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This wiki has been updated 35 times since it was first published in March of 2015. Just because you play games that involve fighting, doesn't mean you should feel like you've had your butt kicked afterwards. If it's currently difficult to sit through long sessions, then it's time to upgrade your chair. These options offer good support, comfortable padding, and adjustable settings, letting you focus on what truly matters -- trash-talking that 12-year-old who keeps taking you out. When users buy our independently chosen editorial choices, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Corsair T3 Rush

2. Respawn RSP-200

3. Herman Miller Aeron

Editor's Notes

December 26, 2020:

Each gamer has specific things they like and dislike in a chair, so we made sure to include a nice variety of styles to accommodate everyone. Console gamers who really enjoy lounging back when they play would be well served by the Respawn RSP-900 Recliner, whereas those with a bit less space to spare may want to turn to the Top Unikes Rocker or X Rocker Pro H3 instead. This latter model is ideal for players who don't enjoy wearing gaming headsets because it has a built-in sound system. PC gamers, or those who want the versatility to move their chair from their living room console setup to their desk should consider something with wheels, such as the Corsair T3 Rush and Respawn RSP-200. For a more luxurious option they can turn to the NobleChairs Icon, which has top-grain leather upholstery, or, for the utmost in ergonomics, there are few better choices than the Herman Miller Aeron, though both of these are notably expensive.

December 02, 2019:

A lot of people are surprised to learn that many common gaming chairs -- that is, many of the ones with flashy, angular designs, thick cushions, and bright colors -- are actually pretty shoddy in terms of construction quality and reliability. If you're investing in a chair, it should be comfortable and durable, for obvious reasons. So if you're really into the flashy designs, check out the Respawn RSP-200 and NobleChairs Icon, which are reasonably and highly priced, respectively, and both fit the appearance of a futuristic gaming setup without the pitfalls of the various rebranded cheapos that have basically flooded the market.

Of course, you absolutely don't have to stick to a fancy, gaming-focused chair, and in fact, for PC games, it's a good idea to stick to an actual ergonomic desk chair. The BestOffice Ergonomic is about as simple as they come and a great entry-level choice, although it isn't very adjustable. For pure price-to-performance ratio, it's tough to beat the AmazonBasics High-Back, which is reliably constructed and quite versatile. But if you'll be spending a lot of time in it -- for example, if you want something that can pull double duty for playing games and general computer usage at your desk, the Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most popular chairs ever made. It's quite costly, and it's not for everyone, but it should last for many years of full-time use and it's built with the highest quality materials and mechanics. For what it's worth, I've spent countless hours writing, researching, and gaming in my Aeron, and I simply could not be happier with it.

Console users have a slightly different crop to consider. The X Rocker Pro H3, BirdRock Home 5150, and Top Unikes Rocker are all meant for sitting on the ground (which of course isn't ideal for most PC gaming situations). The X Rocker is particularly interesting because of its 4 speakers and bass shaker, which can really add to the gaming experience. The BirdRock and Top Unikes are both great for casual or family gaming. The Respawn RSP-900 and Respawn Omega-R are both very solidly built and don't have wheels but do have pretty innovative rocking and reclining systems.

Special Honors

Secretlab Omega The Secretlab Omega is available in several upholstery materials, including Napa leather and a SoftWeave fabric, as well as a range of designs and color schemes. More importantly though, it is exceptionally well made, so it will stand up to plenty of use, and offers a lot of adjustability to fit your personal needs.

4. AmazonBasics 51460

5. Top Unikes Rocker

6. NobleChairs Icon

7. Respawn Omega-R

8. Respawn RSP-900 Recliner

9. BirdRock Home 5150

10. X Rocker Pro H3

The Royal History Of The Chair

The ancient Aztec culture held a similar custom of building chairs for royalty.

While the chair is common today in nearly every house and office around the world, this was not always the case. The use of the chair goes back thousands of years; extending to many civilizations in written history.

