The 10 Best Broom Dustpan Sets

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This wiki has been updated 28 times since it was first published in April of 2016. These broom and dustpan sets will help you quickly pick up crumbs, pet hair, and just about anything your family and guests drag indoors. In most combinations, the two pieces clip together for easy and compact storage, and many of them have long handles to minimize strain on your back. Some of these options even boast features that help you get into hard-to-reach corners. When users buy our independently chosen editorial recommendations, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Oxo Good Grips Sweep Set

2. Like TreeLen Combo

3. Kelamayi Stainless Steel Combo

Editor's Notes

October 21, 2020:

The Mastertop 4-Piece and Lonffery Magnetic were removed due to availability concerns and were replaced with the Mastertop Angle and Sangfor Upright Combo. The latter has teeth in the dustpan that effectively comb through the bristles to remove unwanted debris. Both pieces in this option have long handles to prevent you from having to bend over. The Mastertop Angle's handle is extendable up to 51", so it will also prevent you from straining your back. Additionally, its slim design makes it easily tucked away when not in use.

December 05, 2019:

When cleaning up your home, there's no knowing what sorts of messes you'll face or corners you'll have to squeeze into. To help, we made sure our list of broom and dustpan sets boasts some features that will make it easier to achieve a spotless house, no matter what your kids spilled or what mess your pet made.

A dependable pan that won't leave you with any surprises is very important here, so we love that the Libman 919 Lobby, the JFB Home Products BristleComb, the Kelamayi Stainless Steel Combo, and the Like TreeLen Combo each have deep, bucket-style pans to help contain dirt and reduce the chances of spills when you carry them to the trash bin. Even though the the Carlisle Duo had a similar style pan, we had to remove it as it tended to leave some particles behind.

No matter one's height or particular back issues, we wanted to make sure there was a set on this list that could keep the user comfortable during long days of cleaning. That's why the Kelamayi Stainless Steel Combo and the Like TreeLen Combo caught our attention, since they both have height-adjustable poles on the brooms. While the Wisp Telescoping had a similar feature, it had to go as its short bristles were very limiting.

Durable materials were essential, too, so the Libman 919 Lobby further solidified its place on our list with its steel handle. It also proved that a set of this kind doesn't have to be expensive to stand the test of time — something the overly-priced Burstenhaus Redecker failed to do. We also eliminated the Quickie Flip-Lock since many users complain it is uncomfortably short.

Special Honors

The Uline H-7854BL Combo Cleaning up a large industrial space is a bit easier with this set. Featuring a broom that boasts tough polyester bristles and a seven-and-a-half-inch sweeping face, plus a large bucket-style pan with a drop-down hood to contain dirt and debris, it should help you efficiently get through a big area. Plus, its aluminum handles should hold up to plenty of use.

4. O-Cedar Angler 145306

5. Sangfor Upright Combo

6. Casabella Quick 'N Easy 20703

7. Libman 206 Precision Angle

8. JFB Home Products BristleComb

9. Libman 919 Lobby

10. Mastertop Angle

Why A Broom And Dustpan Still Matter

You can use a broom to sweep even the most delicate silk upholstery or hand knotted carpet, for example, applying only the amount of pressure you deem necessary.

In the age of cyclone technology and high-efficiency particular arrestance (more commonly known as HEPA) the age old duo of a broom and dustpan might seem a bit outdated. While brooms have been used for untold thousands of years and were traditionally fashioned out of everything from horsehair to sorghum to bundled shrubbery, they are not an outmoded technology.

In fact, especially when fashioned with modern materials, this timeless pair present a perfect example of a basic item that will always have its place in the home, school office, and beyond. Let's discuss why this still rings true today.

When compared to a vacuum cleaner, a broom and dustpan does not have as many complicated moving parts, thus reducing the likelihood of breaking the set. Even a top quality vacuum cleaner or dust buster will eventually have its motor burn out, its hose torn or punctured, or experience some other mechanical failure. Brooms are also not reliant on electrical power to work, whereas all vacuums are (even those that use batteries need to have said batteries charged). Your broom and dustpan are ready to clean whenever you are, and they will last for years and years.

