6 Companies Engineering The Future Of Coffee

As technology advances, new and more efficient ways to roast and grind coffee beans are being developed, and professionals continue to explore creative ways to prepare and serve cups of java. In no particular order, here are some companies innovating and contributing to the ever-changing field of coffee preparation and distribution.

First up, at #1, we have Baratza. Founded in 1999 by Kyle Anderson and Kyra Kennedy, it designs, builds, and distributes precision burr coffee grinders that support an extensive range of brew methods. Its selection of home and commercial grinders each have varying benefits, and the company has published guides on which type is appropriate for different use cases.

Determined to reduce the amount of its equipment that potentially goes to landfills, the company refurbishes all grinders that have been returned by customers. In addition, it offers an easy way for customers to repair their grinders after the warranty has expired by providing simple instructions on its website, and by selling parts for both current and discontinued models.

Taking the #2 spot is Liquidline, a leading supplier of commercial coffee machines that provides innovative solutions for hot and cold beverages and vending machines to multiple industries across the UK. Its Distance Selection technology allows users to choose the drink they want without having any contact with the surface of the selection panel, adding both safety and hygiene to the process.

Liquidline has also partnered with JURA, a Swiss brand known for being a pioneer in the field of manufacturing automatic espresso machines. The company's Smart Connect app allows users to wirelessly operate and program JURA machines via their smartphones or tablets, and link up to various accessories.

Coming in at #3 is Whole Latte Love, a family-owned company founded in 1997 that is known for being one of the internet's leading home espresso machine retailers and a go-to source for everything coffee. The company offers several Preventative Maintenance Packages that aim to extend the longevity of its customers' machines and to help prevent the need for additional future repairs.

Its YouTube channel contains reviews, helpful tips, and technical guides that break down all things coffee and espresso in simple step-by-step videos. Whole Latte Love also has an online support wiki where users will find information such as machine descriptions, basic usage instructions, troubleshooting tips, manuals and diagrams, and hardware specifications.

Next up, at #4, we have Caffe Society. It is a family-run business with experience in the commercial sector, supplying coffee shop essentials to a wide variety of sites, ranging from small corner cafes to restaurants and guesthouses. Utilizing clients' designs, the company can build custom units to suit one's serving style and shop layout, with tailored packages that can include essentials such as an espresso machine and display cabinet, or other optional appliances.

The company offers barista training, which works to ensure that all attendees gain a fully comprehensive understanding of coffee and the subtle differences between drinks, as well as how to keep equipment clean for extra longevity. It also provides coffee machine repair services on-site or over the phone.

At #5 is the Higher Grounds Trading Company, which roasts fair trade and organic coffee direct from small-scale growers around the world. Its coffee bar and roastery are located in the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, where its baristas craft beverages by preparing and combining beans freshly-roasted on-site with other local, organic ingredients.

Most foundational courses offered by Higher Grounds are done in its cupping lab on a biweekly basis, with classes ranging from brewing methods to advanced latte art. New and existing cafe partners exclusively serving the company's coffee are also eligible for customized training packages tailored to their needs.

Taking the final spot at #6 is Urnex. Founded in 1936 to help roasters and brewers in Manhattan, it manufactures and distributes cleaning equipment for professional and household coffee machines. It aims to help cafes and other food service establishments by providing resources and advice on how to clean coffee equipment.

In addition to its own branded products, the company also works with manufacturers to develop custom formulations that are ideally suited for their specific needs. The Urnex Ambassador Program aims to educate others on the importance of clean coffee and espresso equipment, as well as to create a meaningful community of professionals.