5 Innovative Companies Building Virtual Experiences

Technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our modern world. From gaming to retail and everything in between, individuals and corporations alike have grown to rely on the newest innovations to make life and business more efficient, fun, and interesting. Whether you're a gamer, an entrepreneur, or simply interested in science, here, in no particular order, are some creative groups that are offering users exciting new ways to engage with technology.

In the #1 spot on our list, Bizzabo is an all-in-one event planning solution designed to help people create successful, well-organized events. The platform allows users to create a professional-looking website and communicate with attendees, and also helps to simplify the guest registration process.

Bizzabo was conceived in 2011, when founders Eran, Alon, and Boaz were working together on another project and attending a lot of events, which prompted the realization that there was a lack of connection between attendees. After months of working out of a family garage, the trio decided to launch the platform with the mission to make the event experience easier for organizers, guests, sponsors, and exhibitors.

Moving on to #2, End Space by Orange Bridge Studios is a first-person spaceship shooter game that brings virtual reality immersion to consoles such as Oculus Rift, Quest, PlayStation VR, and more. The game encourages players to maintain law and order at the edge of inhabited space while simultaneously completing increasingly difficult contracts for the United Trade Consortium.

The software was originally developed by Justin Wasilenko, a former forest fire fighter. End Space VR for Cardboard was the first game he ever created. Encouraged by its success on the platform, Wasilenko decided to continue development on the project and to expand its compatibility to other consoles.

Up next, at #3, Light Sail VR is a boutique creative studio that seeks to push the boundaries of immersive storytelling through the medium of virtual reality. This company specializes in creating content with compelling characters and interesting visuals for both brands and creators of all kinds.

Founders Robert Watts and Matthew Celia believe that how a person feels inside the VR world is the key to unlocking the true potential of the medium. To Watts and Celia, the technology and tools of VR are important, but at the core, the goal is to take the audience on an immersive journey.

Moving on to #4, Giant Army's Universe Sandbox is a physics-based space simulator that allows users to create, destroy, and interact with the universe on a large scale. The software merges gravity, climate, collision, and material interactions to reveal the complex intricacy of outer space.

Work on Universe Sandbox began in fall of 2011 and is continued by a growing team of developers, artists, and scientists. The simulator is available with tech support in more than 20 languages, and is continuously being updated to reflect new innovations in science and technology.

Lastly, at #5 on our list, Brightline Interactive is a team of creative technologists that designs, builds, and installs virtual reality experiences at events, permanent display areas, and simulation environments. This company has worked with corporations, brands, government entities, educational institutions, and more.

The group creates place-based digital interactive experiences for employees and consumers to better connect with companies. From the Super Bowl and the World Series to metropolitan storefronts and special events, these experiential marketing platforms are meant to be interactive, useful, and scalable.