5 Helpful Companies Specializing In Talent Acquisition

Recruiting and hiring can be some of the most difficult aspects of running a business. Resumes and interviews can only tell you so much about a prospective candidate, and when a decision needs to be made quickly, it can feel like a stab in the dark. Fortunately, there exists a number of helpful recruiting agencies and talent acquisition tools available to help employers find and secure the right person for the job. In no particular order, this list explores companies offering excellent human resources services.

Starting off our list at #1, Business Talent Group aims to deliver highly curated independent consultants, vetted to meet the client's needs. The group employs a proprietary private project bidding platform that is designed to make the best connections between contractors and those hiring.

BTG offers services across industries, including insurance, hospitality and leisure, and energy, sustainability, and clean technology. The group's network of consultants, subject matter experts, operators, and executives hail from Big Three consulting firms, boutique and specialty corporations, and Fortune 500 companies, among other professional backgrounds.

#2 is AmazingHiring, a web application developed for companies to easily source and hire qualified software and QA engineers, data scientists, user experience and user interface designers, and other technical specialists across social networks and professional communities.

Founded by professional IT recruiter Sergey Dmitrichenko in 2011, the company's original platform brings together functions including search, prospect management, messaging, and data enrichment. Clients can make use of the database directly, or, alternatively, can employ AmazingHiring to curate a shortlist of pre-screened candidates.

The #3 position is held by Syft. It is a UK-based recruiting platform that enables hospitality, events, industrial, retail, and facilities management businesses to hire staff on-demand or ahead of time. CEO Jack Beaman was inspired to co-found the company by his own experiences navigating the often antiquated systems available for temporary employment.

Employers booking temp staff through Syft pay no upfront fees, but are instead charged a percentage of the staff pay plus the national insurance contribution. Clients can browse worker profiles, list specific shift requirements, and build a pool of trusted users.

For #4, we have People G2, which calls itself a "human capital due diligence service." Modeling itself on military intelligence, the company performs extensive investigations into the lives of potential employees and tenants for bosses and landlords, including drug tests and social media screening.

For employers, it offers background checks that accommodate the many different ways organizations might discover and ensure the best fit in their hiring processes. There are also additional screening services tailored specifically to executive hires.

Closing out our list at #5, Oleeo describes its mission as helping companies attract, engage, and hire qualified and diverse teams. The group has developed a "Recruitment Enablement" platform that offers automated solutions to complex issues of human resources.

The Oleeo platform is built around prescriptive recommendations, mapping the skills of qualified talent and offering precise suggestions for recruiters, accelerating the time to hire. The tool can be used by employers across a variety of industries, including finance, policing, and healthcare.