The 10 Best Dog Dryers

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This wiki has been updated 32 times since it was first published in July of 2015. If you're a professional groomer or pet owner and trying to keep a dog's hair in good shape, you'll need one of these versatile dryers to effectively remove all that loose fur from Fido's coat. We've included durable blowers suitable for salon and home environments and equipped with powerful motors, long hoses, and multiple nozzle attachments that can be used on both small and large breeds. When users buy our independently chosen editorial choices, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Shelandy STL-1903

2. Flying Pig High Velocity One

3. Double K ChallengAir 560

Editor's Notes

October 28, 2020:

Similar to our review last year, we stand by the same conviction. We want our selections to appeal to both the home user and salon groomer, so we've maintained a balance between consumer-level machines and professional-grade models.

Due to their dual motors, both the K-9 III and Metro Air Force Master Blaster continue to stand out as dependable and powerful machines, the latter of which lacks an internal heating element, making it a safe choice for extended drying sessions on heavy-coated breeds. After all, the last thing you want to do is overheat your pooch and/or irritate his skin.

The B-Air Fido Max 1 is also a good option for home use, as it generates heat naturally from its turbine.

For situations that require you to dry large dogs in cages, we've added the Double K ChallengAir 560 to fit the bill. This one has an integrated thermal sensor that monitors the temperature from inside a kennel so that it doesn't climb above 107 degrees Fahrenheit. With that in mind, if you're going to go with a model like this, be sure to check on your furry clients often to make sure they're not overheated or in any kind of distress.

We've added the Flying Pig FOSD, which comes with a height-adjustable stand and rotating attachments.

While it's still a bit on the bulky side, the upgraded version of the iPettie Breeze now offers a slimmer handle than its predecessor, but still maintains the flexible pins that can gently massage a pet's coat while you dry it.

November 13, 2019:

After a careful review of our previously ranked items, we felt that we didn't recommend enough affordable options for the home user. Since we realize that not everyone needs an expensive, professional grooming tool, we decided to remove a few models to make room for more consumer-level options, despite the fact that there was nothing inherently wrong with the removed items.

We feel the Shelandy STL-1903 is probably the best model for the average home user right now. It is affordably priced, yet powerful enough for large dogs with thick coats. Also, it boasts a variable speed dial that can be very helpful for acquainting a dog with the machine, since it allows you to be very gentle until they get used to it and are ready for you to kick that turbine up into a higher gear. If you live in a small apartment without a lot of extra storage space, and you have a small dog or one perhaps a medium-sized one with a very short coat, the iPettie 2 in 1 might be all you need. It's certainly not the most powerful option, but it can get the job done with a bit of time, plus the integrated brush helps capture fur, rather then send it flying all around the room as most others can do.

For professional groomers, few models can match the power of the K-9 III and Metro Master Blaster MB-3CD. Both of these have two motors that can be independently or in conjunction with one another for maximum drying in the shortest amount of time. However, while these both have high and low settings, neither offers variable speed control, so if you want to be able to fine tune the airflow you may be better off with the Chris Christensen Kool Dry.

Special Honors

Aeolus TD-907TW Requiring no tables or blowers and without any loud noises, the expensive Aeolus TD-907TW is a high-performance dryer box that dispenses hot air with negative ions, giving multiple pets a smooth coat while simultaneously purifying the air within the cabinet. Several vent holes along the bottom allow for fresh air circulation and its integrated infrared lights help to stimulate a pup's blood circulation during the drying process. This one also includes an auto shutoff feature when the temperature exceeds a preset limit.

Super HurryCanine Force Designed for the quick drying of large, double-coated breeds in professional and extremely busy grooming salons, the Super HurryCanine Force is constructed from heavy-duty galvanized steel, for withstanding heavy impacts, and capable of delivering an air volume of up to 246 cubic feet per minute. It offers two speed settings and also comes with a flexible 8.5-foot hose.

4. K-9 III

5. Metro Air Force Master Blaster

6. Flying Pig FOSD

7. iPettie Breeze

8. Petacare Professional

9. Xpower Thermal Ace

10. B-Air Fido Max 1

What Makes A Dog Dryer Different From A Blow Dryer?

