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Last Updated: July 14, 2017 by Jordan Melcher

What You Need To Know About X3 Watch

X3 Watch is internet accountability software with available tools for self-improvement. You can share a single activity tracker with your spouse or your whole family. This is designed to foster conversations about online responsibility. The company also offers online video workshops. These can help you navigate the software. They can also help you find your way through the challenges of addiction.

X3 Watch works across your devices. The software is available for Android and Apple iOS users. It can also run on PCs. You can install it on desktop and laptop computers, as well as mobile devices. All of your activity consolidates into a single report. That makes device management much easier. You won’t have to log out of the software or switch users every time a new person logs into the family computer.

Reporting can happen in an instant. X3 Watch has the ability to send instant alerts to your accountability partners. If you attempt to visit an explicit website, an email will automatically go out. That gives your partner the opportunity to reach you and prevent you from spiraling out of control. Automatic emails can also go out if you attempt to change account settings or even uninstall the software. Your reporting history can show you activity for up to two months past.

X3 Watch has simple blocking capabilities. You can blacklist any sites you don’t want to visit. This will keep you from gaining any access. You can temporarily disable these blocks. This is useful if certain sites, like news sites, are blocked to protect your young children. You still may want to read up on the latest news. If you disable a block, even if it was intended only for your kids, a report will instantly go out to your partner. This will ensure that your activity is above board.

X3 Watch is constantly evolving. The system pays attention to your usage. It does a great job looking out for dangerous, potentially triggering content. This can help you avoid disaster. Having only a single profile for an entire week of family internet usage can make for some long, confusing reports. Since these reports only show questionable activity, they’ll get easier to read as your behavior improves.

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