5 Organizations Working To Understand & Treat Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues affect all kinds of people around the world, and can be caused by factors ranging from trauma to chemical imbalance. Fortunately, there are a number of organizations providing those who need help with treatment and a supportive environment. In no particular order, here are a few groups striving to improve the well-being of those in their care.

First up, at #1, is Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, a nationwide network of mental health professionals. Through partnerships with licensed clinicians and therapists, the organization provides in-office and online psychotherapy sessions to middle and low-income level clients.

Aside from counseling services, the group also offers a variety of online wellness courses that are divided into easy-to-digest lessons. Students can complete each portion of the program at their own pace. After finishing the course, participants have the option to acquire a certificate of completion, which Open Path guarantees will meet court requirements.

For #2, we have CHNK Behavioral Health. Founded in 1882, the organization started as a traditional orphanage. Eventually, it expanded its operations and became a provider of mental health and addiction treatment services for people of all ages. Aside from wellness programs, the group also hosts volunteer projects, fundraisers, and various social events for clients.

CHNK employs over 100 healthcare professionals, and it oversees three campuses in Northern Kentucky. Through these facilities, the foundation carries out care services aimed at prevention and intervention. One of these is an outpatient program, which offers treatment at home, in school, or in whatever environment works best for the client.

Next up at #3 is Mental Health Connecticut. Established in 1908 by Clifford W. Beers, the agency's goal is to create an environment that can support a person's long-term health and wellness. MHC works to accomplish this by closely working with families and communities.

Through its offices in Stamford, Bridgeport, Danbury, Waterbury, Torrington, and West Hartford, the group offers statewide residence-based services. These programs help adults with mental health conditions in environments where they are comfortable. Also, the organization has projects that are focused on eliminating homelessness and providing education and employment opportunities.

Coming in at #4 is Each Mind Matters, a movement based in California. The organization is composed of thousands of groups that are working together to improve mental health awareness. By removing the stigma associated with cognitive, behavioral, and emotional issues, the coalition intends to create a diverse community where mental health services are accessible to everyone.

The group spreads public awareness through promotional and educational materials. These come in various forms such as brochures, posters, DVDs, and clothes. Each Mind Matters also promotes social events that are geared toward building public understanding about the importance of overall health and wellness. Some of these include parades, seminars, contests, and awareness walks.

Finally, at #5, we have Buckelew Programs. The foundation assists adults and children who are struggling with behavioral challenges. Through services such as housing and employment support, outpatient counseling, and substance abuse treatment, the group helps individuals with mental health disorders achieve more independent lives. These services are available in various counties across the northern portion of California.

The organization also runs a crisis support hotline. Aside from people who are having thoughts of suicide, this service can be used by friends and family members who are worried about their loved ones' behaviors and conditions. Additionally, the group also holds consultation and training sessions that are focused on preventing suicide.