7 Resources Making Travel Planning Simple

Exploring different places brings us into contact with rich cultures, exciting foods, and jaw-dropping views of the natural world. Indeed, many of our most cherished memories come from our holidays, whether they be short trips to nearby parks or immersive adventures in foreign countries. If you're interested in learning how to minimize hassle on your next trip, then here, in no particular order, is a selection of resources simplifying the travel experience.

Coming in at #1 is London Perfect. With more than twenty years of experience, this company provides high-quality apartment rentals in England's capital city. Its handpicked list of accommodation options features properties in some of the area's most sought-after neighborhoods, from Kensington and Notting Hill to Chelsea and Covent Garden.

London Perfect maintains strict criteria for the properties it rents out, ensuring that each accommodation has comfortable furnishings, attractive decor, and a well-placed location. To enhance the experience of the clients it serves, the company also produces a number of useful resources, such as guides on restaurants, shopping excursions, and the city's green spaces.

In the #2 spot is RVshare. Serving more than 60,000 RV owners across the country, this peer-to-peer rental marketplace was founded by a husband-and-wife duo after their honeymoon. Its easy-to-use platform connects renters and owners, providing recreational vehicles for vacations, tailgates, and temporary accommodations.

RVshare offers a wide range of options to its users, with popular rentals including motor homes, pop-up campers, and travel trailers. The platform enables travelers to explore all manner of locations, from state and national parks to campgrounds and fairs. Beyond these services, RVshare also publishes articles and guides for owners and travelers alike, covering things like interior design, power conservation, and luxury campgrounds.

At #3 is Homebase Abroad, a company that specializes in Italian villa vacations and curated travel experiences. Founded by Mara Solomon, a seasoned rental agent, Homebase Abroad strives to craft one-of-a-kind vacations for its clients. Offering properties in locales including Tuscany, Umbria, and Lake Como, it combines quality accommodations with immersive experiences that explore Italian culture, cuisine, and history.

Its villa portfolio has options for groups of all sizes, in both urban and countryside settings. Along with these rentals, Homebase Abroad provides professional travel planning, which includes support from local concierges. The company creates unique itineraries for its clients, taking their personal interests into account and offering activities like wine tastings, boat tours, and museum visits.

Coming in at #4 is Girls' Guide to Paris. Established in 2009 by Doni Belau, this travel website serves as a one-stop shop for those looking to explore France and beyond. As a service, it provides memorable traveling opportunities to places such as Paris, Chartres, and Rouen. Its trips bring together small groups of like-minded women and connect them to local fashion, literature, and the arts.

Girls’ Guide offers rental properties to travelers as well, including one in the center of Paris and one near St. Emilion. In addition, it has expanded the scope of its trips beyond the country of France, with options to explore California, Bali, and Japan. More broadly, it functions as an informative resource on a range of travel-related topics, providing walking guides, safety tips, and drinking recommendations.

In the #5 spot is TourRadar, an online marketplace for travel experiences. Launched in 2010, TourRadar offers a comprehensive service to its users, bringing together unique tours, itineraries, how-to guides, and travel experts all in one place. Its recommended destinations come from all corners of the world, from guided adventures in Morocco to hiking in Tasmania.

Visitors to the TourRadar website can search by destination or by travel style. Its tours run the gamut from in-depth cultural explorations to wildlife safaris, with other options centering on European Christmas markets, beach holidays, and volunteering opportunities. In 2015, it launched Days to Come, an online magazine featuring articles on food and drink, photography, and memorable travel experiences.

At #6 is Ride and Seek. This touring company runs one-of-a-kind bike trips throughout the world, combining long-distance cycling with wine tastings, food experiences, and historical discussions. It conducts both epic and local adventures that vary in distances cycled each day, and that travel through places like the Alps, New Zealand, and Appalachia.

Local cycling adventures from Ride and Seek offer more immersive experiences, and feature cultural activities and boutique hotel stays in areas such as Puglia and Provence. Participants have the option to bring their own bikes or rent ones from Ride and Seek. In recognition of its work, this company has received coverage in outlets such as the New York Times and Outside Magazine.

Last but not least, at #7 is THIRDHOME, a luxury property and travel club. Founded in 2010, this company enables its members to trade time in their second homes for stays at other premier locations around the world, from Mexico and Costa Rica to Italy and France.

THIRDHOME's exchange and rental programs allow individuals to access the more than 11,500 properties available for short-term stays. In addition, the company teams up with its global preferred partners to curate a selection of unique adventure experiences, which range from touring national parks to learning about Scottish folklore. On its blog, it explores all manner of travel-inspired topics, and shares tips, trends, and member profiles.