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What You Need To Know About Ever Accountable

Ever Accountable is a simple but effective internet accountability system. The software is easy to install and use. It’s available to run on most of your devices. The reports that the software generates are clear and thorough. They make it easy for you and your partner to get a clear view of your usage. On some devices, you can disable tracking for certain apps. So long as you and your accountability partner agree on it.

Ever Accountable fosters accountability in your relationship. A lot of services let you set up an accountability partner, and that’s it. There’s no guarantee that your partner will know how to handle a crisis situation. Or even just day-to-day habit maintenance. That’s why Ever Accountable offers free accountability partner training. After you sign someone up as your partner, they will receive a 7-day training course to get them up to speed. This will help them help you.

Ever Accountable offers plans for individuals and families. If you’re the only one whose activity needs to be monitored, you can sign up for an individual plan. A family plan increases the number of devices on which you can actively use the software. That makes it easy to track the activity of a family of any size. If you have any kids in the home, you can set yourself as one of their accountability partners. That way, you can see the complete reports generated by the system.

Reporting in Ever Accountable contains all activity. Some services only provide you with the activity they deem questionable. Ever Accountable can show you everything, including app usage. It can show you time spent on each web page, as well as search bar contents. To ensure an easy-to-read report, Ever Accountable prominently flags questionable behavior.

Ever Accountable can track a variety of activities. These are somewhat dependent on the device in use. Android users get complete app tracking. Apple iOS devices are limited to tracking through a dedicated web browser. That means questionable apps on an iPhone can sneak by an accountability partner. Fortunately, a well-trained partner will go far beyond the content of a report to nurture you toward better habits.

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