10 Best Pooper Scoopers | March 2017

Yes, it is the most unpleasant part of owning a dog, but being a good citizen and picking up after your pooch doesn't have to be a messy, smelly and unpleasant chore. These pooper scoopers are designed to pick up after your four-legged friend from any surface, and even offer a one-handed operation, so you can grab and scoop without ever bending over. Skip to the best pooper scooper on Amazon.
10 Best Pooper Scoopers | March 2017

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The Poop Patrol PP-JS picks up wet and dry droppings well and is closed entirely on the bottom and sides of the scoop, so poop never falls out. It also boasts a wide base, so that you can get a couple of neighboring piles in one grab. Unfortunately, the springs rust.
The Petmate Clean Response System has a cover over the pan where you scoop the poop, which not only helps contain the waste but also hides the unsightly pile until you dump it. Plus the rake is curved for more efficient cleanup, but the handles could be longer.
The Super Scooper has a trigger style handle that offers a more natural hand position, making it easier on those with weak hands, so it's a good option for an elderly person. It also has a trigger lock system, so it stays closed until you're ready for disposal.
The Gogo Stik GGST-2995 can be used as a scooper or catch bag that swoops in comfortably under your pet's tush, in case you don't want your dog defecating anywhere. It also has a shovel that's round on one side and flat on the other to tackle flat and uneven surfaces.
  • stick is very lightweight
  • extremely sanitary design
  • doesn't come with a rake
Brand GoGo Stik
Model GGS2995
Weight 12 ounces
The Arm & Hammer 71034 conveniently swivels, so you don't need to constantly pick it up and reposition it as you move around the yard. It also has a more elegant look than most scoopers, so it can discreetly blend in with your other gardening tools.
  • looped handles are easy to hang
  • handle length is adjustable
  • can't attach bags to it
Brand Arm & Hammer
Model 71034
Weight 15.2 ounces
The Tidy Turd Kit is one of the best portable pooper scoopers to take on walks or to the dog park. It's just the right length to reduce the need to bend over, but it doesn't hit the ground while you stroll. It also comes with leakproof bags.
  • designed to close the bag for you
  • strong spring-loaded opening
  • teeth are too far apart
Brand Tidy Turd
Model pending
Weight 14.4 ounces
The Nature's Miracle P-6009 contains three parts; a rake, a pan, and a spade that can help you scrape up more liquidy poo that would slip through the teeth of a rake. Plus, all three pieces attach to the main rod through an easy slip in-and-out holder.
  • has antimicrobial protection
  • debris and poop wash off easily
  • poles can bend if you push too hard
Brand Nature's Miracle
Model P-6009
Weight 1.7 pounds
The Flexrake 68AR features a rake and pan that conveniently snap together for easier storage, so you don't have to worry about losing one. It also has a molded, non-slip vinyl grip that's comfortable to hold and ensures you won't drop it even during messy jobs.
  • won't tear up your grass
  • comes in a nice raspberry color
  • rake is extra long
Brand Flexrake
Model 68AR
Weight 2.1 pounds
The foldable AmazonBasics 5060-L may be lightweight plastic, but it is designed durably, and can within the elements for years of use. The spring controlled clamp is operated through a squeeze trigger that even the kids will be able to use with ease.
  • powerful serrated teeth
  • 36 inch height prevents hunching
  • nonstick plastic blocks odors
Brand OxGord
Model pending
Weight 1.6 pounds
The Dara Giants Combo comes with 50 extra bags perfectly sized to fit the trash bin, so you never have to worry about washing it out, and you always have clean hands. It also has an oversized scoop, so you can clean up your entire yard in one trip.
  • also works with standard grocery bags
  • picks up from all surface types
  • has a built-in rake attachment
Brand Dara Giants LLC
Model pending
Weight 2.9 pounds

Scoop In The Name Of Society

Unless you feel the slip of it, or you or somebody with you sees it happen, there's liable to be a gap between the moment you step in dog droppings and the moment you realize it. It's usually the smell that gives it away. I wish there was some manner by which I could fix a camera on the face of someone who stepped in it but didn't know it yet, just to capture that instant of recognition, that flash of shame, and fear, and begrudging certainty that we've all felt when we realized the source of that suspicious aroma.

