5 Dedicated Groups Working To End Human Trafficking

The practice of human trafficking is devastating to its victims. Many organizations work to prevent this crime through advocacy and awareness, and also do whatever is necessary to support survivors. This list, in no particular order, shares some nonprofits fighting for a world without human trafficking.

Kicking off our list at #1 is Shared Hope International, an organization that strives to prevent the conditions that foster sex trafficking, restore victims of sex slavery, and bring justice to vulnerable women and children. It equips first responders and community members to identify warning signs of trafficking and employ intervention techniques to rescue child victims.

The organization also creates and promotes various digital campaigns that raise the alarm in communities about this harmful practice. In addition, it manages the Pathbreaker Award, which honors individuals and leaders who break the trend of inaction and initiate proactive responses to prevent sex trafficking.

For #2, we have the Human Trafficking Legal Center, based in Washington, DC. This nonprofit works to create a bridge between survivors and pro bono legal representation, with the ultimate goal of holding traffickers accountable for their crimes through civil litigation and criminal restitution.

The Human Trafficking Legal Center aims to gain compensation for survivors so that they can reclaim their lives. It also conducts research and maintains a database on related federal civil cases; with other groups, it promotes policy reform that will end trafficking.

Coming in at #3, we present United Against Human Trafficking. This organization is dedicated to ending human trafficking by preventing exploitation, educating the community, and empowering survivors. It is based in Houston, Texas.

Through educational trainings, the nonprofit works to prepare professionals, first responders, and community members to recognize and address human trafficking situations. It also produces a podcast meant to teach people how to break down the systems that enable trafficking to flourish.

Up next, at #4, we have the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, one of the oldest international organizations working to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls. Through an approach rooted in human rights principles, it advocates for strong laws and policies to end this practice.

The Coalition runs various campaigns meant to raise awareness about the practice of trafficking and sexual exploitation. In addition, it uses these campaigns to mobilize the public to urge policymakers, organizations, and influencers to protect and respect the human rights of all women and girls.

Last but not least, at #5, we have Freedom Network USA. This organization is dedicated to a human rights-based approach to trafficking. It believes that protecting the rights of each individual survivor is the only path to restoring their dignity and giving them the opportunity they deserve to pursue a better life.

The nonprofit's Survivor Reentry Project focuses on criminal record relief for victims of human trafficking and works to build sustainable post-conviction representation practices across the country. The Freedom Network Training Institute is a learning resource for professionals in the human trafficking field. It provides in-person and online workshops, fact sheets, tools, and templates based on a trauma-informed approach.