The 10 Best Magnetic Bracelets

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This wiki has been updated 37 times since it was first published in October of 2016. Although any claims are unsupported by medical research, many people report achieving a sense of well-being when wearing one of these magnetic bracelets. Given the proven power of the placebo effect, they may also help with various aches, pains, and fatigue, too. In any case, they undoubtedly make a fashion statement, and are available with various attractive metals and brightly colored stones. When users buy our independently chosen editorial recommendations, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. MagnetRX Ultra Strength

2. Willis Judd Adjustable

3. Shaboo Prints Bangle

Editor's Notes

October 28, 2020:

While there is no scientific backing for any of the supposed health benefits of magnetic bracelets, nevertheless many wearers feel that they provide a spiritual and physical boost. You'll find more than ever to choose from in a wide range of prices.

For this update, we've added the inexpensive Hicarer Energy Healing, a 10-piece collection with multiple styles and colors - a fun choice when quantity is more important than quality. It replaces the Thunaraz Therapy, a smaller yet similar set that looks expensive in comparison.

The Believe London is another newcomer; while it also has an elastic cord and beadwork like the Hicarer Energy Healing, it's very well-made and comes with a 125 percent money-back guarantee. We've also included the Shaboo Prints Bangle for its sleek, streamlined look that both men and women can agree on. Although its copper design was cool and modern, the Earth Therapy Set has been removed for less-than-stellar reviews that just didn't stack up to the rest of the items on our list.

We've also updated the information for several items, including the Ebuty Silver & Black, the Smarter Lifestyle Elegant, and the Chaninely Blue Titanium.

November 06, 2019:

Magnetic therapy has been around for centuries, and many believe it provides relief from a host of ailments like anxiety, fatigue, and arthritis. Magnetic bracelets are a lightweight, often budget-friendly accessory for those who want to reap these purported benefits. And, some are even as attractive as regular bracelets, featuring vibrant gemstones and shiny metals.

The newly added MagnetRX Ultra Strength is one such example, featuring a bright copper build that will catch anyone’s eye, and it's suitable to pair with either casual or dressy outfits. Each link features two magnets, for a total of 40 in all. If you need to make it smaller, that’s easy to do by removing links with the tool that comes with it. Extra links are easily accessible as well, when needed. It comes with a soft, velvet gift bag, making it a nice present for anyone who could use a little healing in their life and would appreciate an attractive piece of jewelry.

Also joining the list is the Thunaraz Therapy, which comes as a set of four magnetic hematite bracelets. Each is different, so you can stash them all in your own jewelry box or share some with loved ones who would appreciate and benefit from them. One incorporates fiery tiger’s eye stones, while the others feature colorful, iridescent, beads.

Leaving our selection in this update are the Aphaca Chakra Lava Stone and the Mind n Body Ladies, neither of which are available at this time.

Authorities caution against using a magnetic device if you use a pacemaker, a defibrillator, or an insulin pump, or if you are pregnant. For safety, always consult your doctor before starting this or any other alternative therapy.

Special Honors

Multicolor Double Strand Featuring magnets interspersed with iridescent beads of green, purple, blue, and gold, this bracelet also features strong, 10,000-gauss magnetic clasps. This elegant choice is sure to fit your wrist, since you select your size when ordering. Sizes range from 6 to 8.5 inches.

Silver Quarters Magnetic Bracelet A definite conversation starter, this piece is handmade in the United States from authentic, pre-1965 quarters (which are made from 90% silver). On each coin is set a 2,000-gauss, rare-earth magnet, adhered with a double-epoxy coating. The toggle clasp and jump rings are sterling silver. If you’re interested in other coins, check out the similar offerings made with Indian Head and Buffalo nickels.

4. Chaninely Blue Titanium

5. Smarter Lifestyle Elegant

6. Hicarer Energy Healing

7. Ebuty Silver & Black

8. Cool Steel & Beyond

9. Believe London Hematite

10. ProEXL Carbon

Do Magnetic Bracelets Really Help With Pain?

Magnetic bracelets offer many people an easy addition to their strategy for a pain-free life.

Magnetic bracelets have recently risen in popularity as natural ways to cure pain from conditions like osteoarthritis, which is the most common joint disorder in the United States. People who have regular aches and pains caused by conditions like arthritis often seek chemical relief in the form of pharmaceutical painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs can temporarily relieve pain, though the effects wear off quickly. Others turn to lifestyle changes for pain relief. This may include things like acupuncture, massage therapy, or practicing tai chi or qigong.

