6 Purveyors of Natural And Luxurious Self-Care Supplies

As more and more research reveals that some of the chemicals found in body and skin items can be harmful to one's health and the environment, many are turning to all-natural options. Several companies are utilizing organic oils, sustainable packaging, and plant-based ingredients to give buyers effective and ethical self-care moisturizers, cleansers, and more. In no particular order, this list looks at many makers of healthy and indulgent beauty lines.

At #1, we have Vitruvi, a company based in Vancouver. It makes and sells essential oils and accessories, such as diffusers and gua sha massage tools. Its line of blends includes solutions meant to assist customers in falling asleep, and features scents such as lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang, Roman chamomile, and Vetiver.

Vitruvi claims all of its essential oils are non-toxic and all-natural. The company was founded by siblings Sara and Sean Panton, who grew up in a small seaside community on Vancouver Island. Their stone diffuser's design is meant to be both functional and elegant, doubling as a simple piece of decor.

The #2 entry is Goddess Garden, a certified organic skincare company. Nova Covington initially created it for her daughter, whose dermis reacted poorly to conventional sunscreens and body products. All of its items are made onsite in Boulder County, Colorado, and feature recyclable packaging.

While Goddess Garden is known by many for its organic, reef-safe, non-nano sunscreen, it makes many other skincare goods, such as face serums, cleansers, and primers. The company also sells a line of aromatherapy items, including essential oils and bracelets designed with porous lava rocks, which capture and release scents gradually to the wearer.

Coming in at #3, we present Radha Beauty. Based in Aurora, Ohio, it specializes in skin and body care items. It strives to produce environmentally-responsible, organic, and cruelty-free goods. The company's best-selling offerings include Vitamin C serum, retinol moisturizer, and rosehip oil.

Radha also sells a line of oil-based haircare goods, such as masks that feature coconut and argan. Its aromatherapy line includes multiple diffusers and essential oils in scents such as rosemary, peppermint, and lavender. The company offers Himalayan salt lamps, which are purported to contain many minerals and trace elements.

Up next, at #4, we have NakedPoppy, an online shop selling chemical-free items for one's face and body. The company claims that every ingredient in everything it offers is rigorously evaluated for chemicals that might cause adverse health effects. It also promises that the goods are not tested on animals, and that it adheres to strict eco-friendly practices.

Buyers can complete a questionnaire to get personalized recommendations from the store. In addition to skincare, the company sells all-natural makeup, including lipsticks, mascaras, and eyeshadows. NakedPoppy and its founder, Jaleh Bisharat, have been featured in many press outlets, such as BeautyIndependent, Forbes, and The Cut.

The #5 entry is Kosmea, an Australian natural skincare company that focuses on the purported healing properties of certified organic rosehip oil. Marie Kapetanakis, its founder, discovered the benefits of this oil when making herself a face mask. She states that her company only uses high-quality, all-natural ingredients to produce its items.

Kosmea sells a range of skincare goods, including cleansers, exfoliators, masks, and serums. It has lines for men, new mothers, and babies, as well as a travel collection. The company has been featured in the media many times, in places such as Pure Beauty, Women's Fitness, and Elle.

Rounding out our list at #6 is Earth Science, which produces eco-friendly beauty and personal care items. Its anti-aging line includes serums and an eye cream that utilize Beta-Ginseng Complex. The Hydroxy Acid Night Rejuvenator, meanwhile, is designed to be used overnight to reveal younger-looking skin.

Earth Science sells a line of deodorants and lotions, and offers unscented varieties for buyers sensitive to smells. Its collection of Ceramide Complex hair care alleges to repair the cuticle and restore moisture for softer, smoother, and healthier locks.