10 Best Humidors | March 2017

We spent 24 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top selections for this wiki. If you or someone you know is a regular cigar smoker – or even better, a blossoming stogie aficionado – take a look at this list of humidors. They'll keep even the most expensive Cubans at the ideal temperature and humidity level, so they’ll be fresh and ready to smoke days or weeks down the line. Skip to the best humidor on Amazon.
10 Best Humidors | March 2017

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Best Mid-Range
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Best High-End
Overall Rank: 4
Best Inexpensive
The Kendal Top Quality is a basic, no-frills option that serves as an ideal beginner’s humidor, a nice case for the infrequent cigar smoker, or as a backup unit for the die-hard stogie fan. It comes with an eye dropper for moistening the humidifier.
There's certainly nothing subtle about the Quality Importers Solana when you consider its high-gloss finish, brassy metallic inlays, and Spanish cedar aroma. But if you like some panache when you smoke, this model is likely to suit your fancy.
La Cubana Travel is the complete package for a cigar lover on the go. It features a built-in hygrometer and humidifier, comes with a cigar cutter, and its compact size allows you to safely tuck it away into your bags without compromising too much space.
With a decorative cherry finish and strong brass hinges, the Prestige Import Chalet combines style with efficiency. The hygrometer is somewhat tough to calibrate and may remain unreliable, so it wouldn't hurt to consider buying your own separately.
  • convenient simple divider
  • velcro mounting tape
  • lid less effective over time
Brand Prestige Import Group
Model CHLT
Weight 2.7 pounds
The Cigar Caddy Travel may not be much to look at, but when you get caught in a downpour and all 10 of your stogies come out intact, you'll appreciate it. It's perfect for fishing trips or weekend getaways that involve camping and boating.
  • made from strong molded plastic
  • floats in water
  • humidifier disc in lid
Brand Cigar Caddy
Model HUM-CC10
Weight 15.2 ounces
The glass top that adorns the Mantello 100 Desktop allows you to keep a watchful eye on your precious cigars at all times. It also features a reliable hygrometer with a forward-facing display dial, so you can easily check the interior humidity whenever you need to.
  • removable tray with divider
  • locks securely with a key
  • good reviews from users
Brand Mantello Cigars
Model pending
Weight 8.3 pounds
The Quality Importers Capri is one of the all-time best-selling humidors for a reason: it looks attractive, it's affordable, and its capacity ranges between 25 and 50 cigars depending on their size. It's a good first humidor, but long-time cigar lovers will like it too.
  • gold-plated corner hardware
  • front-mount clasp lock
  • scratch-resistant felt bottom
Brand Quality Importers
Model HUM-25HYG Glass
Weight 4.8 pounds
Even though it’s small, the Scorch Torch Travel does an admirable job of preserving the freshness and flavor of your cigars. Its design makes it appear right at home on a desktop or shelf in your house, but it’s ideal for taking along on trips as well.
  • rustic look and feel
  • instruction manual included
  • works well as a corporate gift
Brand Scorch Torch
Model No Model
Weight 1.8 pounds
Not everyone associates cigar smoking with elegance, but the PK Dublin Glasstop is looking to change that. It’s a polished piece of hardware, with a spacious storage area and thick walls to ensure the freshness of your cigars over an extended period of time.
  • metal lining for added security
  • minimal humidity loss
  • seals well after seasoning
Brand PK Dublin Glasstop
Model pending
Weight 7.5 pounds
Not only does it provide a first-rate humidification system and an accurate hygrometer, but the Quality Importers Old Glory also allows you to display your patriotism with flying colors like no other humidor available. It has the capacity to hold up to 100 cigars.
  • hygrometer is removable
  • lid with sure-seal technology
  • high quality craftsmanship
Brand Quality Importers Tradi
Weight 9 pounds

A Primer On Choosing The Right Cigars

Whether you enjoy several cigars a week or you want to know how to choose the right cigar to help celebrate a wedding, a birth, a graduation, or just getting through the day without going insane, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way. When it comes to choosing a great cigar, you don't have to rely on its price tag as the standard of excellence; as with wines, whiskeys, and fine foods, whatever cigar best suits your preference is the best stogie for you.