Many dryers warm the air around them by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as the air directly in front of them, creating a comfortable environment for damp dogs to sit in.

Since dogs don't typically stay still for their groomers the way humans will, these dryers are designed with canine habits and needs in mind. Groomers usually need both hands free when they're working on a dog so they can hold it still, and use a comb or scissors at the same time. That's why many dog dryers are built into stable bases and designed to sit vertically or horizontally on their own. Dog dryers need to work fast, since pets won't sit still for very long, nor do owners want their wet animals running around the house. For these reasons, most models have strong motors that power internal fans with impressive rotation-per-minute capabilities.

Busy salons that need to dry several dogs at once use dryers that provide hundreds of cubic feet of airflow, enabling them to dry a few dogs in one area while they go groom another client. Many dryers warm the air around them by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as the air directly in front of them, creating a comfortable environment for damp dogs to sit in. Most dogs don't understand commands like, "Turn around" or "Lift your leg," so rather than hoping for flexible pets, groomers look for dryers with long, bendable hoses.

It's especially important that busy groomers get a dryer that is made from durable, high-impact material like ABS plastic, so it can survive being knocked over by a strong tail or a playful puppy. Concerned pet owners should look for groomers who are experienced in the safe handling of dogs. Dryers designed for a professional groomer's needs usually come with various attachments that can handle all types of dog hair, from the thickest curls of a poodle to the wiry strands of a terrier.

How To Keep A Dog Calm During Grooming

The more frequently a dog comes to associate grooming time with fun, the less likely he'll be to run away when he sees his owner unpacking the shampoo and dryer. Giving Fido his favorite long-lasting chew toy, like a raw hide or pig's ear, during grooming will not only help him stay still, but it will also make him look forward to the process. You can also feed your pet small treats while grooming, which will keep his attention on the food, making things like trimming hair much easier.

You can also feed your pet small treats while grooming, which will keep his attention on the food, making things like trimming hair much easier.

It's always a good idea to begin grooming with a dog's favorite part. If the owner begins grooming with the pet's least favorite part — like nail trimming — this can leave the pet squeamish and unwilling to obey commands. Many dogs love being shampooed because this usually comes with a massage. If the dog is still nervous, you can try playing classical music. Some studies have found that classical music can help ease a dog's stress.

Most pets don't respond well to loud noises, so the quieter the quieter the tool, the better off you'll be. This could mean using a pet nail grinder instead of clippers, or a low-powered hair dryer. Most people know why dogs love their owner's pheromones — namely that they make them feel at ease — but may not be aware of the industry that has grown around this concept. To make the grooming area a peaceful place for a dog, an owner can get a plug-in diffuser that contains these calming pheromones.

How To Keep A Dog's Fur Shiny And Healthy

Glistening, tangle-free fur isn't reserved for dogs in commercials. Any pet owner can see a shiny coat in their dog if they take the right steps. A healthy coat starts with a dog's diet. Common food allergens like soy, corn, and wheat can lead to skin conditions that affect the animal's fur. In addition to avoiding certain ingredients and choosing an appropriate formula, dog owners can be sure to give specific, coat-healthy foods. These include fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, tuna, and sardines. Most dogs are thrilled to see these foods added to their dish.

Regular brushing is also an important part of a shiny coat. Brushing a dog's coat stimulates the hair follicles, which produce oils that not only protect the skin but also moisturize the fur. Vets recommend brushing a dog once every other day. Baths also help form a healthy coat, but there are dangers associated with overbathing a dog, like dry, flaky skin and allergic reactions to shampoo. Every dog requires a different bathing schedule, depending on the length of their coat and their lifestyle (are they an indoor or outdoor dog?). But most breeds do well on one bath a month.

Dogs benefit from many of the same healthy oils that humans do, like flaxseed, coconut, and sunflower. Adding just a tablespoon of these oils to a dog's food each day can result in a thick, shiny coat. Plus, coconut oil can alleviate common skin conditions in dogs.

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