The 8 Best Face Cleansing Brushes

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This wiki has been updated 32 times since it was first published in June of 2015. If you've ever used an electric toothbrush, you know it leaves your teeth and gums feeling much cleaner than a manual one. Similarly, when you see the results you get from one of these face cleansing brushes, you'll want to make one part of your daily skin care routine. We found selections that do a great job of exfoliating while still being gentle enough for everyday use. When users buy our independently chosen editorial recommendations, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Clarisonic Mia Smart

2. Foreo Luna 3

3. Clinique Sonic System

Editor's Notes

July 08, 2021:

We did remove a couple generic models that were basically identical to other selections, but the only other change was upgrading to the latest version of the Foreo Luna 3. It's worth noting that among our top three selections, it's somewhat of a toss-up as far as how good they are overall — the real difference between them is the form factor. So choose the one that you'll be most comfortable with, because both the Clinique Sonic System and Clarisonic Mia Smart are great alternatives to the Foreo.

February 08, 2020:

Once you start using a face cleansing brush, chances are you’ll be hooked once you see the soft, smooth, and clean results. They’re much more effective than simply applying your face wash with your fingertips or a washcloth. Coming on board in this update are two tried-and-true models that are quite different from each other, but each is a force to be reckoned with for removing stubborn makeup, dirt, and oil. The Clinique Sonic System glides across your face smoothly while it delivers a steady vibrating motion, and its two types of bristles come in handy for those with combination skin: The white ones are relatively soft so as not to irritate the skin, while the green ones are for focusing on the T-zone area, where oil tends to accumulate and stronger exfoliation is needed. It comes with a bottle of facial cleanser and a cheery green, zippered case for storage or travel.

The Foreo Luna 2 is not made of nylon bristles, but of tiny pulsating nubs that are made of soft silicone that is resistant to bacteria buildup. And, there conveniently aren’t any heads that need replacing. It’s available in models geared toward skin that is normal, oily, sensitive, or combination. It’s also sold in a highly portable, miniature-sized model.

Retaining its top spot is the Clarisonic Mia Smart, which works like a champ to rejuvenate your skin as it cleans it, thanks to its patented micro-massaging motion. This one features a downloadable smartphone app that can be synced with the device to customize skincare routines, provide reminders, and show useful how-to videos.

The Angel Kiss Scrubber Exfoliating System and the Philips PureRadiance make their departures from the list today, as they are unavailable at this time.

No matter which model you choose, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully regarding cleaning and care of your brush, as well as how often it should be used. Avoid overuse, which can lead to dry skin, irritation, and redness.

4. Olay ProX

5. LumaRx Pulse

6. Lavo Giro

7. Spa Sonic Face and Body

8. Pulsaderm Buddy

A Primer On Human Skin

It is the largest organ of the body and also one of its most complex and essential systems.

The human body is almost entirely covered with skin. It is the largest organ of the body and also one of its most complex and essential systems. All mammals have skin composed of two distinct types, the dermis, which itself is made up of two layers, called the papillary region and the deeper reticular dermis below. The outer layer of skin, that which can be seen and that which is chiefly responsible for repelling water, blocking infection, and sensing and interacting with the world around us, is known as the epidermis.

Human epidermis can be divided into multiple minute layers, but suffice it to say that when you picture skin, it is the epidermis you are imagining. This outer layer of skin is tough and rugged, but being exposed to the elements at all times, it is also readily damaged and compromised over time. Sunlight is the primary culprit for skin damage, with years of prolonged exposure to the sun -- and to its invisible, but insidious, ultraviolet rays in particular -- leading to wrinkles, discolored spots, and even to diseases like skin cancers in more extreme cases.

It's important to protect your skin as much as possible, wearing sunblock and hats when you will be in the sun, avoiding exposure to unhealthy air and smoke, and by using products that keep your flesh properly hydrated, especially if you live in an arid region or if you are prone to dry skin issues. The healthier your skin is, the fewer medical complications you will feel, and of course, the better you will look for many years to come.

Maintaining good skin health is about well-being and appearance, both of which are valid reasons to invest in the products and regimens that will keep your skin looking and feeling its best, and being its healthiest.

Choosing And Using A Face Cleansing Brush

Short of avoiding the sun altogether and never allowing yourself to smile, frown, or otherwise make emotive expressions that can lead to wrinkles, the best thing you can do to keep your face looking its best is to keep it clean. This means much more than simply washing it, though. The way in which you wash your skin is also important.

Not all skin is the same; that's why there are so many hundreds of various cleansers, moisturizers, and toning solutions available on the market.

Either in consultation with a dermatologist or through your own careful self evaluation, you should determine which facial cleansers work best for your skin, and which, if any, cause you irritation or discomfort and should be avoided. Not all skin is the same; that's why there are so many hundreds of various cleansers, moisturizers, and toning solutions available on the market. If you have sensitive skin that is easily damaged, prone to rashes, or is otherwise negatively afflicted by harsh cleansers, then avoid facial cleaning products with acids or with physical scrubbing properties such as those produced by seeds or synthetic materials.

Once you have found a cleanser that works for you, consider giving your face the best possible scrubbing using an electric face cleansing brush. These brushes use soft, but durable, bristles set into rotary heads attached to ergonomic handles. Their brushes vibrate and/or swirl to ensure ideal contact is made with every square millimeter of your skin. An electric facial cleansing brush can help to move a cleanser all around your skin and can easily remove layers of makeup, too.

Perhaps best of all, a good facial cleansing brush can easily remove the layers of dead skin cells that are largely responsible for skin looking tired and sallow, and which can prevent your skin from getting the fresh air and moisture it needs for ideal health. When you clear the layers of dead skin away from your face, you leave the healthiest, most youthful skin possible exposed. That clean, renewed flesh can then be properly moisturized to encourage continued health and beauty. A great cleaning routine is also the best way to mitigate and prevent the formation of wrinkles. Used in tandem with a wrinkle prevention or reduction cream, your facial cleansing brush is a powerful tool indeed.

Knowing When To Give Your Face A Rest

While wearing makeup may be an important aspect of your daily routine for work or a part of your overall outfit for going out at night, your skin would really be just as happy not to have any cosmetics applied to it. Whenever possible, don't put on makeup, use minimal amounts when you choose to, and wash your face thoroughly with a good cleanser and a facial cleansing brush as soon as you can to remove the cosmetics from your skin.

Or conversely, if you rarely use such a device, consider seeing what its regular implementation might do for your complexion.

Pay attention to how your skin looks and feels. If it seems dry and tight, by all means moisturize. If it looks dull and tired, use an electric brush and a good soap or cleanser and try to remove dead skin cells. And when your face looks red or feels tender, whether before or after a cleaning, you might need to simply leave your skin alone for a while.

Certain parts of the human face, notably under and beside the eyes, have the thinnest skin of any parts of the body. You must take special care to be gentle around these more delicate areas, as it is easy to damage them with too vigorous of a cleaning regimen. If you use your facial cleansing brush every day, consider leaving it aside a few days a week and seeing if your appearance improves. Or conversely, if you rarely use such a device, consider seeing what its regular implementation might do for your complexion. Both women and men alike can benefit from a great facial cleansing routine, just remember that such routines must always be customized for your own body's needs.

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