7 Best Electric Ear Muffs | March 2017

We spent 34 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. Don't let loud noises from your job or your hobby damage your hearing. Protect yourself from concussive blasts caused by firearms as well as consistent resonant frequencies from equipment on construction sites with a pair of these electric ear muffs. Skip to the best electric ear muff on Amazon.
7 Best Electric Ear Muffs | March 2017

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Best Inexpensive
The Champion 40974 do a great job of dampening loud sounds, but the low-volume-amplifying microphones are extremely sensitive and pick up a lot of annoying background noise, like birds, wind, and air movement, making for a distracting experience.
The Honeywell R-01902 Impact Pro were designed for hunters and marksmen, and they protect from the most explosive sounds. They feature a four-hour auto shutoff to conserve your batteries in case you forget to deactivate them.
The Walker's Game Alpha Power are low-priced, but they're more than sufficient for most sound reduction needs, from construction to shooting. They feature independent volume controls for each ear, so you can adjust as needed.
The Howard Leight Impact Sport OD are designed specifically to block out any and all noises above 82dB while running on a pair of included aaa batteries. They are available in six colors, including a camouflage pattern for hunters.
  • audio input jack
  • compact folding design
  • may interfere with eye protection
Brand Howard Leight
Model R-01526
Weight 12.8 ounces
The Deltaplus Mens Pitstop fold up into a compact unit for easy portability. They have well-placed control switches to customize your protection, and their pads are filled with synthetic foam for enhanced comfort during extended use.
  • independent power and volume control
  • adjustable coolmax headband
  • stereophonic sound
Brand Delta
Model pending
Weight pending
The Caldwell Low Profile E-Max are a great budget option that perform nearly as well as the higher-priced muffs. The padded headband is adjustable for a comfortable and secure fit, while low profile ear cups reduce gun contact.
  • power indicator light
  • volume control knob
  • true stereo for better localization
Brand Caldwell
Model 487557-Parent
Weight pending
The 3M Peltor SV Tactical Pro hearing protectors offer as much as 26 dB of noise reduction, making them great for shooting ranges and other extremely loud environments. They also amplify low-level sounds, allowing you to hold a conversation where necessary.
  • auto power-save function
  • omnidirectional microphones
  • 2-millisecond response time
Brand 3M
Model MT15H7F SV
Weight 13.6 ounces

How Is Sound Perceived?

While the outer ear may seem like a simple piece of flesh attached to the side of the head, its design actually plays an important role in hearing. The outer ear acts to collect and funnel sound waves into the ear canal. The term sound simply refers to the energy created by something vibrating rapidly. For instance, when a book is dropped onto a flat table, the surface of the book quickly vibrates back and forth.

This vibration is sent out into the surrounding air. Ripples of this vibration are created in the space between the book and the ear perceiving it. As the ear picks up those vibrations, it sends them to the brain to be interpreted as sound. The process happens so fast, there is often no perceived time between the book dropping and the brain receiving the sound. This is because sound waves can move through the air at an astonishing 343.2 meters per second: referred to as the speed of sound.

Ears can only perceive sound because of the air which the sound vibrates through. All sounds require a medium, whether air, water, or solids like glass or metal. The speed of sound is also changed as it goes through different mediums. The wavelengths experienced from sound created in the air are much faster than if the noise was created and heard underwater. If the medium is removed, sound cannot exist. The first person to discover this concept was the famous chemist Robert Boyle, who vacuumed the air out of a jar containing an alarm clock, in order to silence it.

How Do Electric Ear Muffs Protect The Ear From Damage?

A decibel(dB) is the unit used to measure the intensity of a perceived sound. Damage to the ear is caused by sounds with very high decibel levels. The reference sound is 0dB, which is the smallest sound audible to the human ear, just above total silence. The sound of rustling leaves or the fingers rubbing together is said to be near 0dB.

The decibel scale is somewhat tricky, involving a complicated formula to determine where a sound registers on the scale. This is due in part to how complex the human ear is. The ear can pick up the sound of breathing and the sound of a jet engine. This capacity for hearing is incredible, as the jet engine is somewhere near 1,000,000,000,000 times as powerful as the sound of breathing.

The decibel scale is an exponential scale, meaning that while a sound at 10dB is 10 times louder than a sound at 0db, a sound at 20dB is 100 times as loud as a sound at 0dB. The intensity of sound determines how damaging it can be to the ear. A normal conversation is carried out at around 50-60 dB, and can be continued for as long as the participants wish to carry it on with no damage to the ear. On the other hand, a construction worker driving a bulldozer is being exposed to 85dB of sound, which is enough to cause damage in just 8 hours.

Electric ear muffs drastically reduce these damaging noise levels, protecting the ear from the sounds above 85dB which can cause noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus when heard over a long period of time.

High quality electric ear muffs will also filter out high decibel explosive sounds, such as gunshots or fireworks. If these sounds are allowed to enter the ear canal, they can cause immediate damage to the ear by rupturing the eardrum or damaging the bones of the middle ear. If the sounds are strong enough, they may also tear the stereoscilia which line the inner ear. Wearing electric ear muffs eliminates this worry. They are designed to filter out these explosive sounds, while still picking up normal conversational tones.

Keeping The Ears Healthy

A part of protecting the ears from damage is keeping them healthy with daily practices. Earwax, also called cerumen, is a point of some confusion in the health community. Though earwax may be a bit unsightly, it is actually of vital importance to ear health. Earwax serves as a lubricating, protective, and antibacterial agent within the ears. Ear canals with a healthy lining of cerumen will typically experience less itching, dryness and develop less ear infections.

Most of the time, the ear canal is very self regulating; old earwax is constantly being moved forward to the outer ear opening, where it dries, flakes, and eventually falls out. This process is helped along by the motions of the jaw; chewing, yawning, and talking.

In some cases, earwax can become pressed against the eardrum, resulting in partial hearing loss. As earwax is not produced near the eardrum but in the outer third of the ear; this is not due to wax production. Cerumen blocking the eardrum is usually caused by a person inserting foreign objects such as cotton swabs into their ears. These objects may remove a small amount of wax, but they push most of it back to the ear canal.

In minor cases of clogged ears, there are simple home remedies to promote ear health while being mindful of the sensitive ear. A common practice is to put a few drops of baby oil or glycerin into the affected ear. This softens the earwax, and can help prevent impaction. Other methods include the use of hydrogen peroxide or a saline and water wash which acts to irrigate the ear canal.

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