5 Helpful Resources For Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits provide essential services to many struggling communities. However, the organizations themselves often face difficulties from lack of resources or funding. Fortunately, there are several companies currently working to solve this problem and get these organizations the help they need. In no particular order, here are some businesses dedicated to aiding nonprofits so that they may continue to better the world.

Starting off the list at #1 is BitGive. Founded in 2013, it works to bridge the gap between innovative technology and its practical applications for nonprofits and humanitarian work in the developing world. To do this, the company leverages the power of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to facilitate a faster and more secure process for moving funds all around the world.

BitGive's signature offering, GiveTrack, is a donation platform that provides transparency and accountability to donors by sharing financial information and direct project results in real time. BitGive has been featured in EconoTimes, the Chicago Tribune, and Forbes magazine, among many other publications.

Coming in at #2 is Network for Good, an all-in-one donor management and fundraising software. The company's system contains built-in segmentation filters, custom fundraising pages, and personalized acknowledgements, making it easier for nonprofits to raise money.

The company also offers fundraising coaching. Nonprofits can pick from an extensive network of professionals in order to find someone that understands the specific size, stage, and structure of their organizations.

#3 is the Taproot Foundation, which connects organizations focused on social change with passionate business professionals who share their expertise at no charge. The goal is to help nonprofits that are understaffed and don't have enough resources so they can take on the issues of their communities.

Taproot provides access to the marketing, strategy, H.R., and I.T. resources that these organizations need in order to be effective. This way, nonprofits get the support they need and companies can invest in their local communities.

At #4 is the J.M. Kaplan Fund. Established in 1945, it champions social, environmental, and cultural causes through inventive grant-making. The Fund launched the J.M.K. Innovation Prize in 2015 to provide early-stage support for entrepreneurs with twenty-first-century solutions to urgent social challenges.

The literary program Furthermore gives grants to support the publication of nonfiction books concerning art, history, and the environment. Once a year, the organization gives the Alice Award to a richly illustrated book that makes a valuable contribution to its field and demonstrates a high standard of production.

Last up at #5 is Give Lively, which provides free fundraising software to any nonprofit organization. Founded in 2015, the company knows that many of these organizations struggle to adapt to an increasingly technology-driven world. Meanwhile, the number of donors giving online has increased at an exponential rate. Give Lively's platform helps nonprofits take advantage of this shift towards online systems.

Give Lively's overall aim is to reduce nonprofits' reliance on for-profit tech. The company's founders have pledged to never charge nonprofits for the use of the platform and instead cover the cost of running the business out of their own pockets.