And while it might sound ironic after mentioning the potential longevity of a broom, one should also not overlook how readily they can be disposed of and replaced. As mentioned, even the most expensive broom and dustpan set you are likely to purchase won't cost you very much; you can get several years of use out of the set and then dispose of and replace it.

Brooms also offer a level of deft control not afforded by most electrical cleaning implements. You can use a broom to sweep even the most delicate silk upholstery or hand knotted carpet, for example, applying only the amount of pressure you deem necessary. A broom can also generate immense force, scrubbing away at concrete or brick as you lean into the handle.

Finally, emptying a dustpan is easier than clearing the storage compartment of even the most cleverly designed canister style vacuum; all you need to do is rotate your wrist above a trash can or garbage bag to have a dust pan that's empty and ready for more rubbish.

Choosing The Best Broom And Dustpan Combo

Brooms come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that will fit into every nook and cranny of your home, office, or your vehicle. Selecting a broom means first considering where you might need to do your sweeping. A wide broom is the perfect choice for rooms (or outdoor areas) with lots of floor space and limited furniture, but might prove almost useless for a smaller and/or more cluttered area. A broom with a smaller head but a long handle is often the best choice for indoor sweeping, especially for rooms like the kitchen, where plenty of little food scraps end up under the table or along the baseboards.

A broom's sweep is all but silent, so you can do some cleaning even when others are sleeping, or when you yourself simply don't want to hear a loud noise.

Smaller hand brooms can be indispensable for keeping your office area clean. A close inspection of your desk and computer keyboard will likely reveal an unpleasantly copious build up of crumbs, dead skin cells, and other unwanted detritus. A small, soft bristled broom can gather all that minute material into a pile easily swept into an accompanying compact dustpan. Both items are available in sizes small enough be stored in a desk drawer.

Thanks to the affordability of a broom and dustpan set, you should consider purchasing more than one set and delegating them to various areas of your home or business. Keeping one broom for use outdoors and another for the inside can help keep dust and dirt out of the home while still letting you keep a clean patio, porch, or walkway.

Even if you usually grab the vacuum when it's time for some cleaning, it's still worth it to have a broom and dustpan on hand as a backup or alternative. Not only can mechanical failure or a power outage curtail a cleaning machine's ability to work as noted, but the loud noise of these devices can be a limiting factor as well. A broom's sweep is all but silent, so you can do some cleaning even when others are sleeping, or when you yourself simply don't want to hear a loud noise.

Broom And Dust Pan Maintenance 101

As mentioned above, when used properly, a broom can last years without failing. That said, there are some basic steps you need to take to ensure that your broom and its dustpan work well throughout the course of their working lives.

One great way to clean broom is, comically enough, to use a vacuum cleaner. Take the time to let your vacuum suck the dust, hair, and debris that has woven itself into the broom and you'll be left with a clean tool ready for more cleaning.

Take the time to let your vacuum suck the dust, hair, and debris that has woven itself into the broom and you'll be left with a clean tool ready for more cleaning.

It's OK if your broom gets wet, and in fact you should periodically clean its bristles with soapy water; a bit of laundry soap and hot water works well. It's not OK if your broom stays wet, however. Bristles left wet for too long can curl or unravel, and can also experience a buildup of mold, mildew, or bacteria. Dry the bristles with a hairdryer on low, or simply leave the broom in a sunny, airy location with its bristles aiming down so the water can both drip and evaporate away.

If the ends of your broom's bristles have grown frayed or are too dirty to clean -- having come into contact with some substance like motor oil, paint, and the like -- you can breathe new life into the broom by giving it a haircut, so to speak. Use a good pair of sharp scissors to trim away a half inch or so of the end of the bristles and you should be left with a broom that's essentially as good as new, albeit a bit shorter.

As for a dustpan, the best way to clean it when simple paper towels and spray cleaner aren't enough is to run it through the dishwasher. (Just consider running another cycle after it with the machine empty.)

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