5 Providers Of Essential Film Industry Services

Making a film or television show from start to finish takes a village, or in some cases an entire city. Thankfully, there are talented, hardworking teams out there doing what it takes to bring a filmmaker's vision to life. From full-service studio lots to specialized boutique post-production facilities, here are, in no particular order, a few integral companies in the film industry.

Heading up the list at #1 is the Universal Studios Lot, a full-service production facility located in Los Angeles, with additional facilities in New York City and Chicago. The backlot provides sets such as European Street, the Chicken Ranch House, Falls Lake, and Western Street, with sound stages, rehearsal halls, and dressing rooms available.

The lot offers a multitude of services, such as an extensive costuming warehouse that provides designers, and a drapery department that offers manufacturing and installation of linens, rugs, or draperies. Post-production facilities provide cutting-edge equipment and rooms for clients as well as highly trained engineers. The company also offers lighting, sound, and graphic design as well as sign, paint, and metal shops to attend to any need a production may have.

In at #2, Boom Box Post is a boutique post-production sound studio with a focus on design. The company claims to be just as comfortable creating laser effects with the newest synthesizer app as it is setting up a vintage microphone to record a new vocal track. It was founded by Kate Finian and Jeff Shiffman, two sound designers who met while working at a studio in Los Angeles.

Boom Box Post provides an array of services such as sound effects design and editorial for dialogue, and Foley, the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to films, videos, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality. The company embraces both traditional methods, such as in-person recording, and cutting edge technology that creates everything digitally.

At #3 is Fox Renderfarm, a cloud rendering service provider with over 20 years' experience in the computer graphics industry. With professional services and industry-leading innovations, the company serves top VFX companies and animation studios from over 50 countries and regions.

The electricity for Fox Renderfarm's data center is completely generated by wind and water power in an effort to protect the environment. Located in a region with a dry climate and fairly low temperature means air conditioning units are rarely put to use, reducing its carbon footprint.

In the #4 spot is Big Film Design, a team of designers and digital artists who collaborate to bring creative visions and technical tools together to create movie magic. The company was born in 2001 as New York's first all-digital post-production house for motion pictures and television and is spearheaded by Randy Balsmeyer. He is an Emmy award winner for his work on Sesame Street and Between the Lions, done under his precursor company, Balsmeyer and Everett, Inc.

Big Film Design is known for VFX on projects such as The Adjustment Bureau, in which green screen was used to make Matt Damon appear to be riding a bus. For Gossip Girl's final season premiere, the company used digital effects to transport the cast to Tuscany, Dubai, and Monte Carlo. In Tower Heist, the team contributed over 80 visual effects shots to the film.

Last but not least, #5 is Moonshine Post-Production, a full-service post-production facility located in Atlanta, Georgia. Dailies, ADR recording, color correction, and VFX are just a few of the services provided. The company often provides post work for commercials, television broadcasts, and streaming services.

Moonshine was founded by Drew Sawyer, who began his professional life as a clam farmer, before getting a German education, then returning to his Georgia roots and becoming a post producer, working on everything from indie Sundance horror films to episodic television series.