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Last Updated: July 19, 2017 by Daniel Imperiale

Our time spent online is valuable. If we spend it wisely, we can get smarter, more capable, and even more fulfilled. If we spend it unwisely, we can develop habits that could endanger our relationships in the real world. Internet accountability software leverages the power of community to ensure we spend our internet hours in health and happiness. It can also ensure that your children begin to develop positive habits from an early age.

Internet accountability software isn’t necessarily about policing content. Some software systems include blocking capabilities to keep you away from dangerous or pornographic material. For the most part, however, there is a focus on your relationship with your accountability partner.

You may be tempted to visit questionable sites or search for explicit things online. If you do any of these things, your internet accountability software will take note of it. These notes compile into weekly reports. Some services even send instant emails or texts to alert your partners about dangerous behavior. The idea is for you to engage with another person about your problems. That way, you don’t have to face them alone.

Internet accountability software is all about relationships. Your relationship with your accountability partner is the best chance you’ve got at overcoming online addictions. These friends and family members know you best. They can be your lifeline. All they need is a little information, and this software can provide it. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

Our #1 Pick Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is internet accountability software designed for individuals and families. It can help curb addictive behaviors on the internet. It also serves to protect your children from mature content. You can set up site-specific blocks to patrol usage. The software also provides comprehensive reports. You can see what sites were visited and when. There’s also an emphasis on interpersonal accountability.

Covenant Eyes can help keep you protected from pornography and other addictive material. If you struggle with unhealthy internet habits, Covenant Eyes can provide support. When you sign up, you install the software on your devices. It monitors your internet usage. Those reports get sent off to a trusted accountability partner. There is no limit on how many accountability partners you can have. Between the two of you, you can talk about your usage. This can help put your behavior in perspective. It’s also a great way to overcome the shame associated with addiction.

Covenant Eyes offers unique user profiles. If you’re trying to protect your family, this is a must. You can set up profiles simply to track everybody’s individual usage. Each profile generates its own report. You can also add blocks to your children’s profiles. This will keep them off of unsavory sites. It will also show up on their report if they try to reach a website they shouldn’t. A family report review is a great opportunity to discuss matters of access, censorship, and accountability.

Net Nanny is a highly powerful platform for parents to control what their children are seeing and doing on the web. It doesn't just manage the time kids spend on the web. It also helps prevent cyberbullying, monitors cell phone activity, masks profanity, and blocks access to pornography. How intensely you choose to use it is up to you. Its suite of tools is accessible on most operating systems, either via web browser or mobile app. No matter where you are, you can stay connected and plugged-in to what your child is doing.

According to Net Nanny's statistics, over 80 percent of children will see inappropriate content online by the time they are 11. They use a variety of methods to combat this. For one, they allow you to control what your children have access to. Aside from the sites within their recommended blacklist categories, you can restrict access to any sites or content of your choosing.

Net Nanny is highly customizable. It offers packages for parents in search of all levels of protection for their children. Because it works on all platforms, you can be sure your child isn't accessing unsafe or inappropriate content on any of their devices. It evaluates web content in context. This ensures your child has access to what they need without exposing them to sensitive material. It can be programmed to issue warnings when your child is entering certain websites, rather than restricting access altogether.

Accountable2You is internet accountability software with an emphasis on real-time habit management. It can send out instant text alerts to your accountability partners. The software is easy to install on any number of devices. It’s compatible with Apple, Windows, and Android operating systems. It can even run within Chrome and Linux. You can also assign specific partners to individual devices. That way, your daughter can have her own accountability friend who won’t see what your habits look like.

Accountable2You provides your accountability partners with comprehensive tools. Like most accountability services, Accountable2You sends out weekly activity reports. Urges can arrive at any time, however. In addition to weekly reports, the software will send out text alerts of highly questionable activity. This will allow your accountability partner to contact you immediately if you begin to slip. All questionable activity also generates hourly reports that your partners can see through the online dashboard.

Families benefit greatly from using Accountable2You. If you have children, you can assign yourselves as their accountability partners. This allows you to track their internet usage across devices. It will also let you set time limit hours. During these time ranges, any activity will show as questionable. This can help you manage your family’s screen time. It might even get them to read a book or go outside instead.

Additional Options

Our #4 Pick X3 Watch

X3 Watch is internet accountability software with available tools for self-improvement. You can share a single activity tracker with your spouse or your whole family. This is designed to foster conversations about online responsibility. The company also offers online video workshops. These can help you navigate the software. They can also help you find your way through the challenges of addiction.

Our #5 Pick Ever Accountable

Ever Accountable is a simple but effective internet accountability system. The software is easy to install and use. It’s available to run on most of your devices. The reports that the software generates are clear and thorough. They make it easy for you and your partner to get a clear view of your usage. On some devices, you can disable tracking for certain apps. So long as you and your accountability partner agree on it.

Our #6 Pick Lion

Lion is an accountability browser app for iOS devices. It’s available for your iPhone and iPad. It works just like any other browser. It also has the added element of accountability contacts. When you visit an explicit website, the software tracks it. These pings compile on a weekly report sent out to an accountability partner. This will allow you to put together a sense of your habits with a pair of fresh eyes.

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