8 Best Snow Shovels | March 2017

Yes, it is getting to that time of year again already! This snow season, keep your walkways and driveway clear the easy way, and not by pushing around the snow with your feet, with one of these tough and durable snow shovels. Skip to the best snow shovel on Amazon.
8 Best Snow Shovels | March 2017

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The Hopkins 17211 Subzero Auto Emergency snow shovel features a 9.5-inch wide blade with a deep scoop that can hold plenty of snow, yet the entire shovel can fit in even a small car's trunk when its handle is collapsed.
Sure, the kids love playing in the snow, but they should do their part cleaning up the driveway and walkway, too. The Suncast SK4000 Kids Snow Shovel will help them help you get that pesky snow out of the way.
The True Temper AutoBoss Emergency Car shovel is right there at hand whenever you need to dig your car out of the snow. It is small enough for the trunk or even under a seat, and perfect for those unexpected storms.
The Orbit DriftMaster 80017 Snow Shovel has a plastic edged blade, so it's safe to use when removing snow from pathways or driveways made of brick, cobble stones, tile, or other potentially damaged surfaces.
  • oversized wide handle
  • nonstick shovel surface
  • trailing end ridge keeps snow in shovel
Brand Orbit DriftMaster 80017
Model pending
Weight pending
The AAA 4004 Sport Utility Shovel is ready to go anytime, anywhere. It breaks down into 3 pieces for easy storage, yet reaches 32 inches when assembled and extended. Use it for shoveling or as an emergency canoe paddle.
  • weighs approximately 1.3 pounds
  • high-quality aluminum construction
  • good for snow, sand, etc.
Brand AAA
Model 4004
Weight 1.2 pounds
The Suncast SC3250 Snow Shovel/Pusher combo has a deep bend in its ergonomically designed handle that ensures maximum leverage and force behind each scoop. It's an affordable and effective choice great for snowy areas.
  • galvanized steel wear strip
  • ribbed steel core handle
  • very well reviewed by users
Brand Suncast SC3250 Snow Sho
Model pending
Weight pending
The Sno Brum Original Snow Removal tool isn't a traditional shovel, per se, but it's the perfect choice for moving aside lighter dustings on your walkway or from your car. Its head is high grade durable foam and polyethylene.
  • won't scratch vehicle paint, glass
  • easy-adjust telescoping handle
  • high-impact plastic face plate
Brand Sno Brum Original Snow
Model pending
Weight pending
The True Temper SnoBoss snow shovel has a unique one-piece loop-shaped handle made from sturdy aluminum. The design offers an easy grip and great control anywhere your hands are most comfortably placed.
  • foot step for maximum leverage
  • ergonomically designed midgrips
  • 26 inch high capacity blade
Brand True Temper SnoBoss
Model pending
Weight pending

Get The Scoop: Choosing A Snow Shovel

There's nothing like a good snow shovel when it comes to clearing wintery precipitation from your driveway, footpath, or sidewalks. For evidence of that, look no further than the earlier known example of a snow shovel, which -- according to the 1995 book Snow, published by Penguin Group -- can be dated back more than 6,000 years. While that ancient snow shovel was made from a section of elk antler attached to a wooden stave handle, modern snow shovels use decidedly more modern materials. That allows snow shovels to be lightweight, durable, and even adjustable and collapsible.

All that variety means choosing the best snow shovel for your purposes requires a bit of research and maybe some trial and error. Fortunately, snow shovels are not only diverse, but also quite affordable. In fact, you will have a hard time finding a way to spend much more than forty dollars on a top of the line snow shovel; most cost less than twenty. So with the concerns of budget essentially removed from the search for the right snow shovel, we're left to consider design, features, and size.

Many people love the idea of a snow shovel with either a telescoping handle or a folding design, as these shovels allow for easy storage in the trunk of a car or a closet near the door. Just note that most such shovels have a smaller scoop capacity than their fixed handle counterparts. That trade off is often well worth it when you can bring your snow shovel anywhere and be ready to dig the car out of the parking lot at work, though.

Next, in the fixed handle category, consider whether you prefer a snow shovel with a bent handle designed to maximize the ergonomic comfort of each scoop or if you prefer a traditional straight handled design. For the person with many square feet of surface to clear, an ergonomic handle design is a wise choice. But these shovels can he harder to control when it comes to more targeted scooping, such as clearing snow from atop vehicles or from around and under trees, bushes, and such.

The best approach, and one made possible thanks again to the relative cheap price of most snow shovels, is often to treat yourself to two shovels.

Other Products For The Fight Against Snow

One of the best ways to deal with snow buildup is to prevent it from ever building up in the first place. By using a salt spreader to put a layer of calcium chloride (or another snow melting product) in the ground before snowfall, you can help the snow to breakdown and melt before it ever starts to pile up. Salt spreaders can also help to broadcast snow melting products atop snow, speeding its melting and reducing the effort you need to shovel it away.

While a large snow blower is a great tool for the person with lots of property and a long driveway and/or walkway to go with it, many models are too large for homeowners. Thus the continued popularity of the snow shovel. However certain smaller snow blowers can be used even on that shorter driveway or footpath, just know you you will likely still need a snow shovel to clear the buildup off of and around stairs. And watch out for a snowblower catching on cobblestones or pavers.

Another example of prevention being easier than remedy is a windshield cover that you can stretch across your vehicle's windshield before anticipated snowfall. Once the storm is over and the precipitation is no longer falling, you simply pull the thick sheet of fabric off of your car, removing all the snow that covered the windshield without the need for laborious scraping and brushing just to afford yourself a safe and clear view of the road.

If you don't own or forgot to use one of these windshield covering sheets, then a good ice scraper is a must have. Nothing clears the snow, ice, and frost away for a windshield better than a thick, durable plastic scraper. Try to run the car before you start the scrapping process and the combination of interior warmth and your efforts should have the windshield clean quickly.

Snow Shovel Use And Safety Tips

It's a cold, hard fact that each and every year, many people are hurt while shoveling snow, and occasionally quite badly. Most of the more common injuries are caused by strained backs or shoulders, when people generally unaccustomed to rugged manual labor suddenly find themselves lifting heavy shovelfuls of snow.

However, while these muscular and soft tissue injuries may be the most frequent ailments associated with snow shoveling, they are not the most serious. Slips and falls resulting in broken bones account for nearly ten percent of injuries associated with the activity, while around seven percent of the harm endured while clearing snow are cases of cardiac issues, even including heart attacks.

So in short, if you are not physically fit enough to shovel snow, you should not attempt the activity -- ask a friend or relative to help, or hire a professional. If you do wish to shovel snow yourself despite age or infirmity issues, at least make sure to tackle that driveway or walkway slowly, lifting smaller scoops of snow. There's no need to race through the project nor to load your shovel with as much snow as possible each time you heft it.

If you want to maximize your efficiency, minimize the chance for injury, and reduce muscle strain and back soreness, there are two basic principles to remember while you are actively shoveling snow. Always step close to the next patch of snow you will shovel instead of standing in one place and leaning over to reach for the snow. And as you lift each scoop of snow, stand as upright as possible, keeping your legs firmly planted so they can do most of the lifting and saving your back the effort.

While shoveling snow might seem like an annoying hassle, take solace in the knowledge that you can burn as many as 500 calories in an hour of this work, more than can be accomplished when practicing many sports. Try to think of the snow removal process as both productive work and exercise rather than just a chore.

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