5 Dogged Investigation Services

The skills of a private investigator can prove useful to those in need of hard-to-find information, from concerned individuals whose relatives have disappeared, to corporations looking to crack down on fraud. The companies listed here, in no particular order, provide professional intelligence services for clients seeking to uncover wrongdoing or identify risks.

We'll open at #1 with PInow, a network of local, pre-screened, and professional private investigators. Its free database lets users search by location and investigation type, with options like uncovering infidelity or sweeping property for covert surveillance devices. The company also provides a wealth of information to help potential clients understand what's involved in hiring an investigator, such as typical costs or the types of services available.

PInow provides resources for professionals as well as prospective customers, with articles on subjects such as effective traffic accident photography, the legality of citizen's arrests, and the latest in counter-surveillance technology. Its free email newsletter caters to working investigators, offering a roundup of advice on the business and ethics of private detective work. Members receive benefits like custom websites and assistance in locating new opportunities.

Up next at #2 is Precise Investigation, an Australian company providing detective services for both individuals and corporate clients. This firm's work ranges from digging into insurance claims to providing evidence of domestic abuse, with capabilities including digital forensics, data recovery, and skip tracing. The company also offers preventative screening options for clients interested in discovering potential malfeasance before any damage is done.

Commercial entities hire Precise Investigation for tasks such as process serving or detecting corporate espionage, as well as uncovering workplace violations like bullying, sexual harassment, and misuse of company resources. The firm's blog offers insider perspectives on topics including investigative equipment or tracking missing persons, as well as notable stories from the profession's history.

Entry #3 is Interfor International, a global firm offering investigative and security consulting services to the legal, corporate, and financial communities. Many of its employees have been associated with government intelligence and defense agencies, and its research division supports investigators with state-of-the art technological tools. Interfor's areas of expertise include uncovering hidden assets and assessing business partners for possible fraud.

Interfor provides clients with expertise in physical and digital asset protection, helping companies identify vulnerabilities, prevent data breaches, and assess public sentiment for risk factors. The firm shares educational webinars regarding best practices for safeguarding online information. Its blog discusses the latest trends in technology, security, and cyber crime.

At #4 is Nardello & Co., an investigative firm recognized by the legal publisher Chambers & Partners as a top tier litigation support provider. This company's offerings include forensic accounting, political risk assessment, and corporate due diligence. Its portfolio features extensive work in anti-corruption investigation, including uncovering bribery by pharmaceutical company employees and clearing a client of improper dealings overseas.

"This company's offerings include forensic accounting, political risk assessment, and corporate due diligence."

Nardello & Co. is experienced at supporting corporate legal defense, with past successes such as the discovery of damaging information about a star witness, or refuting allegations of evidence destruction. It has also helped to expose white-collar criminals, investigate digital security breaches, and assess threat risks from disgruntled employees. The company has a global reach, and shares insights about world politics, corporate intelligence, and business best practices.

Closing the list at #5 is Brosnan Risk Consultants, a firm offering expertise in protection, investigation, and intelligence for the private and public sectors. In addition to professional security services, this company helps to proactively identify and mitigate hazards with capabilities like employee background screening. The Brosnan Command Center analyzes data from numerous sources including mobile cameras and government agencies, to provide actionable intelligence for field employees.

Investigative services from Brosnan include forensic accounting, locating missing persons, and acquiring evidence for litigation. The firm offers corporate counterintelligence to safeguard proprietary business information, as well as expert data recovery from sources such as computers, network servers, and mobile devices. The Brosnan Innovation Lab supports the company's work by developing technological tools for spotting threats and uncovering malicious activity.