Of course, all of this pain and strife could be avoided if everybody just picked up after their pets. This is a utopian concept, I know, but change starts with each and every one of us doing what we can. The pooper scoopers on our list seek to make what could be a rather unpleasant chore into something simple and painless, so each of us can do his or her part.

There are people out there who practice the inverted bag method, by which they reach through a plastic bag with their otherwise bare hand and grab the remains right off the lawn, pulling them up and turning the bag inside out, trapping the stuff inside. Not only is this method unnecessarily unsanitary (one hole in that bag is all it takes), it also does nothing to save you from feeling the warmth of the material as you pick it up, and just typing that makes me squeamish.

A pooper scooper puts a safe distance between you and the offensive pile in question, either cleanly raking the leavings directly into a bag or bin, or grabbing them up in a long plastic device that marries the design of a backhoe and a pair of forceps.

Methods Of Disposal

I've never met a pooper scooper I would describe as durable. For 15 years I had a fantastic little beagle names Lwpos (a private initialism pronounced like Lupus, the Latin for "wolf"), and he was nothing if not an excrement machine. We burned through an average of two scoopers per year, though, to be honest we didn't take very good care of them.

If you live in an area where there is a lot of rain or snow come winter, or a lot of intense shifts in temperature and humidity over the course of a single day, your pooper scoopers may not last as long as you like. I was notorious for leaving our pooper scooper out in the snow and allowing its metal hinges to rust. A modicum of care ought to get you a few more years out of your pooper scooper than I could muster, but don't expect them to last forever.

Without placing a huge emphasis on durability, then, you can make your decision among the pooper scoopers on our top ten list by considering a couple of other variables. First, do you prefer the clamp or the rake? The clamp design works a lot like those reach-and-grab devices you sometimes see the elderly or the vertically challenged using at the grocery store to reach the top shelf. Instead of a C-shaped clamp at the end, though, these devices have two rounded shovels that slide underneath the target, effectively scooping it up.

The rake works more like a push broom with its very own dust pan. Unlike the clamp design, these require two hands to operate, so if you prefer a method that allows you to Instagram your scooping operations, you'll want the clamp.

Next, you should ask yourself if you plan to use bags at all, and if you want a bag directly involved in the scooping. This question really depends on how often you scoop. I was a weekly scooper, so I'd carry a bag with me and load up on the whole week's worth. Daily scoopers, or those of you who work on a walk-by-walk basis could get away without any bags, dropping the goods in a neighbor's trash can instead.

A Pile On The Political Landscape

Before the turn of the 20th century, there wasn't much dog training to speak of in the United States. During the Second World War, the American military trained and employed a significant number of soldiers to teach field animals how to sniff out bombs and mines, as well as how to cohabitate with their fellow soldiers. After the end of the war, these trainers returned home and put their newfound knowledge and skills to work, professionally training dogs to live more sweetly among us.

Still, despite this increase in training, the general attitude toward anything these dogs might have left behind was one of avoidance. What the dogs did outside was their business, not ours. If there's anybody that can find the value in a pile of you-know-what, however, it's a politician, and in the 1960s, politicians with specific agendas would hide bits of personal legislation in the fine print of bills directed at ridding their municipalities' streets of poop.

The measures were immensely popular among city-dwellers tired of scraping the stuff off of their shoes, and almost nobody looked into the other provisions set forth in the bills. In short order, Brooke Miller of Anaheim California invented the first pooper scooper, a small scooping mechanism much like the rake and pan models on our list. By 1978, curbing laws had taken hold in San Francisco, New York City, and a slew of other cities across America.

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