The 10 Best Freeze Dried Dog Treats

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This wiki has been updated 28 times since it was first published in October of 2016. Requiring no refrigeration to keep them fresh, yet still having an extra-long shelf life, these freeze dried dog treats are a convenient snack to have on hand for your four-legged friends. They're much healthier than many traditional treats, which can be full of preservatives and artificial ingredients, and are available in a wide variety of flavors to entice even the fussiest of pooches. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Stella & Chewy's Lamb Hearts

2. Stewart Pro-Treat Duck Liver

3. PureBites Beef Liver

Editor's Notes

March 16, 2020:

Just like people, each dog has its own particular taste in food. So we made sure to include a good range of meat sources on our list, to satisfy your poochs' palate, no matter how selective. Keeping that in mind, we removed WildeSide Salmon, as we already have several options made from this protein source on the list, and wanted to make room for alternative meat choices, like Vital Essentials Minnows and Stella & Chewy's Lamb Hearts. On the subject of Stella & Chewy's, one of their products - the Dandy Lamb - lost their spot as these patties were a bit too large to be considered treats and were better suited for whole meals.

We know some canines go wild for treats that look just like what their human owners eat, so we added Fresh Is Best Chicken Necks. The necks have been left whole, rather than crushed and blended into morsels.

Those using treats as a supplemental dog training tool might like Whole Life Pet Single Ingredient, which are easy to break into small pieces, so you don't accidentally over-feed Spot when rewarding him for good behavior. Sojos SimplyWild Salmon can also be good for teaching a pup new tricks, because they come in small, bite-sized pieces.

If boosting an animal's nutritional intake is the main priority here, then Zesty Paws Sockeye Salmon are a smart choice, as they are officially supplements, but tasty enough to be given as treats.

October 17, 2018:

Replaced items that were no longer available and added Zesty Paws Sockeye Salmon and Cat-Man-Doo Life Essentials due to their numerous health benefits. Sojos Natural also earned a spot because of its budget-friendly price compared to many similar items.

Special Honors

TruDog Gourmet Gobbler Crunch Delight These treats are made with turkey meat, organs, and bones and are appropriate for dogs of all ages. They don't contain any fillers or preservatives, but they are loaded with essential amino acids and B vitamins. Plus, they may improve thyroid function and immunity, while remaining gentle on sensitive stomachs, and have an added natural omega blend.

PetLab Co. Beef Liver Bites Beef liver is the only ingredient in these treats, so you can be sure your pet isn't ingesting any additives or fillers. They're high in minerals and vitamins, and contain no grains or gluten. It's recommended that small dogs have just one to two a day, and big dogs can have up to six, so one package should last you a while. Packed in a resealable bag, they should retain freshness.

4. Zesty Paws Sockeye Salmon

5. Whole Life Pet Single Ingredient

6. Fresh Is Best Chicken Necks

7. Sojos SimplyWild Salmon

8. Cat-Man-Doo Life Essentials Salmon

9. Natural Rapport Beef Liver

10. Vital Essentials Minnows

Why Serve Your Dog Freeze Dried Treats?

With this in mind, you're free to fill up the pantry with enough treats to last for months and months.

In order for your dog to thrive, it's important to feed him nutritious, delicious food. Even between meals, when your pup is craving a snack, you should offer a healthy treat — not just any stale, bland kibble. Here are a few reasons you should pick up some freeze dried treats for your canine.

The freeze drying process locks in all the healthy stuff. Most pet food is over-processed and lacking in essential nutrients. Feeding your dog freeze dried treats is something that you can feel good about. This type of treat supports canine health, providing them the clean energy their bodies need.

Dehydrated treats are often richer in flavor than other varieties. A treat, after all, should be something to crave rather than a dry, flavorless morsel made up of mystery ingredients. Freeze dried meat won't lose its flavor in storage. When training your pet, it only makes sense to reward them with something that tastes good. Snacks are motivators for dogs, which means they will be much more likely to pay attention to your commands when they know the payoff is a hearty, savory treat.

