7 Best BBQ Gloves | March 2017

Don't ruin your next backyard barbecue with a nasty burn. Protect yourself fully when cooking up a storm outside or at the oven with a pair of these resilient BBQ gloves. They come in a range of heat-resistant materials from silicone to kelvar, so choose one that optimizes your comfort and performance with every use. Skip to the best bbq glove on Amazon.
7 Best BBQ Gloves | March 2017

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With the Heat Guardian HG-01, you will feel almost invisible when handling hot pans, food or even rearranging logs. They do a great job at protecting both your hands and your forearms from intense heat and allow finger flexibility for optimal control.
If you want glove quality that rivals what firefighters use to protect their hands, the Makimy MK-3989 are your answer. They provide enough protection to grab hot racks right out of the oven, yet still have a very affordable price.
When you need to handle hot foods, look to the budget-friendly Steven Raichlen SR8037. They are made from a lightweight rubber material and provide great insulation, plus they rinse off quickly and easily for use over and over again.
The HellFire HFBBQ140015 not only look cool, but they can withstand temperatures of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. You'll also never have to worry about your wrists being burned from hot grills and oven racks thanks to their extra-long cuffs.
  • black color hides stains
  • stores easily with a hanging loop
  • includes a bonus barbecue e-book
Brand HellFire
Model pending
Weight 9.6 ounces
The Grill Heat Aid EN407 are designed to absorb as much heat as possible without ever catching fire or melting even when exposed to direct flames. They are perfect for use around the stove, oven or outdoor grill and come in eight different color options to suit your taste.
  • good for opening jars
  • tough meta and para-aramid exterior
  • fits comfortably on either hand
Brand Grill Heat Aid
Model pending
Weight 11.2 ounces
The Jolly Green Ekogrips have a thick silicone construction that is waterproof and heatproof in every situation to give you the utmost confidence around hot items. They are also stain-resistant and come at a price that fits any budget.
  • endorsed by celebrities
  • available in three sizes
  • withstands heat up to 425 degrees f
Brand Jolly Green Products
Model 65679
Weight 12.8 ounces
The Weber 6670 are specially designed for larger hands, and offer incredible flexibility. They are soft enough to bend without bunching on your fingers, and they provide plenty of air circulation to prevent sweating as well.
  • non-slip silicone grip
  • built for constant use
  • simple to put on and take off
Brand Weber
Model 6670
Weight 8.8 ounces

BBQ Gloves: The Savvy Cook's Go-To Choice

Preparing the ideal BBQ meal involves spending a lot of time hovering close to a very hot grill or smoker. You need to regularly inspect the meat you're preparing, making sure it's cooking at the right speed, turning that rack or roast as needed, and ideally using a meat thermometer for regular check on its status.

An overcooked slab of ribs or a dried out plateful of brisket is a waste of meat and, for many people, a serious mark of shame. But likewise is undercooked meat a failure of proper BBQ cooking; not only does undercooked meat not taste good, but it can also present serious health hazards. Great BBQ cooking involves years of practice and experience. Getting that experience involves a lot of time hovering near your barbecue.

In order to keep yourself comfortable and safe while working over a flaming grill or near a hot smoker, you might consider a thick apron that protects your clothes from messes and shields you from the intense heat. You might even consider goggles if you're cooking a moist meat or other food that tends to spatter hot juices while sizzling. But if you only choose one sartorial accessory while you're grilling or smoking foods, it should be a pair of protective and versatile BBQ gloves.

From the dancing flames that lick upward as you flip a tender burger to the heated shaft of the fork, or spatula that spends a lot of time maneuvering meats on the grill's surface, a pair of BBQ gloves gives you the protection your hands need to stay safe near a hot grill yet still allows for the dexterity you want when cooking choice meals.

Choosing The Right BBQ Gloves

All decent BBQ gloves will protect your hands from heat. Most will allow you plenty of dexterity while they do so, easily allowing you to use larger kitchen tools like a spatula, and more often than not even making the finer control of tongs or a meat thermometer easy.

Some BBQ gloves are long enough to offer wrist and even forearm protection, which can be welcome if you cook over a large grill surface or if you occasionally cook using an open flame such as that from a fire pit or a campfire. These longer gloves are also helpful for the chef who frequently finds himself or herself reaching into a hot oven.

Of the main types of BBQ gloves from which you can choose, there are essentially two type: those made from silicone, and those made from a woven fabric. Both will help resist sufficient heat to keep you safe as you cook. Silicone gloves also resist becoming soaked or saturated, which can further protect your hands.

But fabric gloves tend to offer more dexterity and a better grip, especially of smaller tools or slick items, like a shish kabob skewer or a seasoning injector. Many fabric gloves have silicone nodes for enhanced grip, and for many cooks they are the best option.

Most BBQ gloves can be machine washed and tossed in the clothes dryer as needed, so maintenance is not much of a deciding factor. Just be sure not to wash your BBQ gloves with any delicate or sensitive fabrics, as chances are good that plenty of grease and oil will be running off the gloves.

Other Uses For Your BBQ Gloves

Ultimately a BBQ glove is nothing more than a durable and heat resistant glove that you decide to use while cooking over your hot grill. These gloves are also great for grabbing hot dishes out of the oven or for handling hot pots and pans on the stove. Some silicone BBQ gloves even allow you to safely reach right into a pot of boiling water without the risk of injury from heat and without allowing water to saturate the gloves. Slipping on your pair of BBQ gloves is a wise idea prior to carrying hot trays of food from the kitchen to the table, and they can also help protect your hands from knife blades or simply from the mess of food scraps as you clean up after the meal.

But of course these gloves also boast myriad options for use well beyond the BBQ grill or the kitchen. A pair of good BBQ gloves can also make good work gloves for many types of task. You can use these gloves when operating a tool that produces excess heat or sparks, such as a grinder, as they will easily protect your hands and wrists from the embers and temperature.

They also make great gloves for use while adding logs to or adjusting the positioning of tinder in a fireplace or fire pit. The thick surface of the gloves provides plenty of protection against splinters, and their heat resistance means you can safely and comfortable keep your hands near a hot flame.

Older BBQ gloves that are worn and damaged might not be suitable for use around food anymore, but don't toss them out when you replace them. A pair of older BBQ gloves can still make great work gloves, helping to protect your hand from blisters or splinters as you do yard work of work with tools in the shop.

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