The 9 Best Bathtub Caddies

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This wiki has been updated 31 times since it was first published in April of 2015. Book? Check. Wine? Check. Reading tablet? Check. Make your bathtime even more relaxing with one of these handy and functional bathtub caddies. Available in metal, wood and plastic designs built with trays and holders for just about anything you could want while you're in the tub, they'll allow you to soak away the stress of the day with a little bit of extra luxury and comfort. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Golden Creazione 3-in-1 Premium

2. Ala Teak Luxury Bed Tray

3. Bamfan Wine and Book Holder

Editor's Notes

April 16, 2020:

During this busy round of updates, while the Bamburoba Organizer, Mayberry Health, TDynasty Luxury, DozyAnt Bamboo and Royal Craft Natural all needed to be removed due to availability issues, we also decided to eliminate the FBasics Tray and Home Intuition Expandable, noting that our rankings already included similarly priced items with comparable designs that offered much better features. Some of our new additions this time around include the Ala Teak Luxury Bed Tray – a durable model that doubles as a suitable breakfast-in-bed tray, the Olivia & Aiden Portable Spa Comfort – a well-designed option with stainless steel arms and a bamboo platform, and the ToiletTree Acrylic – which isn’t the most-elaborate option, but still might make a great choice for fans of minimalist aesthetics.

A few things to keep an eye out for in this category:

Compatability: Thanks to their telescoping designs, most options in this category can confidently claim to be compatible with virtually any common bathtub. However, while models like the Bamfan Wine and Book Holder can extend to an impressive 44-inch width, others will fall short of some extra-wide tubs. The ToiletTree Acrylic has a fixed width of 33 inches, and the Ipegtop 304 can’t extend much further. Coming in at just under 32 inches, the Madesmart Baby Shelf 00304 is the narrowest option we ranked.

Features: While offerings like the Madesmart Baby Shelf 00304 and ToiletTree Acrylic are quite feature-bare, sporting designs that are essentially smooth platforms, many options have well-thought-out designs that have provisions to accommodate common bathtub essentials. While many caddies offer wine-glass holders, the Olivia & Aiden Portable Spa Comfort gets a nod for its clever design that offers excellent support to both stemmed and stemless glasses. Book and tablet props are another common must for many users. Several of our selections include this feature, but some users have noted that the stand on the ToiletTree Acrylic is better suited to books, as it had trouble accommodating their particular size of tablet.

Another feature that’s surprisingly uncommon is a designated hook or bar to hang a dry cloth for your hands, away from your electronics. While imaginative users will find ways to set themselves up without this feature, the ToiletTree Acrylic and Olivia & Aiden Portable Spa Comfort deserve some acknowledgement for having the forethought to work this consideration into their designs.

Versatility: The fun doesn’t need to stop after the water runs down the drain. Several models we ranked, including the Ala Teak Luxury Bed Tray and Golden Creazione 3-in-1 Premium, have multipurpose designs that allow them to easily convert into a formidable tray for breakfasts in bed, or laptop work on the couch.

4. Olivia & Aiden Portable Spa Comfort

5. ToiletTree Products Aluminum

6. ToiletTree Book Holder

7. Ipegtop 304

8. ToiletTree Acrylic

9. Madesmart Baby Shelf 00304

What To Look For In A Bathtub Caddy

Wood caddies may need an extra bit of sunlight to keep them dry and avoid mold.

The structure of most bath caddies is very similar, so choosing between them is mostly a matter of preference. Looking at the activities you want to do while bathing will help. For instance, if drinking wine while bathing is your idea of luxurious, finding a caddy specifically made with glass holders may be best. It may also help to find a bathtub caddy that is adjustable. Some models may be perfect for the tub you have currently, but who’s to say that a change of scenery is not in order in the future? From an old clawfoot bath to the built-in alcove bath, adjustable units are sure to fit every tub.

An important consideration to make before purchasing a bathtub caddy is your personal level of neuroticism. If you are the type to worry about every possible outcome of using a bathtub caddy, you may not want a model that has any gaps or spaces big enough for an object to slip through. Solid wood models may provide the assurance you need to bathe in peace.

