5 Associations Championing Medical Professionals

As health and wellness needs evolve, doctors across the globe are constantly facing new challenges. Thankfully, there are organizations working to support and advocate for all kinds of healthcare workers. Here, listed in no particular order, are several groups working to help those who help others.

First up, at #1, we have the Association of Independent Doctors. Founded in 2013 by two Florida-based CPAs, the national nonprofit voices the concerns and interests of self-employed medical professionals. The group believes that the trend of private practices consolidating with hospitals has a negative impact on patients.

AID also pushes for increased price transparency, the elimination of facility fees, and a move toward site-neutral payments. In addition, the group works to enforce antitrust laws and stop non-profit hospitals from abusing their tax-exempt status.

Entering the list at #2 is the California Medical Association. Founded in 1856 by a handful of physicians, the organization works toward the promotion of medicine, the protection of public health, and the betterment of doctors and patients in the state.

Dedicated to empowering physicians to lead and transform the health care system, the group provides its members with comprehensive practice tools, services, and support, including legislative, legal, regulatory, economic, and social advocacy.

At #3, we have the American Veterinary Medical Association, which can trace its origins back to 1863. The organization represents a diverse group of passionate animal-care experts and aims to protect, promote, and advance a strong unified profession that meets the needs of society.

The group provides educational accreditation and certification programs that protect and elevate the quality of veterinary care. The association also educates the public on various important actions that are being taken to improve animal and human health.

Coming in at #4 is the British Association for Holistic Medicine and Healthcare. This group is focused on supporting an inclusive community of healthcare professionals and educating both doctors and the public about the principles of compassionate practice.

Previously known as the British Holistic Medical Association, the group helps communities build resilience and focus on well-being, and provides doctors and nurses who are at a higher risk of burnout with much-needed support. The organization also strives to ensure that the modern system works for the 3 P's, which stand for Practitioner, Patient, and Planet.

Finally, at #5, we have the American Medical Women’s Association, which was founded by Dr. Bertha Van Hoosen in Chicago. Committed to the advancement of professional status and the improvement of health, the organization has been pushing for equity for decades, helping its members realize their full potential.

The association is composed of physicians, residents, medical and pre-med students, health care professionals, and supporters, who come together to ensure excellence in their work. Through their collective efforts, they form one unified voice to advocate for the advancement of women in medicine.