5 Groups Improving The Lives Of Kids With Disabilities

Living with a disability, whether seen or unseen, can be difficult, both for the person in question and for their family members. Luckily, several organizations exist that seek to make the world a more inclusive, supportive place for those with physical or psychological needs not met by our society. In no particular order, here are some groups doing outstanding work for the disabled.

At #1, we have Variety - the Children's Charity. Initially founded by several theater owners and showmen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1927, the organization provides kids with disabilities many tools to make their lives more comfortable, such as communication devices and adaptive bikes and strollers.

Variety also runs programs that promote social interaction and inclusion; these events are meant to help children discover opportunities for the future, while letting them experience the joy of being a kid.

We have Understood at #2. This non-profit organization has been around since 2014, and provides information meant to help families address the emotional and mental health of kids with learning difficulties such as ADHD, dyslexia, and dyscalculia.

Understood strives to provide its community with the right tools needed to develop a child's capacity to learn and thrive. The organization also has programs for educators, young adults, and working-age Americans with disabilities.

Up at #3 is Northwest Center. Founded in 1965 by parents of children with developmental disabilities, it provides an inclusive environment in which families can enroll in individualized programs that focus on education, advocacy, therapy, and support.

In line with its goal of promoting growth, development, and independence, Northwest Center also provides employment services to adults with disabilities, including vocational training, job placement, and more.

Taking the #4 spot is Canines for Disabled Kids, which was founded in 1998. This non-profit organization helps connect children with a service dog that can assist them overcome limitations brought about by autism, hearing impairment, and other physical disabilities.

CDK provides scholarships for canine training to encourage service dog partnerships. The organization also maintains educational programs and events to promote understanding and awareness about disabilities throughout the community.

Finally, we have Brockton Area Multi-Services, Inc., at #5. Founded in 1975, this private, non-profit organization aims to help children with physical, emotional, or cognitive conditions that may result in developmental delays.

BAMSI provides early intervention assessments to children up to 3 years of age. It also offers speech, language, occupational, and physical therapy, and has programs for adults with related conditions.