7 Organizations Assisting Writers And Editors

Writing and editing a manuscript can be an incredibly difficult task, and getting it published is no easy feat either. Luckily, there are countless experts willing to share their experiences and guide others through the writing process. In no particular order, here are some organizations dedicated to helping aspiring authors.

First up, at #1, we have Mixtus Media. Founded by Jenn & Marcus dePaula, the company specializes in social media and content marketing for authors. It helps clients connect and create community with others in order to establish a strong online presence and grow their brand.

The company's Mixtus Method is an online course that teaches authors how to create a customized marketing plan to find and communicate with the specific group of people who are interested in their books. Registering for the course also grants access to a private Facebook group where members can share their experiences, insights, and support.

At #2 is iWriterly, a resource for genre fiction with how-to videos on traditional and self-publishing. It was created by science fiction and fantasy author Meg LaTorre, who shares her insights on various topics, such as the traditional publishing landscape, finding literary agents, and marketing oneself as an author.

LaTorre occasionally features guests on the iWriterly YouTube channel, including authors, literary agents, editors, and other industry experts. She is also a co-host of Publishable, a monthly YouTube show where she teams up with author Courtney Young and literary agent Kaitlyn Johnson to discuss the ins and outs of the modern-day publishing industry.

Next up, at #3, we have the Nonfiction Authors Association. It aims to provide valuable education, resources, and a supportive community for both aspiring and experienced writers. With thousands of members, the community allows authors to connect, exchange ideas, and learn about writing, publishing, promoting, and profiting from nonfiction books.

Subscribing Authority and VIP members gain access to an exclusive weekly email round-up of media opportunities, which aims to help writers send pitches to outlets seeking guest contributors. The organization also offers full-service book production in partnership with Authority Publishing. Its all-inclusive packages include book cover design, author-friendly royalty rates, and optional marketing consulting.

At #4 is ACES: The Society for Editing, an international alliance of professionals, educators, and students who want to improve their skills and connect with other like-minded individuals. At its annual conferences, editors from a wide range of industries come together to learn about the latest trends in the field and get training from recognized experts.

ACES has teamed up with The Poynter Institute's News University to offer members a wide variety of online training seminars, which cover topics such as the latest trends in language and best practices related to editing. Members of the organization also gain access to various resources, including Tracking Changes, a quarterly journal that features insights from leaders in the editorial field.

Next, at #5, is Word Alive Press, a Christian book publishing company that provides sales, marketing, and distribution services. When working with the company, authors gain access to the supply-chain distribution that is needed to reach the widest possible audience with their message. Word Alive has a relationship with Ingram, making clients' books automatically available on websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

One of the benefits of working with the company is that throughout the process, its team works closely with clients, providing advice, guidance, insight, and feedback on all aspects of publishing and marketing. Its website also has a blog with articles that provide writing and editing tips for aspiring authors.

At #6 is OmniScriptum. Founded in 2002 with the aim of democratizing access to printed books, it offers a free print-to-order publication service. The company covers a wide range of brands, giving authors the opportunity to publish their work throughout a selection of genres and languages worldwide.

After uploading their manuscript in their personal account, authors can choose a cover image from an extensive database and release the book for printing. The company also supports authors on several marketing campaigns, including publishing announcements on social media networks and providing promotional materials, such as banners and posters.

Finally, at #7, we have Wally Bock's Writing Edge, which offers various services to people creating business books, including reviewing completed manuscripts and coaching authors as they plan, write, and publish their work. Bock also offers ghostwriting services, though he will only work on projects related to business or personal development.

The website also contains various articles for aspiring business authors, including advice on how to improve one's writing, tips on editing and revising, and things to consider when self-publishing a book. Bock also offers coaching services for bloggers, where he analyzes posts and suggests ways that writers can improve.