10 Best Essential Oils | March 2017

Claiming a vast number of benefits, essential oils are quickly becoming, well, essential, to a number of people. For everything from air freshening to regulating mood to aiding with digestion and respiratory problems, check out our selection. Skip to the best essential oil on Amazon.
10 Best Essential Oils | March 2017

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The Edens Gardens Synergy Blends comes in a beautiful gift box that makes a great present for aromatherapy enthusiasts. All of the oils included in this package are blends specifically designed to help with certain health issues.
The doTERRA Family Physician Kit includes ten oils that will allow you to help your family with many health issues, from breathing issues to digestive problems. It also includes tips to help you get the most use from your set.
The Kis Oils Top 6 is a mid-grade set that comes at a price that can't be beat. For less than $15, you get 6 bottles with popular scents like lavender, lemongrass, and orange. Plus they are 100% organic certified.
The Healing Solutions Family Doctor Set includes well-known favorites, like peppermint, eucalyptus, French lavender, nutmeg, rosemary, tea tree, citrus and more. They do tend to come out of the dropper quickly, so use with caution.
  • rigorously tested for quality
  • backed by a full refund guarantee
  • not organic certified
Brand Healing Solutions
Model pending
Weight pending
If you are unfamiliar with the wonders of essential oils, then the Beginners Best Set is perfect for you. It includes 14 therapeutic grade essential oils with no synthetic additives, giving them a powerful aroma.
  • great value at less than $100
  • same quality used in professional spas
  • no guide or usage directions included
Brand Plantlife
Model pending
Weight pending
The Fabulous Frannie Gift Pack may be small, but it includes many of the most popular aromas, so it is perfect for somebody who just uses essential oils occasionally and doesn't need too many bottles.
  • no fillers, additives, bases or carriers
  • great set for beginner enthusiasts
  • beautifully packaged with a bow tie
Brand Fabulous Frannie
Model 14 pk
Weight 1.2 pounds
The Plant Therapy Essential Top 32 has an aroma to cure each and every one of your ailments, including digestive problems, headaches and respiratory disorders. They are packaged in dark amber bottles to preserve their integrity.
  • 100% certified pure grade oils
  • euro style dropper cap
  • come in zippered portfolio
Brand Plant Therapy Essential
Model pending
Weight pending
To complete your essential oil collection, get the Healing Solutions Advanced Set. It comes with 64 essential therapeutic oils that are all 100% pure and stored in a thickly padded carrying case.
  • makes a fantastic gift
  • includes high end oils
  • great price for the number of bottles
Brand Healing Solutions
Model pending
Weight 6.5 pounds
The Edens Garden Basic Care Set is a good starter grade kit that comes at a reasonable price and includes a variety of aromas. It even includes empty bottles if you fancy trying to make some of your own blends.
  • no pesticides, herbicides, or gmos
  • can be inhaled, diffused or massaged
  • easy to use dropper lid
Brand Edens Garden
Model pending
Weight 1.6 pounds
If you are serious about aroma therapy and want to have a vast arena of oils to choose from, the Fabulous Frannie Set is the perfect choice. They come in beautiful and durable amber glass bottles with dropper caps for easy use.
  • includes a chocolate brown carrying case
  • great for energy and happiness
  • therapeutic grade oils & blends
Brand Fabulous Frannie
Model pending
Weight pending

Essential Oils: Modern Ancient Medicine

Throughout all of written history humans have been using various plants for medicinal purposes. Contemporary medicine builds off of ancient plant wisdom to create many pharmaceutical drugs. While chemical medicine creates likenesses of the beneficial compounds in plants; unadulterated essential oils provide safe and effective ways to increase the uptake of the actual beneficial compounds in the human body.

While essential oils have risen to popularity in the modern era, phytotherapy is as old as humanity itself. The study of natural compounds and extracts used as medicine is found in every culture in history, and evidence of phytotherapy in practice dates back to as early as 3,500 BCE. Much of the extraction of medically beneficial compounds from plants and their parts was done using simple methods such as hydrodiffusion, vaporization, decoction and basic solvents.

As chemical medications took hold in the 20th century, plant medicines were nearly eliminated from use in western practices. This was due to the fact that the potency of chemical medicines made from plants varied greatly based on the drying and extraction method used on the plants themselves. This sort of variation was unacceptable in such an exacting practice.

Essential oils capture the biological medicines of plants in a way that is very appealing to western society. Modern essential oils are extracted though a variety of methods; whichever is best suited to isolating the greatest amount of pharmacological compounds within the plant. The oils created are readily absorbed into the bloodstream via inhalation or diffusion through the skin. Most of the beneficial particles in essential oils can even cross the blood/brain barrier to positively affect the brain.

How Essential Oils Enter the Body

After certain plants are processed through the various extraction methods available, a high concentration of potent medicinal compounds are produced. This makes essential oils a more viable medical option than the plants themselves; as it often takes a large amount of plant matter to create even 10ml of pure essential oil. Because of the fat solubility of many essential oils, they are quickly absorbed into the human body, and easily delivered to all cells.

There are three ways in which essential oils enter the body; orally, topically, and aromatically. Due to the high antioxidant properties of a great number of essential oils, oral administration is only carried out under direct guidance from a healthcare practitioner to treat very serious conditions. Compounds in the oils can cause some serious side-effects if incorrectly ingested.

Luckily, the large number of compounds in essential oils are readily picked up by the capillaries in the lungs and skin cells; meaning that oils are easily introduced into the body by an aromatherapy diffuser or topical application.

When inhaled, the medicinal compounds in the oils are absorbed by the lungs, and transported to the bloodstream in much the same way as oxygen is. Thanks to the power of the heart, essential oils can circulate the entire body in minutes. Upon entering the bloodstream, the compounds interact with blood cells and body tissues to produce very beneficial results; such as removing toxins like nitric oxide from the blood, reducing tumor sizes, even positively affecting the mood.

The action of essential oils remains much the same with topical application. This is due to the relative permeability of the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system, and can act like a sponge to certain compounds. In fact, studies have shown that the ability of the skin to absorb volatile compounds is actually quite high. While this is an unfavorable trait in a pool full of chlorine, it is quite useful with essential oils. Pure essential oils, diluted in a carrier oil and applied to the skin, can safely carry medicinal compounds into the bloodstream.

How Essential Oils Affect The Body

There are many volatile medicinal compounds in plants; and many uses for them. The fresh, sharp scent of a bruised peppermint leaf is one example; the scent it releases is the powerful compound menthol, which provides many health benefits.

The goal of western medicine is to have a "pill for every ill". While this may seem like a utopian thought to some, chemical medicines often have their own list of associated side effects. Because essential oils are naturally occurring, there is a much smaller chance for them to cause reactions in the body.

An obvious exception to this rule is when certain plants generate an allergic reaction to the user; it is not advisable to use that specific essential oil. Some essential oils can also cause allergic reactions when used undiluted on the skin. It's always good practice to perform a skin reaction test, by applying a small amount of oil to the skin's surface and observing any changes over the course of fifteen minutes.

When used properly, there is a long list of benefits of essential oils to the body; including reducing inflammation, improving the brain function, and even protecting the heart from the damages of stress. Researchers have found that school workers who are exposed to a diffusion of essential oils show less markers of stress than control groups. The use of aromatherapy enhances the parasympathetic nervous system; significantly decreasing heart rate and blood pressure. These are just a few of the many beneficial ways that essential oils can affect the body.

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