10 Enthralling Paranormal Romance Series

If you're a fan of love stories and intrigued by magic and supernatural creatures, then paranormal romance books are probably right up your alley. The dark & delightful series on this list feature everything from powerful sorcerers to irresistible vampires. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

10 Enthralling Paranormal Romance Series

Series Author First Books in Series
1. Ghost Gifts Laura Spinella Ghost Gifts Foretold
2. Regent Vampire Lords K.L. Kreig Surrendering Belonging
3. Kit Davenport Tate James The Vixen's Lead The Dragon's Wing
4. The Paranormal University Files: Skylar Vivienne Savage The Hidden Court The Scary Godmother
5. The Stone Warriors D. B. Reynolds Damian Kato
6. The Krinar Chronicles Anna Zaires Close Liaisons Close Obsession
7. The Houri Legends Jasinda Wilder Jack and Djinn Djinn and Tonic
8. Demon Blessed Nikki Sex Demon Blessed Demon Lost
9. The Four Horsemen LJ Swallow Legacy Bound
10. Maiden of Time Crystal Collier Moonless Soulless

8 Great Paranormal Romance Films

  1. Death Takes a Holiday (1934)
  2. Graveyard Shift (1987)
  3. Ghost (1990)
  4. Practical Magic (1998)
  5. Tuck Everlasting (2002)
  6. Warm Bodies (2013)
  7. Beautiful Creatures (2013)
  8. Vampire Academy (2014)

What Is Paranormal Romance?

In Depth

If you're a fan of romance, but are bored by typical boy-meets-girl stories, a twist of magic might be just what you need. Paranormal elements like demons, vampires, and other creatures of the night are a great way to spice up a love story. In no particular order, here are ten captivating paranormal romance series.

#1: "Ghost Gifts" by Laura Spinella. Aubrey is a talented writer who has the power to communicate with the dead. She keeps her ability a secret so she can have a "normal" life. Her editor assigns her the story of a murder case that happened 20 years ago. Levi, a journalist, is determined to get a scoop about the same subject. Aubrey has no choice but to work alongside the nosy reporter. As the two delve further and further into the case, Aubrey is forced to use her gift to solve the mystery.

#2: "Regent Vampire Lords" by K.L. Kreig. Kate's boring life turns upside down when she sees a woman asking for help in her dreams. She reports her visions to the police where Mike, the lead detective, takes her statement and probes into the details. She is unaware that Mike is a vampire who is the culprit behind the disappearance of many women. Mike knows that Kate is destined to be his wife, and he uses his charm to make her fall for him.

She reports her visions to the police where Mike, the lead detective, takes her statement and probes into the details.

#3: "Kit Davenport" by Tate James. Kit is known as the best and the most popular thief in the world. When she finally gets caught, she is rescued by a group of secret agents. These people want to know who she really is, and where she comes from. They also want to learn how they can use her for their missions. The group is composed of men who are seductively gorgeous, which is too much for Kit to handle. Despite their obvious sex appeal, the protagonist needs to be careful not to fall into their trap.

#4: "The Paranormal University Files" by Vivienne Savage. Skylar gets accepted into a school of wizardry, despite not coming from a noble family. While she is in her first year, she discovers different issues hounding the university. Students are getting murdered and vampires have started to attack the cities. She knows the perpetrator behind all the chaos, but the school administrators don't believe her. Together with her handsome classmate, she goes on a journey to stop the killer, before another victim goes missing.

#5: "The Stone Warriors" by D.B. Reynolds. Casey has a magical gift which she uses in her treasure hunting exploits. Damian, on the other hand, is one of the legendary warriors of a powerful sorcerer. Together with his brothers in arms, Damian was cursed and banished from his world for centuries. Thanks to Casey, he is now free and wants to rescue his fellow warriors. With a beautiful and powerful magician by his side, he plans to exact vengeance on the sorcerer who trapped them in darkness and obscurity.

Together with his brothers in arms, Damian was cursed and banished from his world for centuries.

#6: "The Krinar Chronicles" by Anna Zaires. Mia is not bothered by rumors about an alien race starting to invade other countries. People around her say that the Krinars are like vampires with incredible strength and speed, and jaw-dropping physique. Mia doesn't believe them until she meets Korum, the charming leader of the Krinar. He abducts Mia and takes her to his ship. The protagonist needs to free herself, her family, and her people from the claws of foreign invaders.

#7: "The Houri Legends" by Jasinda Wilder. Miriam is a woman who suffers from constant beating and emotional torture from her partner. She wants to get out of her hellish life, but Ben will not let her. The rage that she feels whenever Ben beats her makes her body catch fire. Afraid that her power might destroy her or her boyfriend, she tries to contain it. One day, she meets Jack, a sweet and handsome guy who is not bothered by her mysterious ability. Jack helps Miriam set herself free from her partner's abusive grasp.

#8: "Demon Blessed" by Nikki Sex. Janice has a demon inside her that she needs to feed with casual sex. She works as a detective, where she uses her psychic abilities to communicate with ghosts, vampires, and werewolves. Things go crazy when the devil trapped in her body gets emotionally attached to her latest sexual fling.

Things go crazy when the devil trapped in her body gets emotionally attached to her latest sexual fling.

#9: "The Four Horsemen" by L.J. Swallow. Vee is an ordinary teenager who accidentally hits a stranger while driving. To her surprise, the man does not die. She discovers that the guy is in fact Death himself, who reveals a secret that will change her life forever. Death is a member of the Four Horsemen, and Vee is their fifth member. As the protagonist joins the team, she finds all the members irresistibly sexy. Now that they are reunited, they join forces to keep the world safe from a looming apocalypse.

#10: "Maiden of Time" by Crystal Collier. Alexia is not pretty enough to get noticed by any man in her town. One night, she mysteriously transforms into a beautiful lady. She meets Kiren, a handsome blue-eyed fellow, and falls in love with him. She then learns that she is not human, but a monster, and that she has the potential to be extremely dangerous. To make things more complicated, the leader of the Soulless group is after her. Alexia needs to keep her family and Kiren safe, before the Soulless capture her and make her their queen.