As mentioned above, freeze dried treats undergo less processing than standard treats. Instead of being full of chemical preservatives to maintain freshness, the moisture is completely removed from this type of product. You don't have to have a background in biology to know that moisture is one of the main factors that allows bacteria to grow in food. With freeze dried treats, you'll have peace of mind knowing exactly what you're feeding your pup.

One of the coolest things about dehydrated food is that it has an incredibly long shelf-life. With this in mind, you're free to fill up the pantry with enough treats to last for months and months. And, since freeze drying eliminates moisture, these treats are smaller, lighter, and therefore easier to store and transport.

Freeze drying meat doesn't significantly change the texture, flavor, or smell of meat. Unlike many run-of-the-mill canine snacks on the market, dehydrated treats fall under the umbrella of whole foods; that is, they haven't been mixed with grains, dyes, or other miscellaneous ingredients. If you believe — as a growing number of pet owners do — that it's best to feed your dog a diet similar to that of their ancestors, then freeze dried food the way to go.

Types Of Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Luckily for you and Fido, there are tons of different freeze dried dog treats to choose from. Here are a few varieties you're likely to come across as you shop for the perfect treat.

When dogs spend time gnawing, it does a world of good for their oral health, removing stubborn deposits of plaque just as a toothbrush would.

Some of the most common cuts of meat freeze dried as dog treats are livers, necks, and miscellaneous parts like tails. If your pup has an established preference, go for what you know they like. If you're not sure, don't worry: since the dehydration process preserves the natural aroma of the meat, your dog will be able to recognize it as a snack right away. Pretty much any freeze dried treat is a good bet, flavor-wise.

Take into account your dog's dental health before settling on a pack of treats. For general maintenance, giving your dog a tough, chewy slice of oxtail is a wise choice. When dogs spend time gnawing, it does a world of good for their oral health, removing stubborn deposits of plaque just as a toothbrush would. Of course, dogs that have sensitive gums or are missing teeth should stick with softer options to avoid discomfort.

Your dog's age should inform your decision, as well. Puppies who are teething can benefit from being served a gristly piece of freeze dried meat, as long as the portion is appropriate for the size of the dog. With a treat to keep your puppy occupied, she will be much less likely to dig into your furniture during the teething phase.

Many of the dehydrated treats on the market can be reconstituted simply by adding water. If you want to supplement your dog's normal dinner with a bit of hearty meat, freeze dried livers can add a healthy dose of fat and protein, which gives the meal more flavor and can promote a shiny coat.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy And Happy

If you're researching dog treats, you probably already have some experience caring for a canine. However, it doesn't hurt to review the basics of dog care every once in a while. Here are a few tips for helping your pet stay healthy and fit.

Make sure you give your dog the chance to exercise on a daily basis — even if it's just a fast-paced walk around the block.

Everyone knows it's important to walk your dog regularly, but it bears repeating. A dog needs more outdoor stimulation than quick walks here and there. Adequate exercise is necessary for both their physical and mental wellbeing. Make sure you give your dog the chance to exercise on a daily basis — even if it's just a fast-paced walk around the block.

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one. Don't let your pup's weight get out of control. Pair a healthy diet full of nutritious food with daily physical activity to prevent unwanted weight gain. Allowing your dog to become overweight puts their health at risk and can shorten their lifespan.

Remember to take your pet to the vet on at least a yearly basis, and perhaps more often if your dog is especially young or old. Vaccinations are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to dog health, so make sure your furball is up to date on their shots. If they aren't vaccinated, it could mean trouble for their health and the health of the other animals they come in contact with.

These instructions may seem obvious, but they are absolutely crucial to follow if you want your dog to have a healthy, comfortable life. With frequent exercise, a nutritious diet, and annual check-ups, your canine will be grateful to have such a caring owner.

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