5 Writers Inspiring Readers To Explore The World

World travel can be a powerful source of creative inspiration, providing opportunities to see breathtaking sights, encounter other cultures, and build self-confidence. Countless authors and essayists share stories and lessons from their journeys, and encourage readers to seek out new experiences for themselves. The following writers, presented in no particular order, offer advice and motivation for those interested in adventure.

Heading up the list at #1 is Ryan Pyle, a Toronto-born explorer, photographer, and writer. He has produced several books documenting his travels through Western China, with a particular focus on the mountains that the inhabitants revere as sacred places, while other works follow his motorcycle journeys around Asia and South America. Pyle also writes The Nomad, a column for the South China Morning Post that discusses the transformative effects of global travel.

Along with his writing and photography, Pyle produces television series showcasing extreme outdoor adventures from the deserts of Asia to the peaks of Eastern Europe. He documents cultural traditions and culinary practices from across the globe, and discusses travel and current events with expert guests on the Ryan Pyle Podcast. He offers lectures on exploration and visual storytelling, and has been profiled in outlets including Esquire and GQ China.

Next up at #2 is Jennifer Hazard, a writer sharing insights about food and travel. She is the author of The Maine Play Book, a guide to exploring her home state, with a special focus on adventures and activities for families. Hazard is also the creator of the award-winning blog Cute Potato, a record of shared journeys with her husband and children to picturesque natural settings and cultural attractions.

Hazard's essays and articles profile beautiful New England destinations such as the Debsconeag Ice Caves or Quoddy Head State Park, with reflections on the history and natural beauty that make the region unique. She provides readers with a local's perspective on the best places for dining, sightseeing, and outdoor fun, as well as recommending Maine-made goods and gifts.

#3 in our overview is Beth Jusino, the author of Walking to the End of the World, which describes her journey with her husband along the ancient European pilgrimage trails of the Camino de Santiago. Prior to this expedition, Jusino had no experience with backpacking or outdoor adventure, and the book offers a humorous look at her struggles and personal growth along the way.

Camino Times Two, Jusino's blog, expands on her book with snapshots of life on the trail, and advice for those considering walks of their own. It explores the meaning of pilgrimage and the way travelers and residents along the route offer generosity to strangers, as well as discussing the history, art, and architecture of the towns along the Camino. Jusino also offers her expertise to aspiring authors through classes, editing services, and her book The Author's Guide to Marketing.

Coming in at #4 is Tim Kroeger, creator of the Universal Traveller blog, a resource for those looking to combine adventure with luxury experiences. His articles introduce readers to boutique hotels like the KAI Hakone hot spring resort, and share advice on where to find outdoor activities from horseback riding to waterfall rappelling. Kroeger provides recommendations for those seeking out renowned sights like the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula or the glacier hikes of Iceland.

Universal Traveller provides guides to destinations from Germany to Morocco, with advice on dining, accommodations, and sightseeing. Kroeger shares tips for van campers and other road trip aficionados, along with advice on lifestyle topics like gift ideas and earning money while roaming the world. He's also the creator of the Universal Traveller Cycling Club, a resource for those interested in exploring new places by bike.

Wrapping up our rundown is #5, Karen Akpan, whose blog The Mom Trotter discusses budget travel tips, parenting, and homeschooling. She shares lessons learned from journeying around the world with her family, covering topics like planning hostel stays with kids and finding destinations with attractions for all ages. Akpan offers ideas for parents interested in turning exploration and vacation planning into teaching tools.

Akpan encourages parents with children of color to show their kids the world, recommending destinations that can expand their horizons and help them learn about black history. Together with her son Aiden, she founded the Black Kids Do Travel project, which provides inspiration, resources, and travel opportunities for families of color with an interest in adventure. Akpan also writes about her strategies for building self-confidence and nurturing a positive outlook in her children and herself.