The 10 Best Home Saunas

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This wiki has been updated 35 times since it was first published in April of 2015. Whether you're stressed, physically exhausted, or simply looking for an in-home relaxation experience, one of these home saunas may be just what you need. Using energy-efficient, safe, and powerful infrared heating technology, these kits can be assembled quickly, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, to fit into small corners or provide room for all the family. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Heatwave Tuscon Monticello

2. Medical 4 Full Spectrum

3. Radiant Hemlock Three-Person Corner

Editor's Notes

April 30, 2021:

There are numerous health benefits attributed to radiant heat produced by saunas. The deep tissue warmth relaxes sore muscles, reduces stiffness, and relieves joint pain, in addition, infrared radiant heat promotes a variety of health remedies including weight loss and improving skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, cellulite, and acne. Furthermore, this type of dry heat stimulates detoxification by allowing your body to discharge acid and waste residues like toxins, sodium, alcohol, nicotine, and cholesterol.

Installing a sauna in your own home may not be as difficult as one might expect, since most are flat pack kits that simply clip together. In this most recent update, we removed several models as they have been discontinued. Two new additions to the ranking are the Serenelife Portable and the 1Love Personal Capsule, both of which are designed for one person and can be packed away after use. The Serenelife Portable is made from lightweight fabric and can be picked up and moved from room to room with ease or folded away into a carrying bag for transportation. The 1Love Personal Capsule is less portable as it is composed of two domes that slide together when not in use, allowing for more compact storage.

At the other end of the scale, the newly added MPC 4-Person Barrel is a large circular shaped sauna, designed for use outside. This one uses a lava rock heater that produces dry heat or steam, and is available in grade A Canadian pine or cedar wood. Another large option is the Heatwave Tuscon Monticello, which, similar to the Radiant Hemlock Three-Person Corner and the Radiant Three-Person Cedar Corner is designed to be installed in the corner of a room. It is roomy enough for four people and includes a sound system and color mood lighting. Finally, we included the Maxxus Seattle, which is notable for its well-insulated walls and glass-paneled frontage. It also features an easy clamp design that allows it to be put together by two adults in around 30 minutes.

January 17, 2020:

While all of the options from our previous ranking have remained, we saw fit to reorganize them and to add a pair of exciting new models to the mix that offer some modern features a number of the older models were lacking. Specifically, we sought out offerings with Bluetooth connectivity, where most of the models on our previous list were limited to auxiliary connections for smartphones, or even CD players. The FitSauna Far Infrared takes modern features a step further by including a big monitor built into the wall of the sauna and capable of running smoothly even in the unit's high heat. This monitor displays a number of guided workouts.

We also added the Medical 4 Full Spectrum, which offers removable benches if you like to stretch out, and some of the most energy-efficient heaters on the market, working at 120 volts instead of 240. It also supports Bluetooth, so you won't need an adapter if your smartphone lacks a headphone jack.

Special Honors

Dynamic Saunas Direct Working directly with manufacturers to produce their own line of FAR Infrared Saunas, Dynamic Saunas Direct is known for its combination of all Canadian hemlock fir construction, easy assembly, low and near-zero EMF, far or full spectrum infrared, beautiful designs, and excellent after-sales service.

Klafs Offering a bespoke design service, Klafs allows you to create your own personal oasis of wellbeing. With their patented SANARIUM and SaunaPUR heating systems, you get five different types of sauna, including a tropical bath, an aroma bath, and a soft steam bath.

4. Radiant Three-Person Cedar Corner

5. Radiant Hemlock

6. Dynamic Barcelona

7. Maxxus Seattle

8. 1Love Personal Capsule

9. MPC 4-Person Barrel

10. Serenelife Portable

Health Benefits Of Saunas

Anyone who participates in daily fitness activities, from intense training to even moderate workouts, could benefit from sitting in one of these hot and peaceful rooms.