Magnetic bracelets offer many people an easy addition to their strategy for a pain-free life. Researchers have recently conducted studies to verify the claims of magnetic bracelet companies. A study posted to the British Medical Journal aimed to determine whether or not a magnetic bracelet is an effective therapy for controlling osteoarthritis pain.The researchers separated 194 participants into three groups in a randomized, placebo-controlled study. The first group was given a non-magnetic bracelet. The second group wore a bracelet with a very weak magnetic field. The third group wore a bracelet with a much stronger magnetic field, which measured 170-200 mtesla at the wrist contact surface point. Participants wore the bracelets for a total of 12 weeks before a follow-up exam. The researchers noted that participants who wore stronger magnetic bracelets noticed more pain relief than those who did not.

Researchers concluded that bracelets with static magnets reduce the pain caused by osteoarthritis in the knee and hip significantly more than the minor effects of a placebo. The researchers did note the importance of using other therapies in addition to magnetic bracelets, however. Another caveat is that magnetic bracelets may not be right for people who wear other medical devices that are affected by magnets.

How Does A Magnetic Bracelet Work?

The wonders of magnetic bracelets revolve around the science of magnetic therapy. Magnets produce energy in the form of magnetic fields. There are two main types of magnets: static magnets and electromagnets. The magnetic field in static magnets is generated by spinning electrons within the magnet itself. The magnetic field in electromagnets is generated when an electric current is applied. Electromagnetic fields are everywhere. Household items like doorbells and alarm clocks create or act upon weak electromagnetic fields. More powerful electromagnetic fields can be found in medical equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging machines.

There are two main types of magnets: static magnets and electromagnets.

Magnetic bracelets work in one of two ways, though the exact way is still debated. Some research suggests that nociceptive C-fibers in the body have a lower threshold potential, and that magnetic fields can attenuate neuronal depolarization by shifting this potential. Simply put, this means that magnetic bracelets move pain-relieving negative ions into the body while moving pain-inducing positive ions out of the body. The other way that magnetic bracelets may work is by increasing the blood flow in the body. Magnetic fields caused by static magnets may increase the blood flow through the skin and muscular tissue. Bringing fresh blood to the site of the pain helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

One of the reasons the exact way magnets function is still unknown may be because of our limited understanding of chronic pain and its effects on the body. For instance, recent research from the journal Psychological Bulletin suggests the biopsychosocial aspects of chronic pain are more complex than ever thought possible. Many things influence the way a person experiences chronic pain. This includes obvious things such as their body and conditions but also encompasses factors such as personal, familial, medical, or societal expectations. The environment a person lives in may even play a role in how they experience their chronic pain and therefore their treatment. This is immediately apparent in someone with osteoarthritis who thinks they can predict thunderstorms. Treatment modalities like magnetic therapy may even be made more effective through these same factors.

Understanding the complex ways in which disorders like chronic pain are created, expressed, and perceived in the body may help us to engage with more holistic approaches to treating these disorders. What is currently known is that magnetic bracelets seem to empower the body to heal itself rather than directly providing relief.

Choosing The Best Magnetic Bracelet

Engaging the body’s natural healing mechanics with bio-magnets is a beneficial way to help prevent or reduce chronic pain. While the function of most magnetic bracelets is very similar, there are a few things to consider before purchasing one. One thing to consider is the strength of the magnets within the bracelet. Strong and reliable magnets are the most desirable for enabling the body to reduce pain. At the same time, strong magnets may interfere with sensitive equipment or other magnetic objects, and the user should be aware of this before making their decision.

Most bracelets are adjustable, as well, and can fit large or small wrists.

The placement of the magnets in the bracelet may not seem like much, but it can be an important part of the therapy. Some people believe magnets should be in contact with important pain-relieving acupressure points in the wrist. This allows the magnetic field to engage directly with those pressure points and relieve pain. Some bracelets cater to these points and others simply put magnets all the way around the wrist.

Magnetic bracelets should be worn throughout the day to provide continued relief. This means that the bracelet must be comfortable, which most are. Most bracelets are adjustable, as well, and can fit large or small wrists. Wearing a magnetic bracelet throughout the day also means that style will be an important determining factor for many people. Luckily, magnetic bracelets come in various styles, from flashy gold and silver models to more discrete brushed metal or dark-colored bands.

Pain and fatigue do not stop for things like nickel allergies. If wearing a metal band is impossible because of an allergy to metal, we have great news for you. Many magnetic bracelet bands are made from allergen-friendly materials, like silicone and hematite. These models are safe for even the most metal sensitive skin. Finding the right magnetic bracelet based on your specific needs may be the difference between buyer’s remorse and a happy, symptom-free life.

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