book by phone. Unlike purely online or in-app services, zTrip allows passengers to pay with cash if desired, and preferences like vehicle and payment type can be stored to save time for future bookings.

Users of zTrip can input special requests like food deliveries, luxury cars, or wheelchair accessible vehicles, or set a preference for a particular driver who's provided great service. The company does not charge surge prices, and all its drivers undergo full background checks before starting work.

At #3 we have LuggageHero, a network of shops, cafes, hotels, and other businesses that offer short-term storage for travelers' bags. Rather than carrying their luggage around with them, users can navigate to a nearby drop-off location via the company's website or mobile app, paying for storage by the hour using their saved card information. The service operates in more than forty cities worldwide, including in popular vacation destinations like Rome, Amsterdam, and New York City.

Travelers checking bags into LuggageHero sites receive custom security seals with unique ID numbers, and luggage insurance is included with the price of storage. All shops partnering with the company are certified for safety, and subject to quality control measures like mystery shoppers and follow-up reviews. The company also shares tips on sightseeing and finding accommodations in destinations around the globe.

Next up at #4 is Adios Adventure Travel, which creates distinctive journeys for visitors to Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Bolivia. Guests work with staff members to plan customized trips led by knowledgeable local guides, arranging experiences highlighting the cultural and natural beauty of South America. Destinations include the ruins of Machu Picchu, the glaciers of Patagonia, and the wildlife-rich Galapagos Islands.

The itineraries provided by Adios Adventure Travel offer challenging outdoor activities as well as cultural learning experiences, ranging from week-long trips through the Amazon to excursions across the Bolivian Salt Flats. The Peru Andes Explorer combines visits to local cities and villages with treks through the mountains, while the adventure in the Manu Biosphere Reserve allows for wildlife observations in the planet's most remote jungle. The company also offers romantic getaway packages, including a commitment ceremony officiated by an indigenous shaman.

Coming in at #5 is VisitorsCoverage, a provider of technology solutions designed to help customers around the world find travel insurance. Users can select from a wide array of plans, including options covering trip fees and cancellations in the event of unforeseen circumstances, as well as medical coverage options for people working or studying abroad. The firm offers assistance for those with specialized needs, such as new immigrants seeking health insurance or tourists visiting Europe on a Schengen Visa.

VisitorsCoverage customers can choose options online based on their destination or the type of travel planned, from cruises to business trips, or search for plans that cover specific risks like rental car collisions or medical evacuation. The company provides informative videos and guides to help users understand different types of coverage, and its Ask an Expert tool offers answers for specific customer queries.

#6 in the roundup is NexTravel, a company helping to streamline and simplify the process of business travel, with a unified platform through which employees and managers can arrange transportation, monitor itineraries, and record expenses. The system can store traveler profiles to save time in future bookings, or automatically watch for opportunities to upgrade seating. Expenses are automatically reconciled with clients' existing software, and the platform can generate regular reports with fully customizable settings.

NexTravel offers customers access to exclusive negotiated rates on business travel costs, and the AI-powered platform can tailor search results to personal preferences. Managers can coordinate bookings for hundreds of passengers going to and from conferences or other large functions, and the system tracks delays or safety events affecting employees in transit. NexTravel provides rapid setup for new clients, enabling companies to onboard employees and begin arranging trips within hours.

Concluding our list at #7 is Samsara Luggage, which makes travel gear designed to interface with personal technology and maximize mobility. Its signature smart suitcase incorporates a removable battery pack enabling users to charge their devices, along with a companion app that alerts the owner if the bag is moved or opened. The case's flat upper surface lets it double as a portable laptop desk, and its interior LED system provides illumination when opened in the dark.

Samsara's cases are protected by durable aluminum shells and sized to fit inside overhead compartments, and they're equipped with fully revolving wheels and interior organizational bags for garments and toiletries. The Next Gen model features a Wi-Fi hotspot for secure connectivity on the go, along with a Global GPS tracking system to prevent loss and theft. The company also offers the Weekender Nano Bag, coated with a safety layer designed to repel moisture and bacteria.