6 Helpful Resources For Getting Kids Interested In STEM

A lifelong love of science, math, and technology begins at an early age, when kids are learning to tinker with their toys, beginning to question how things are made, and starting to use computers. In response, many companies make STEM-based projects and curricula sure to engage any curious young mind. This list, in no particular order, highlights a few producers of educational items focused on the sciences.

The #1 entry is Home Science Tools. This company produces hands-on STEM-based supplies and activities for students of all ages, primarily aimed at kids who are homeschooled. Its mission is to ignite a joy of learning science, and to ensure that every family can experience the wonder of discovering the world through this field.

Home Science Tools offers kits in a range of specializations, such as chemistry, biology, physics and engineering, and earth science. It also sells a variety of microscopes, intended for projects like studying bacteria and dissection. In addition, curriculum guides are available for parents or educators.

Coming in at #2, we have GoldieBlox, a media and entertainment company that uses storytelling to make STEM fun. It hopes to educate and empower young girls by creating content, toys, and resources that will help build their confidence in learning, and that will work to close the gender gap in STEM.

Using the GoldieBlox kits, kids can make mini purses, rainbow slime, string lights, grow crystals, and more. The group also provides activities like word searches, coloring books, and guides for scavenger hunts. Fast Forward Girls, the company's YouTube series, features young makers meeting women who demonstrate the impact STEM has had on their lives.

For #3, we present Project Scientist. This nonprofit's goal is to expose a diverse population of young girls to a STEM academy that will inspire confidence in their pursuit of learning throughout the year. When founder Sandy Marshall discovered the disadvantages that girls and women have in STEM majors and careers, she became committed to doing what she could to make a difference.

Through the organization's Project Scientist STEM Club, girls ages four to twelve can enjoy hands-on experiments and activities led by Project Scientist certified teachers, and receive a lab kit delivered to their home each month. Participants also receive access to an online community of mentors and like-minded girls.

Up next, at #4, is Robolink. Established in 2012 in San Diego, California, the company aims to encourage students to engage with STEM through its robotics kits, which kids can use to make drones, self-driving robots, remote controls, and much more.

Robolink also offers a range of online classes, including one-on-one sessions with an instructor for a more personalized approach, or group classes for students who want to be in a community of like-minded kids. The company also has virtual college counseling sessions with MIT alumni.

The #5 entry is Sphero. It makes programmable robots and STEAM-based educational tools that aim to transform the way kids learn, create, and invent through coding, science, music, and the arts. Among its projects for sale are the Sphero BOLT, an advanced programmable ball, and RVR, a mobile robot that can connect to a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Sphero has developed curriculum plans for educators. Its Computer Science Foundations program, for example, is aligned to various national and international benchmarks, including the Next Generation Science Standards. Meanwhile, the littleBits Code Kit is meant for at-home education, and teaches kids the basics of coding.

Last but not least, at #6, we get Genius Brands International. The company partners with award-winning creators and producers with the goal of distributing enriching programming to kids worldwide. One of its shows is Thomas Edison's Secret Lab, hosted by a cartoon version of the eponymous inventor. Through the program, children learn about robots and secret codes.

Genius sells a number of items related to its shows. For Thomas Edison's Secret Lab, it offers a slime-making kit, a robot-building set, and more. The company is based in Beverly Hills and has many Emmy-winning individuals on its staff.