5 Dedicated Organizations Working Toward Fairer Elections

Corruption of the American electoral system is a frequent topic of debate and a fear for many citizens. However, there are groups working to fix these issues and protect citizens' rights. In no particular order, here are five organizations striving to protect the integrity of American elections.

First up at #1 is Issue One, a cross-partisan organization working to usher in a new era of reform. Issue One helps move legislation through Congress by building bipartisan support and cooperation with the end goal of fixing our broken political system.

In 2020, the organization created the Fix the System coalition, a diverse partnership of grassroots groups, business leaders, and national organizations with different political affiliations. The coalition uses its broad industry reach and connections on Capitol Hill to work on fixing the American political apparatus and safeguarding democracy.

Next up at #2 is The Center for Election Science. This nonpartisan nonprofit organization advocates for better voting methods by providing information on issues currently affecting the American electoral system. The group's website connects visitors to resources and volunteer opportunities in order to encourage them to take action.

The organization's main emphasis is on promoting the method of approval voting, a system that lets people vote for multiple candidates. This allows voters to show support for minor political parties aligned with their values, while at the same time casting a vote for their preferred candidate in one of the two major parties.

#3 is Maine Citizens for Clean Elections. Founded in 1995, it seeks to break the ties between wealthy special interest groups and the state's elected leaders. The organization works to ensure that Maine’s government, elections, and campaign finance laws all serve the public interest.

Candidates who voluntarily choose to participate in Maine's Clean Election system receive an equal and limited amount of public funds with which to run their campaigns. This system allows anyone with enough community support to run for office, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

At #4 is Fair Fight. Based in the state of Georgia, this organization was founded by Stacey Abrams after the state's 2018 election. Fair Fight promotes equitable elections by encouraging participation and educating voters about their rights.

The nonprofit supports voter protection programs around the country and also engages in partnerships to elect leaders who support voting rights. In a historic 2019 lawsuit against the Georgia Secretary of State and the Board of Elections, Fair Fight challenged Georgia’s unconstitutional policies in order to pave the way for free and fair elections in the future.

Last up at #5 is Common Cause in Wisconsin, a nonpartisan, nonprofit citizen's lobby that is working towards an open, responsive, and accountable government. Each year, the organization holds events and public meetings with political reform coalition partners, focusing on voting rights and redistricting reform in Wisconsin.

Common Cause in Wisconsin strives to ensure that all eligible voters have a say in their government, fighting against the practice of gerrymandering. The organization provides information on voter registration to the public, making sure that everyone who is eligible to vote has the opportunity to do so.