5 Resources For The Modern Rental Industry

Renting a home or apartment offers more flexibility than long-term ownership. However, for both landlords and tenants, the process can be difficult , complicated by factors such as differing expectations, roommate compatibility, and neighborhood desirability. If you want to learn more about the many ways that people navigate this industry, then here, listed in no particular order, is a selection of resources for rental housing.

Coming in at #1 is Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. Based in Portland, EMO brings together diverse communities of faith to serve and advocate for the state's residents. This collaborative association was formally founded in 1974, and it strives to create a more equitable, compassionate world.

In support of its mission, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon runs a number of programs. Metro HomeShare, for example, works with housing providers, helping them turn unused spaces into affordable rentals, with the aim of creating a positive, empowering connection between new roommates. The Second Home program, a community-driven endeavor, enables volunteers to host students experiencing homelessness.

In the #2 spot is Silvernest. Based in Denver, this company runs a roommate-matching and house-sharing service. Geared toward older homeowners with spare rooms, it offers members a number of features, including housemate compatibility ranking, private in-app messaging, and built-in insurance coverage.

Active across the country, Silvernest has had particular success in cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. It strives to forge well-suited relationships between roommates and minimize the social isolation that sometimes accompanies growing older. In recognition of its work, the company has received coverage in outlets such as NPR and the Los Angeles Times.

At #3 is Movebubble, a London-based company that aims to provide renters with a simple and hassle-free way to secure housing. To this end, its mobile app allows users to browse properties, book viewings, and even view video tours of potential rentals.

With homes available in London and Manchester, the service has attracted more than a million renters. More broadly, the company also works to shed light on the renting process, publishing helpful resources on topics from credit scores and legal considerations to insurance and moving.

Coming in at #4 is RentHop. Using advanced data analysis, this company ranks apartment listings by quality, thus simplifying the rental process for its users. Based in New York, it maintains listings for properties in most major cities across the country, from Boston to Los Angeles.

In addition to helping people find housing, RentHop shares a number of informational guides and articles for renters, which offer advice on things such as broker fees and saving money. The company also publishes research findings, giving unique insight on, for example, restaurant health, neighborhood affordability, and budgeting for pets.

Last but not least, at #5 is IOTAS. Designed especially for rental properties, this service simplifies the process of managing and living in smart apartments. Through its mobile app, it gives residents digital control over a range of features, including lighting, outlets, and thermostats.

The IOTAS platform provides a number of benefits for property owners too, enabling them to arrange tours remotely, monitor vacant units, and stay on top of things like humidity and leaks. To offer a more comprehensive service, it has partnered with several other companies, including Honeywell, Jasco, and Kwikset.