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This wiki has been updated 31 times since it was first published in February of 2015. If you're trying to get a good night's sleep, then having the right mattress is only half the battle. You also need a great box spring to keep you supported, so that you don't sink when you're off in dreamland. The options on this list provide good weight distribution and durability. We included both low- and high-profile models to suit every preference, as well as a variety of materials. When users buy our independently chosen editorial recommendations, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Milliard High Profile

2. Mainstay Half-Fold Queen

3. Noah Megatron

Editor's Notes

May 28, 2021:

Nothing major to report in terms of changes to this version of the Wiki. Some of the best modern box springs are made from rigid tubular steel unlike the rickety wood of decades ago, which increases lifespan and all but eliminates flexing and creaking. Of those, the Milliard High Profile is one of the top twin models and the Noah Megatron for queen and king size beds. We also like the Continental Mattress Split because of its two-piece design, which makes it both relatively easy to carry upstairs and can minimize movement transfer between two people at night.

February 27, 2020:

Setting up a bed can be a hassle, so we looked for box springs that would make the tedious task a bit more manageable. On that note, we like the design of the Continental Mattress Split. It is separated into two pieces, making it rather easy to lug up a stairway or down a tight hallway. The Best Price BFBS75 folds in half, which also comes in handy when moving it into your bedroom. We removed the Classic Brands Instant Foundation because assembly is too laborious, and there are so many models on the market that are easier to put together.

The Brooklyn Bedding Ultimate Dreams lost its spot to make room for the Mainstay Half-Fold Queen. Both are foldable, but the latter has the added benefits of a lightweight build and a non-slip cover.

Once you've finished the tough job of setting up your bed, you don't want any surprises, like a sagging mattress or squeaky frame. So we looked for features that would address some of the nuisances that come up when you're trying to snooze. The Zinus Sleep Master Smart distributes mattress weight well, so you shouldn't struggle with dips or sagging. Meanwhile, the Noah Megatron NMB-25 makes almost no noise, helping to create a quiet sleep environment so you won't rely too heavily on your sound machine, though we don't debate the usefulness of those.

Though the Simple Life Foundation once had the top spot on our list, the Milliard High Profile dethroned it since it has just as sturdy of a construction, but surpasses the former in versatility as it can serve as a foundation or basic box spring.

Special Honors

The Nectar King Mattress Foundation Though not a traditional box spring, this foundation is all you need to support a heavy mattress. It's made with sustainable and long-lasting pine and spruce wood and has removable legs, so you can prop your bed up a bit more, or leave it on the floor if you prefer sleeping low to the ground. It comes with a three-year warranty, and has a simple click-and-lock system that makes it easy to set up.

The Beautyrest Black Box Spring In addition to the expected slats, this box spring also has patented PowerBeam braces, which are L-shaped braces that minimize the chances of sagging and can increase the lifespan of your bed. Its sleek black, quilted edges should boost a room's decor, and its noise-free construction should help you sleep through the night.

4. AmazonBasics FMBS

5. Continental Mattress Split

6. Best Price BFBS75

7. Zinus Sleep Master Smart

8. Classic Brands 123001

9. Lifetime Sleep Products Memory Foam

10. Zinus Armita OLB-ABS

Brief History Of The Bed

As early as the Medieval times, it was the norm for common folk to sleep on rudimentary mattresses made from boards of wood covered with animal skins.

The earliest evidence of bedding was discovered in Sibudu Cave, South Africa. It consisted of a variety of leaves and flowers that created a very primitive form of padding. This padding was laid directly onto the ground in big piles. The first known use of what one might consider comparable to the bed setups of today, with a base, padding, and a blanket, dates back to roughly 3000 B.C. from a neolithic village that was found in Orkney, Scotland. The village consisted of eight dwellings, each of which contained a large stone slab that would have been used as a bed. It is believed these slabs were covered with a mix of soft ferns to create some form of padding, and the sleeper used animal skins as a blanket.

Sometime between 3000 and 1000 B.C., the Egyptians started building elaborate beds for Pharaohs. There is also evidence of the Persians using sewn-up goat skins filled with water as far back as 1580 B.C. in what could be considered the first waterbeds. As early as the Medieval times, it was the norm for common folk to sleep on rudimentary mattresses made from boards of wood covered with animal skins.

The majority of these early beds were set directly on the ground and subject to infestation from rodents, bugs, and other pests. This led to people in the 14th century raising their mattress off the ground via a serious or ropes. Over time, these ropes would loosen and need to be retightened, which is where the term "sleep tight" comes from.

The earliest use of springs in a mattress came about in 1865 when Samuel Kettle patented the first ever open spring mattress. This style of bed, which was a combination of a coil-sprung mattress and a metal bed frame became the new norm and led to the kind of bedding we use today with box springs and spring support mattresses.

Benefits Of Box Springs

A box spring is used as a bed base to not only elevate the bed, but also provide more support to the sleeper and reduce wear on the mattress by absorbing shock. They contain metal coil springs, which are covered in some kind of fabric and then enclosed in a sturdy wooden frame, making the entire unit more durable and easier to move.

There are a number of benefits to using a box spring and mattress combination instead of a platform bed.

There are a number of benefits to using a box spring and mattress combination instead of a platform bed. Box spring beds are higher than other bedding types. This makes it easier to get in and out of bed, especially for the elderly or infirm. It also allows box spring beds to be used as seats when needed, such as for watching T.V. or entertaining friends in the bedroom.

Box springs also do a better job of absorbing body weight and impacts. The more pressure that is transferred from your mattress to your box spring, the longer your mattress will last. Since box springs are considerably cheaper than mattresses, it makes sense to preserve your mattress for as long as possible and wear out the box spring instead.

A mattress needs support to prevent sagging. If one were to lay a mattress down directly onto a metal or wooden bed frame, it would sag heavily in any unsupported areas. A box spring provides this much needed support, preventing sagging and helping to disperse the body weight evenly across the mattress.

Choosing The Right Box Spring

A few factors must be taken into account before purchasing a box spring. As mentioned previously, a box spring will elevate a bed, so one must consider what bed height is comfortable for them. If you have a very thick pillowtop mattress, you might consider going for a low-profile box spring. Otherwise your bed may be too high and difficult to climb into. A low-profile box spring can be as small as 5 inches, yet will still provide the same amount of support as a standard box spring, which is generally 9 inches tall.

Box springs are available as one large unit that is perfectly matched to the size of your bed, or as a split model.

Box springs are available as one large unit that is perfectly matched to the size of your bed, or as a split model. A split model makes use of two smaller box springs to make up one large support foundation for your bed. If you don't plan on ever moving your bed after its initial placement, then a traditional box spring will be suitable for your needs. For those who move often, a split box spring can make life much easier. Unlike mattress, box springs cannot be squished and folded to fit through doorways or into an SUV. If you live in a home with narrow hallways or are worried that you may move at some later date and don't know what kind of conditions you will encounter in your new home, then a split box spring is a good choice.

One should also consider the composition of a box spring before purchasing it. Some have more densely packed coils, which will give more support, but will also cost more. If you need the extra support for a large bed with multiple sleepers, a box spring with dense coils is your best choice to preserve the integrity of your mattress. For those with allergies and chemical sensitivities, hypoallergenic models with organic fabrics and natural fillers are available.

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