If you already have a lot of daily habits meant to improve your health, from eating right to exercising regularly, you could really boost your efforts by spending some time in a sauna every day. Anyone who participates in daily fitness activities, from intense training to even moderate workouts, could benefit from sitting in one of these hot and peaceful rooms. Research has found that sauna time boosts the human growth hormone, which aids in fat break down and muscle development. In addition to helping increasing the effectiveness of your fitness efforts, sitting in the sauna can also improve recovery time, as it's been found to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.

Those struggling with high blood pressure could make their doctors happy by adding sauna sessions to other efforts to bring those numbers down. Studies have found that just 30 minutes in the sauna can decrease blood pressure. The heat promotes blood vessel dilation, which in turn encourages better blood flow. Saunas have even been shown to keep blood pressure low for up to a half an hour after the person has exited, leading some health experts to believe it could have long-term benefits.

Families with a history of dementia and Alzheimer’s would do well to add a sauna to their home, too. In fact, anyone worried about memory loss as they get older should get one. Because the heat improves blood flow to the brain, sauna time can be good for your noggin. Studies have found that men who go in one a few times a week have a significantly lower risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer's than those who use them once a week or less.

Why A Home Sauna Is Better Than The Gym One

If you are a member of a health club that has a sauna, you may think there is no need to purchase one for your home too. This couldn't be further from the truth though, as a home sauna is far superior to those you'll find in a gym for many reasons. Bacteria travel faster in environments like a public sauna. When you go into a one, there is no way of knowing who you're sitting next to, and what sorts of germs they're bringing in there with them. In your own home, you can better monitor when your family members or friends are sick, and ask them to stay out of the sauna until they're better.

When you have one at home, you aren't confined to using it just when you're at a fitness center.

Some people are uncomfortable taking off their clothes in front of strangers, which is typically required in a public sauna. You could go in with your clothes on, but you'll become too hot, too fast, and many places won't allow that anyway. Plus, you won't give your skin the chance to breathe in the healing vapors, because it'll be covered by fabric. No matter how much you love your workout leggings, it's overall uncomfortable and dangerous to sit in a sauna fully clothed. However, if you don't like to be nude in front of your fellow gym-goers, it's the only choice you have. With a home sauna, you can have total privacy to enjoy that healing environment the way it was intended to be used. Another small perk of a private sauna is the fact that nobody will bother you with chit chat — you go in there to relax, after all.

Even if you don't mind wearing your birthday suit in front of people you hardly know, you may not make time for the sauna at the gym. You likely squeeze your workouts into your busy day and have to choose between extra time on the treadmill or 20 minutes in the sauna. Since most are trying to lose weight and get fit at the gym, they will generally choose the former. Unfortunately, once you've left the gym, you'll no longer have access to that sauna. When you have one at home, you aren't confined to using it just when you're at a fitness center.

Selecting The Best Home Sauna For Your Needs

No matter your space constraints, budget, or other preferences, there is probably a home sauna that suits your needs. If you're in the market for a fully-equipped relaxation station, some models feature built-in speakers, so you can play your favorite music while you enjoy the heat. Some also have magazine racks, allowing you to store some reading material inside to keep you entertained while you bask in all that warmth. If you'd like to stay inside for a while, with total command over your comfort, you might want a design with control panels inside and out, so you don't even need to open the door to adjust the temperature.

Just keep in mind that you have the most control over humidity in a traditional sauna, where you can toss water on the rocks.

Far infrared versus traditional is another decision you'll need to make. Traditional saunas are slightly drier than far infrared ones, so if you're already using humidifiers and trying to give your nasal system more moisture, go with the latter. Just keep in mind that you have the most control over humidity in a traditional sauna, where you can toss water on the rocks. In a far infrared, you have to accept the humidity as it is. Those who like higher temperatures might want a traditional model, as these can reach 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, if you want to lounge inside longer, you might like a far infrared, the range of which is between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower temperatures are more tolerable in longer sauna sessions.

Privacy is another factor to consider. If you want total isolation, you may want a model in which most of the walls are solid wood. That cave-like environment can be very calming for some. On the other hand, some users might want to look out onto their yard while they unwind. For those, a model with a large glass front panel might be preferred. If you are going for a solo experience, there are saunas meant for just one person, but if you want a more social design, there are some that can accommodate several individuals.

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