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Last Updated: July 19, 2017 by Sheila O'Neill

What You Need To Know About Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is internet accountability software designed for individuals and families. It can help curb addictive behaviors on the internet. It also serves to protect your children from mature content. You can set up site-specific blocks to patrol usage. The software also provides comprehensive reports. You can see what sites were visited and when. There’s also an emphasis on interpersonal accountability.

Covenant Eyes can help keep you protected from pornography and other addictive material. If you struggle with unhealthy internet habits, Covenant Eyes can provide support. When you sign up, you install the software on your devices. It monitors your internet usage. Those reports get sent off to a trusted accountability partner. There is no limit on how many accountability partners you can have. Between the two of you, you can talk about your usage. This can help put your behavior in perspective. It’s also a great way to overcome the shame associated with addiction.

Covenant Eyes offers unique user profiles. If you’re trying to protect your family, this is a must. You can set up profiles simply to track everybody’s individual usage. Each profile generates its own report. You can also add blocks to your children’s profiles. This will keep them off of unsavory sites. It will also show up on their report if they try to reach a website they shouldn’t. A family report review is a great opportunity to discuss matters of access, censorship, and accountability.

You can use Covenant Eyes on multiple devices. We use more than just our computers for internet access. That’s why you can install Covenant Eyes on any mobile device, as well as any laptop or desktop computer. Wherever you go online, you can maintain your accountability. Since you sign in with your unique user name, your reports will remain intact.

Access to your Covenant Eyes account varies by device. There is a handy browser replacement for Safari that you can install directly on your iPhone. This will allow you to stay signed in and reduce the temptation to cheat the software. Some of the dedicated tracking apps are a bit buggy. This is especially true for Android users. iOS devices and personal computers deploy their software very smoothly.

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