8 Best Cooling Pillows | March 2017

Without a good night's sleep, you are never at your best. Chillows, or cooling pillows, use technologically advanced materials to allow for maximum air flow throughout the night and ensure that overheating will not stop you from getting the rest you need. You'll wake up refreshed and ready to start each new day. Skip to the best cooling pillow on Amazon.
8 Best Cooling Pillows | March 2017

The PharmMeDoc PMD-STD-CGSP-WHT is priced right if you want a cooling pillow without spending a lot of money. It does its job at regulating your body temperature while you sleep, but there is a strong chemical smell at first that takes awhile to go away.
The Xtreme Comforts Kool-Flow is an eco-friendly option filled with soft shredded memory foam and covered with an ultra plush fabric made from sustainable bamboo. Its filling is designed to be cooling, and its cover is moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic.
Whether you are a side or back sleeper, the Classic Brands Cool Gel has got you covered in any position. It supports your head in the perfect position to alleviate any stress to your neck and upper back. Also, the open-cell memory foam has great ventilation.
For those with allergies, look to the Perfect Cloud PC-GELZONE-SD. This hypo-allergenic pillow has the plush comfort of a down pillow, but provides amazing support without building up heat, so you spend less time tossing and turning.
  • relieves neck and spine pressure
  • resistant to dust mites
  • can only be spot cleaned
Brand Perfect Cloud PC-GELZON
Model pending
Weight pending
The Sleep Innovations G-PIL-92010-JB-WHT is designed with memory foam on one side and cooling gel-infused foam on the other, so it's suitable for sleepers who require options to maximize their comfort. This 3-inch thick pillow leans more on the firm side than soft.
  • conforms to provide ideal support
  • american-made foam
  • fits standard pillow cases
Brand Sleep Innovations
Model G-PIL-92010-BP-WHT
Weight 3.2 pounds
If you sweat a lot while you snooze, the Classic Brands Cool Sleep may be the solution you've been looking for. This soft and supportive pillow is made from a special fiber that wicks away moisture to keep you dry for optimal comfort.
  • ventilated design promotes cooling
  • comes in three different sizes
  • perfect for back or side sleepers
Brand Classic Brands
Model 810705-6060
Weight 5 pounds
The Sleep Better Iso-Cool may look like a traditional pillow from the outside, but it's the advanced insides that count. It features microscopic Phase Change Material beads that effectively absorb or release heat to keep a consistent temperature.
  • visco elastic foam core
  • removable cover is machine washable
  • contoured design available
Brand Sleep Better
Model 31374521457
Weight 4.1 pounds
The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Breeze gives you a luxurious sleeping experience with comfort like no other. It provides support to your head, neck and shoulders, plus the cooling gel layer is on both sides, so you stay cool no matter what.
  • ideal for all types of sleepers
  • keeps its shape well
  • high-quality 300 threat count cover
Brand Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Clo
Model pending
Weight pending

Getting A Good Night's Sleep

The benefits of getting a good night's sleep are hard to overstate, and the issues associated with insufficient sleep are many and varied. In the short term, poor sleep can impact your effectiveness at work, reduce your interest and ability to participate in hobbies or exercise, limit your short term memory abilities, and can negatively effect the relationship you have with family, friends, and coworkers.

In the long term, poor sleep can have a direct correlation to higher blood pressure, weight gain, reduced cognitive function, and can even contribute to a premature death by contributing to increased heart health issues and an overall weakened immune system.

To put it simply, a good night's sleep is of critical importance. In fact, along with a balanced diet and sufficient exercise, regular, sufficient sleep is one of the most critical factors of overall good health.

Sleep deprivation is caused by myriad factors including physiological issues, psychological issues, and by the conditions under which you are trying to rest. While mitigating physical ailments that hamper good sleep, such as nerve or joint pain, might take help from a doctor or physical therapist, and while confronting emotional issues that plague your thoughts and rob you of sleep may take a mental health professional's assistance, creating the ideal sleeping conditions is entirely up to you.

Start by making sure your sleeping environment is dark, with minimal light sources including those little glowing spots that come from phones, chargers, and TV power indicator lights, and with the windows sufficiently blocked against sunlight and the glare of the street. Your bedroom should be quiet save for the consistent "white noise" of a fan or sound machine, if you like the calming background sounds they provide. And lastly, of course, your actual bed and bedding must be customized to provide you comfort.

It starts with the right mattress for your body and preferences; then move to sheets and comforter or blanket that provide the warmth and weight you need. And finally choose the right pillow for your personal sleep preferences. This choice has as much to do with material as with the initial feeling of its softness or support, because while some pillows feel great for a few minutes, they will soon be compressed, lumpy, and/or very warm.

Choose a great cooling pillow and you can help guarantee that the comfort you feel in those first few minutes lying comfortably will be maintained all throughout a restful night.

Choosing A Cooling Pillow

While there are many varieties of cooling pillow available, most of the differences are subtle save for two major categorical differences. These can be boiled down and parsed out as "stuffed" and "solid." While both designs can offer better cooling than most other pillows, it's unlikely that you will find either option viable, so know which type of material works better for you in general before even considering cooling as a factor.

Stuffed Cooling Pillows - A stuffed cooling pillow, like a pillow filled with down and feathers or with a synthetic approximation, is of course stuffed with loose material. Some cooling pillows in this category use shredded memory foam as their filling, while others use thousands of soft little beads. These pillows are able to draw heat into their material, cooling the sleeper, and are a good choice for the person who wants a soft pillow into which their head can settle.

Solid Cooling Pillows - A solid cooling pillow is formed by either solid blocks of specialty foams or of slabs of varied materials that together make a solid block. These pillows can feature layers of encapsulated gel or can be perforated or textured, but they will always be solid in shape. They offer more stability and support than stuffed pillows, which some sleepers will find more comfortable, while some will want the softness of the other type.

Cooling Pillow Maintenance

With standard pillows, it is recommended that you replace them once ever year. Most decent cooling pillows are designed to last much longer than that, with many carrying multiple year warranties. (You will often see a five year warranty in the category, in fact.) In order for the pillows to maintain their ideal support and cooling properties for the longest possible duration, however, you need to care for them properly.

Many cooling pillows feature different attributes on opposite sides, such as a pad of cooling gel on one surface, and memory foam on the opposite. If you prefer one side over the other, that means less chance to flip the pillow, so instead at least make sure to rotate it nightly or weekly so the pillow experiences pressure evenly.

Cleaning the actual cooling pillow made from memory foam is a several step process. First remove the pillow's case and pick away any obvious hair or debris. Next, run a vacuum over its entire surface. You can spot clean any stains with a mild cleaner, but make sure not to saturate the foam. Leave it upright to dry in a well ventilated area, and consider sprinkling the pillow with baking soda (then vacuuming it off later) for odor control.

Of course the most important thing you can do to keep a cooling pillow in good shape is to change the pillow cover at least once or twice a week. It's far easier to launder and/or replace a bit of cloth than it is to get a whole new cooling pillow.

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