Some people also have preferences when dealing with certain materials. Some find wood more appealing to the eye, where others like the simple yet chic design of a metal caddy. Anyone using a metal caddy should be sure to wipe it dry after each use to avoid rust and corrosion. Wood caddies may need an extra bit of sunlight to keep them dry and avoid mold. Taking time to care for a bathtub caddy is the best way to ensure it stays with you for years to come.

The Best Uses For A Bathtub Caddy

A bathtub caddy makes for a great prop for a picture on social media, but actually using one semi-regularly is the only way to make the purchase worthwhile. Luckily, there are numerous uses for a bath caddy that make it a virtual necessity while bathing.

Setting the book up in a bathtub caddy frees up your whole body to enjoy the warmth of the tub while you read.

Using a bathtub caddy makes watching a new web series easier than ever before. Rather than prop a phone or tablet on the ledge of the tub and squinting at it from across the water, the device can securely sit in a bath caddy, as close as you would like it to be. Reading is also much simpler with a bathtub caddy. While those wet pruned fingers may help grip the soap in the tub, they can ruin the pages of your favorite book. Setting the book up in a bathtub caddy frees up your whole body to enjoy the warmth of the tub while you read.

Bathtub caddies are also the best solution for snacking while in the tub. Using a stool or table next to the bath to hold your snacks while bathing does not have the same appeal. Aside from awkwardly reaching your body halfway out of the bath to reach your snacks, there is also the issue of height. If the stool is too high, you have to sit or stand up to look at what you are grabbing. If it is too low, water from the bath runs down your arm and soaks the plate. These problems are nonexistent with a bathtub caddy. The surface is just above the brim of the bath, meaning you will never have to worry about splashing water on your snacks. Your body stays relaxed throughout, and you get to enjoy feeling lavish in the tub while snacking or drinking wine.

Bathing with a partner is also much easier with a bathtub caddy. Sharing a glass of wine and a fruit plate during a bath may be the simplest way to relieve stress in the body, especially since there is no arguing over who has to hold the plate up as you eat.

Benefits Of Using A Bathtub Caddy

Getting the proper use out of a bathtub caddy is the best way to ensure that bathing is benefiting the body as much as possible. Using a bathtub caddy can improve the bathing experience, leading to a longer bath time. Long baths are especially healthy, which could mean that a bathtub caddy is a type of health product — albeit not intrinsically.

Full body exfoliation can take time, and is usually skipped by people who are impatient.

Taking a long bath produces a similar anti-inflammatory response in the body as exercising. This response helps protect the body against illnesses and infection. As chronic inflammation is a key risk factor for numerous diseases, regular passive heating like that achieved through bathing could reduce the risk of numerous disorders. Activities like reading or watching a movie with the help of a bath caddy can keep you from getting bored, therefore extending the bath time. While it is not a surefire way to prevent disorder in the body, it is a simple and relaxing way to support optimal health.

Exfoliating the body while finishing an episode of your favorite series also has its own benefits. Full body exfoliation can take time, and is usually skipped by people who are impatient. Yet while using a bathtub caddy to watch a TV show, it would be hard to notice time slip by. This is the perfect time for full body tasks like exfoliating. Exfoliating the body with a natural bath scrubber rejuvenates the skin by brushing off dead skin cells. The younger skin cells underneath contain more collagen, which gives the skin a tighter, brighter appearance. The best part is that this youthful look is not the result of some miracle cream or product, it is the actual skin cells themselves.

Although men reportedly bathe less often than women, it may be especially important for a man to cozy up with a bath caddy and enjoy a nice hot soak. Recent research found that men who take a hot one hour bath burn about as many calories as a thirty minute walk. Men who took a bath warm enough to raise their core temperature by one degree Celsius burned as many as 140 calories in doing so, and also showed a marked difference in their peak blood sugar. This is promising for men with metabolic disorders like diabetes and those trying to lose weight.

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