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Last Updated: July 18, 2017 by Jordan Melcher

What You Need To Know About Accountable2You

Accountable2You is internet accountability software with an emphasis on real-time habit management. It can send out instant text alerts to your accountability partners. The software is easy to install on any number of devices. It’s compatible with Apple, Windows, and Android operating systems. It can even run within Chrome and Linux. You can also assign specific partners to individual devices. That way, your daughter can have her own accountability friend who won’t see what your habits look like. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Accountable2You provides your accountability partners with comprehensive tools. Like most accountability services, Accountable2You sends out weekly activity reports. Urges can arrive at any time, however. In addition to weekly reports, the software will send out text alerts of highly questionable activity. This will allow your accountability partner to contact you immediately if you begin to slip. All questionable activity also generates hourly reports that your partners can see through the online dashboard.

Families benefit greatly from using Accountable2You. If you have children, you can assign yourselves as their accountability partners. This allows you to track their internet usage across devices. It will also let you set time limit hours. During these time ranges, any activity will show as questionable. This can help you manage your family’s screen time. It might even get them to read a book or go outside instead.

Accountable2You uses a keyword system to judge activity. The software has its own built-in catalogue of keywords. These trigger the system to regard a site as potentially explicit or otherwise unsavory. It’s a more comprehensive solution than a simple blacklist. You can add words to the catalogue of objectionable keywords on your account. If you want to see a report generated every time your child reads Breitbart or Democracy Now, you can.

Accountable2You offers GPS tracking. You can use the GPS systems in mobile devices to track users. This is particularly useful for parents. As your child grows and explores his or her world, you can make sure they’re safe. Like a handful of features within the software, GPS tracking is only available on certain operating systems. As the company grows, these gaps are likely to close. The most popular features are available on Android and Apple iOS.

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