Before you go about selecting a cigar (or a box of them) there is a bit of vocabulary you should acquire, and there are a few helpful facts to internalize. Let's start with the language that relates to a cigar's physical size, as a cigar's size has much to do with its smoking characteristics.

A narrower cigar, often approximating the width of a man's finger, is referred to as a panatela. A cigar of moderate diameter is called a corona (this is the most common width, for your reference). Thicker cigars can be called robusto, presidente, or Churchill. A cigar's length can also be described in various words specific to the lexicon, but many people settle for short, medium, or long. A panatela of moderate length will smoke for a little more than twenty minutes. A corona may last you as long as forty five minutes. And the largest, thick, long cigars can be smoked for as long as an hour and a half, in some circumstances.

Next let's talk about color, as the coloring of a cigar's outer wrapper is one of the most telling aspects of the cigar. A tan or light brown cigar, called claro in color, will be mild in character. Colorado cigars are medium brown and often have a reddish tint; they are rich but smooth. A maduro cigar is dark brown and has a robust, hearty flavor profile. And finally oscuro cigars are almost black, and are the boldest cigars available, and often "flavored" with liqueurs or other substances.

Knowing the right cigar for your own preferences, for the pleasure of your guests, gift recipient, or colleagues, and for the situation in which the smoking will be enjoyed does much to help you select the right cigar. While a long maduro corona could be perfect for enjoying during the back nine holes on a golf course, it might be a poor choice for a short smoke session outside the wedding reception, for example. It's also a gentlemanly decision to offer the novice cigar smoker a claro panatela instead of an oscuro Churchill.

Once you know which cigars you're going to buy, be it a trusty Dominican or a newly available Cuban, next you must consider how to best take care of them. Unless you're going to be smoking a cigar within a day or two of its purchase, you'll need a good humidor.

How To Select A Humidor

Any good humidor will take good care of your cigars as long as you take the time to keep its humidifier filled with water, and remember to check its thermometer and hygrometer intermittently. As long as you're willing to spend a few dollars to get a decent unit, choosing a humidor comes down more to capacity and style than to performance.

If you smoke large cigars and you like to have lots of them on hand, many humidors are not going to be the right choice for you. Many humidors measure fewer than ten inches across -- with an interior even smaller than that -- and cannot accommodate some larger cigars, or at least can't hold many. Smaller humidors with divider trays further limit the number of cigars they can accommodate.

On the other hand, if you only keep a few cigars in the home (or in the office) or if you enjoy smaller cigars, a smaller humidor can provide ideal interior moisture control. Just choose a humidor that's large enough for your needs and that you'll be proud to show off.

At the very least look for these attributes: any decent humidor will be lined with cedar and will close snugly. A built in humidifier helps keep the cigars moist without them touching any water. And built in hygrometers and thermometers both look great and help you monitor and maintain ideal conditions for those precious cigars of yours.

Preparing Your New Humidor For Proper Use

Before you ever place a cigar in a new humidor, you need to prepare it properly. The process is also called "seasoning" in some circles. Get a clean cloth, ideally cotton, and soak it in distilled water. Wipe down the cedar interior of your humidor until it is uniformly damp. (The cedar will darken when properly wetted.)

Now fill your humidor humidifier with water and then close the lid. Leave the humidor alone for at least 24 hours, and then inspect it. The cedar should appear and feel dry, and the hygrometer should read around 70 percent humidity. If it reads higher than that, leave the unit's lid open for a while. If it is lower, check to see if the humidifier needs more water, and consider lightly wetting down the cedar once more.

And once it's time to put the cigars into your humidor, it's advisable to remove their plastic wrappers, if present. The wrapping can prevent that fine cigar from being fully exposed to the properly humid environment you have established.

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