Ancient Egyptians were the first culture known to utilize the chair for stately purposes. Chairs in ancient Egypt were made of ivory or rare woods like ebony. These chairs were often coated in gold, with legs shaped like those of a beast in the wild. This is because Egyptians believed anything created by man needed to represent something in the natural world, or the balance of the universe could be lost.

The first Greek representations of chairs were not for humans at all. Zeus, king of all Greek gods and goddesses, is portrayed sitting on a throne ornamented with the legs of a sphinx in as early as the seventh century BCE. The Romans shared this affinity for the sphinx, and their early throne-like chairs were also adorned with sphinx legs and carvings.

The ancient Aztec culture held a similar custom of building chairs for royalty. Their version, known as the icpalli, featured an ornate high back. The icpalli was reserved for royalty and guests of honor.

Medieval-era chairs saw a shift away from the use of thrones explicitly for royalty, but they were still considered noble artifacts. Emperors, cardinals, knights, and those of superior standing in the culture sat on various chairs of wood, marble, brass, and ivory.

It wasn't until the Renaissance in Europe that the chair became a common addition to any home which could afford one. Since that time, the chair has gone through many stylistic changes, with very few structural changes.

How Sitting Posture Affects Health

While correct posture has most often been related to the idea of being uptight, posture is actually vitally important to the body's health. A correct sitting posture not only keeps the spine in alignment; it keeps every function of the anatomy in working order. As such, the use of a gaming chair extends beyond its game-enhancing functions. Keeping the correct sitting posture is especially important for long hours of questing or vanquishing foes on the virtual battlefield.

Breaks from gaming help to rest your eyes, stretch your body, and keep you at your gaming prime.

Good posture means the bones of your back and torso are aligned and upright, with no undue pressure on your neck, shoulders, or back. Not only does this position keep your bones and connective tissues from degenerating, it actually improves muscle function. When the posture is corrected, the muscles are not gliding over the bones incorrectly or being pulled at odd angles by the ligaments.

This straightening out of the bones and muscles then impacts the function of the vital organs. The lungs can fully inflate and deflate, which brings more oxygen to the bloodstream. This increases the oxygen in your brain, which causes a reduction in stress levels and promotes mental clarity. When spending long periods of time gaming, mental clarity is tantamount to success.

Without correct posture, your body can wear down over time. The first signs of incorrect posture are generally fatigue, aches and pains in the neck and shoulders, and joint stiffness or pain. Over time, these symptoms can become severe, leading to chronic pain and degenerative joint diseases like osteoarthritis

When searching for the right gaming chair, you have to first think about how you feel sitting down. It is important to give your low back firm support, keep your keyboard or controller at elbow height, and take frequent breaks. Breaks from gaming help to rest your eyes, stretch your body, and keep you at your gaming prime.

Will Playing Video Games Make You Violent?

The most notorious video game myth is that people who play violent video games are more likely to commit violent crimes. This claim stems from the fact that humans are empathetic, and generally immerse themselves into the games they are playing. In a first-person shooter, this would mean the player identifies with the character; if they make the player shoot someone, they feel as though they have completed the action.

The United States Secret Service actually looked into these claims by studying people involved in mass shootings.

The evidence supporting the claim that playing violent video games will make you a violent person is somewhat lacking. There is no hard evidence to support the claim; though metadata analysis of 74 studies showed a casual link between the two. This casual link may be flawed however, as many studies involved no control for other factors which can create violence: family history of violence, upbringing, education levels, etc.

The United States Secret Service actually looked into these claims by studying people involved in mass shootings. They found that while 27% of them were interested in violent movies, only 12% showed an interest in violent video games. The report noted that though these attacks cause lasting effects in the communities in which they occur, they could find no reason to link violent video games to their occurrence.

While gamer's are officially in the clear, violent video games have been stigmatized in popular culture. No matter what kind of video game is played, though, it is important to enjoy regular breaks, to give your eyes and body a well deserved rest.

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