7 Sources For Tasty Recipes You've Never Tried Before

Whether one is looking to follow the latest food trend, or is ready to prepare something exotic, there is a recipe database for every taste. From simple, one-pot dishes to gourmet plant-based meals, step-by-step directions may be found from a variety of blogs and companies. In no particular order, here are some helpful resources providing unique recipes for every kind of cook.

Kicking off the list at #1, Food 52 connects cooks from all over the world in a forum for recipe sharing and discussion. Users can find thousands of submitted recipes that have been verified and perfected by Food 52 editors in the company's own test kitchens. Many of the creations have won the coveted James Beard Award, while the company's cookbooks have been New York Times bestsellers.

Visitors can search recipes via several categories, including through necessary ingredients, meal type, ethnic cuisine, dietary considerations, occasions, and method of preparation. From ham and Gruyere breakfast casserole, to honey-poached pears with burrata, Food 52 claims to take pride in compiling kitchen-approved recipe submissions that become new favorites in the home cook's repertoire.

In at #2 is Veggie Desserts. From breakfast to sweets, the blog covers simple vegan and vegetable recipes that incorporate fresh, seasonal produce in creative ways. Created by award-winning food blogger and magazine columnist Kate Hackworthy, Veggie Desserts provides recipes for everything from vanilla spinach cake to cucumber mint and rose cupcakes.

With a list that includes meals, sides, appetizers, snacks, and desserts, Veggie Desserts' recipes highlight vegetables as the main ingredient and primary flavor component in each dish. A selection of globally-inspired dinner recipes features dishes like maakouda batata, which are Moroccan potato cakes, as well as a vegan lobster roll that incorporates chopped hearts of palm.

Coming in at #3 is Girl Heart Food. The blog's writer, Dawn, claims to provide simple recipes for a variety of comfort meals, including both healthy selections and indulgent offerings. Recipes call for budget-friendly, easily accessible ingredients. Girl Heart Food promotes a stress-free cooking experience, stating that creating meals is a learning process that should be fun.

Girl Heart Food's collection covers main dishes, vegetarian and vegan plates, hand-held bites, sandwiches, and more. Reader favorites include cheesy ground beef quesadillas and even old-fashioned cabbage rolls. Meanwhile, a line of sauce and condiment recipes provides directions for homemade, spreadable complements to any meal. Finally, readers may create an array of drinks, from fruit smoothies to cocktails.

Moving on to #4, Off the Eaten Path was created by Chrissie Nelson Rotko in 2013. The food and travel blog documents local cuisine and drink in Charlotte, North Carolina. According to Rotko, the best way to explore a new city is through its restaurants, while eating one's way through the neighborhood connects one to its culture. Off the Eaten Path includes both local favorites and home cooked recipes from all over.

Find the ultimate cheese and food pairings when you are building your own cheese and charcuterie boards at home with Off the Eaten Path's Perfect Pairings Guide!

The blog features recipe categories that cover the gamut of cooking needs, from grilled items to breakfasts. A curated collection of game day appetizers, for instance, includes unique versions of snacking favorites, such as Coca-Cola hot wings and pimento cheese deviled eggs. Elsewhere, a list of soup recipes helps readers prepare hearty options, including Mom's Award Winning Chili, which makes use of several pantry staples.

Next at #5, Abokichi is a Japanese-inspired food brand based in Canada. The company produces a variety of organic instant miso soups, as well as a line of Okazu sesame oil and chili pastes. Many of Abokichi's recipes feature the company's signature condiment, including edamame hummus and BBQ tofu steaks.

Abokichi provides information on how to incorporate the Okazu condiment in home cooking, and gives step-by-step directions on how to best prepare its brand of instant miso soup. Abokichi's full recipe list, meanwhile, features everything from onigiri, which are traditional rice balls, to steamed dumplings. Readers may also learn the art of preparing a fresh Bento box.

Entering the list at #6, Minimalist Baker promotes simple cooking by sharing recipes that require few ingredients, a single bowl, or less than 30 minutes to prepare. The resource updates its list of recipes regularly, offering a mix of savory and sweet dishes. Home cooks may learn to prepare plates from an array of categories, including desserts, breakfasts, entrees, and specific dietary requirements.

Easily prepared items, like beet falafel, call for just a few ingredients and uncomplicated methods. Meanwhile, a selection of creative Instant Pot recipes, such as buttery mashed potatoes and a vegan, oil-free chili, give readers new ways to use the popular pressure cooker. One may also purchase Minimalist Baker's cookbook, which features over one hundred simple, plant-based recipes.

Lastly, at #7 is Two Spoons. This blog covers plant-based recipes and claims to offer meal ideas for everyone, from vegan foodies to skeptics, as well as others who want to incorporate more plants into a healthy diet. By helping readers begin cooking meals under the vegan lifestyle, Toronto, Canada-based blogger Hannah Sunderani's goal is to promote a healthier, greener, and more humane diet.

Recipes come with various stamps of approval, such as those for the newbie cook, the skeptic, the foodie, and the toddler. For instance, Two Spoons gears selections like vegan mushroom stroganoff and cauliflower chickpea curry toward the husband. Elsewhere, recipes for pumpkin mac and cheese and vegan pizza focus on kid-friendly eats.